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Sony goes very micro with the NEX-C3. When is this going to end?


I guess that after the Megapixel race we are going to see a completely new kind of competition…the “who makes the smallest camera” fight! I just got this image from a source. It is a size comparison made between the current [shoplink 17361]Panasonic GF2[/shoplink], [shoplink 18844]Olympus E-PL2[/shoplink] and the upcoming Sony NEX-C3.

I kindly invite you my other second website to learn more about the NEX-C3. I just published the NEX-C3 specs and flash and lens details (Click here to read them).

I guess it’s not hard to predict that even Panasonic and Olympus will soon try to develop smaller cameras. But does it really matter for you?

What do you think about the minimizing race?

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