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Sony releases the new 47MP and 8k30p MFT sensor fact sheet


Sony released the full presentation of the IMX492 sensor with 23,1mm diagonal (the MFT sensor has a 22.5 mm diagonal). The sensor has following key specs:

– 47MP multi-aspect sensor (41MP in 4:3 mode and 35MP in 17:9)
– Exmor R tech with electronic shutter
– Has 8k30p recording (in 17:9. In 4:3 it’s 25p)
– 2.315μm Pixel Size for both the Bayer and Monochrome sensor version

It’s obviously only a wild guess if that is the sensor that Panasonic will use for the GH6 (or Olympus for the E-M1III). But one thing for sure 8k on MFT has become really close today!


For the record: Techinsights had confirmed the IMX299 sensor is used  by the GH5s

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