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Speed madness: New Metabones Speed Boosters announced makes you shoot at f/0.74 aperture!


F0.74 – The new Metabones Speed Booster – BMCC & BMPCC versions from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

There is need of Megapixels, need of miniaturization and there is obviously the need for speed! If you want to go as fast as it gets you could try to emulate Andrew from EosHD (Click here). He used the Nikon 50mm f/1.2 Ai lens (here on eBay) in combination with the new Metabones Speed Booster. Yes, he used tw NEW adapters just announced at Metabones site (Click here). The bad news is that they work on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera only because they will obstruct the mechanical shutter of the Olympus-Panasonic MFT cameras :(

Key features

  • 0.64x Speed Booster for BMCC with 1 ⅓ stop increase in effective aperture (F1.2 to F0.80)
  • 0.58x Speed Booster for BMPCC with over ⅓ stop increase in effective aperture (F1.2 to F0.74)
  • Sensor 1.53x crop effective on BMCC
  • Sensor 1.74x crop effective on BMPCC
  • On Blackmagic Cinema Camera: true APS-C field of view from DX lenses (180° fisheye remains as such)
  • Adds stepless aperture ring
  • Nikon F-mount (compatible with legacy AI/S and modern G)
  • $489 + shipping/tax
  • Availability start of December 2013

Andrew writes:

Well the world has turned on it’s head once more. Suddenly a smaller sensor is an advantage. Remarkably a small sensor is now a hit in low light. This magic comes at a very small price… There’s some ghosting and reflection to watch out for but it occurs only very occasionally in real world shooting.

Links to the Nikon Ai f/1.2 lenses on eBay:
Nikon 50mm f/1.2 Ai lens (here on eBay) Nikon 55mm f/1.2 Ai lens (here on eBay) Nikon 55mm f/1.2 Ai lens (here on eBay)

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