Something MFT? Sigma big announcement coming…


Sigma Poland started a teaser for a big Sigma event. The text says: “Overthrow the system with Sigma. Liberation is coming…” I think this could become interesting for the Micro Four Thirds system too. There are some speculation running on the web:

1) Sigma could launch a new system camera with new mount
2) Sigma could launch a system camera and join the Micro Four Thirds system
3) Sigma could launch a sort of universal system adapter where all Sigma lenses can be used on all mirrorless systems (including MFT).

I think “option 3″ could be the right answer. But I am secretely hoping “option 2” is the right answer! Imagina  Sigma DP MFT camera (they are yet available as fixed lens camera only) having a new generation Foveon sensor! I know I know ….I am dreaming :)

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I would say the possibility to add different mounts to existing range of Sigma lenses. Not that interesting, to me, but the more options the better.

  • Phred

    …or they could just be releasing new incredible lenses in the new Art Line…which have been beating (price & performance), the best that Canon L series can throw at it. Believe me…I felt extremely liberated when I purchased their new EF 35mm f/1.4. It was $500-$600 cheaper the the Canon L lens and built and performs as well, OR BETTER.
    Quite liberating, indeed.

    • Anonymous

      I.e….the “system” could just be the Canon EF system of lenses and this teaser has nothing to do with MFT….more likely…..

  • Anonymous

    Woo hoo, more 1.5 crop prime lenses with M43 mount and maybe even as fast as 2.8.

  • Mr. Reeee

    THREE IFs.
    That’s a lotta IFs.

    • WT21

      I agree. Also, it’s Sigma Poland. Poland being the epicenter of the camera buying universe? Where’s a HK or Japan announcement. UK, Holland or North America. I think it’s just some regional/local over-hype, though I’m happy if I’m wrong.

    • Pedro del Río

      Indeed. If my father was a blackbird, I would be singing on a tree.

  • DP x Merrill with m43rds mount
    sensor with a mask around it
    9.14Mp spatial resolution
    27.4Mp detail resolution

    • Phred


  • uhm,
    Sony also announce in two weeks (see SAR).
    my extreme speculation is
    Sony NEX-FF is open standard.
    Sigma join it.

    AND Olympus too. also Panasonic.

    united mirror-less FF format can threat Canon or Nikon DSLR.

    Another one…
    Sigma makes Nikon 1 lens or body. why such imagination? secret.

    • I like the idea of a few manufacturers ganging up on Nikon and Canon. That works for me.

      • Anonymous

        That would be awesome :)

        As long as it is a truly open standard where companies compete by making great products, not relying on the fact that you are locked into their mount.

  • I don’t see them joining m43 myself as they’re geared towards an APS-C sized sensor. Maybe it’ll be a collaboration with Sony? Sony like making things for other people and they need good lenses even with Olympus on board already. The range of m43 lenses are great what would be nice is a fast zoom 35-150 2.8 or 2.0 even if it is large.

    • Seth Ellis

      Sigma’s APS-C is smaller than Pentax/Nikon and Canon’s APS-C. It’s actually closer to 4/3rds area than Nikon APS-C area. But I think your right. APS-C carries a “larger” psychology that has marketing value. I don’t think they will join 4/3rds. The teaser does have a lens mount on it so it’s not likely a fixed lens.

      • Andy

        The current Sigma cameras dropped the 1.7 crop size and now use the same 1.5 crop as Sony, Pentax, Fuji, and Nikon.

  • Matt

    Guess it’s as simple as it is: it has nothing to do with MFT:

  • Bluebox

    They are going to announce a new lens/lenses that give APS-C DSLR users the same DoF control as Fullframe users with their f2.8 zooms. So an addition to the 18-35mm f1.8 lens they recently released. Maybe a 50-120mm f1.8 zoom for APS-C or something like that? Overthrowing the Fullframe upgrade path logic that lives in DSLR land…

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Jerome LaPlume

    A foveon mirrorless, i think and hope.
    4/3 sensor…it will be perfect for me, but i don’t see the point for Sigma, which already have Aps-C sensor and lenses that covering it.

  • Ragnarok

    I will go with option 4 because is the simplest: yet another focal reducer adapter. Which is not bad because this time it’ll come from a big company. And one whose latest lenses have been amazing-

    • JHCCAZ

      I agree that this is a very sensible product for Sigma to make. It widens the market for their FF lenses to perform best on APS-C, and for their APS-C lenses to become attractive on M43, etc. Whether this is the particular “big announcement” is a question; nonetheless the focal length reducer is a good product area.

      Normally I am very guarded about non-purpose-built lenses, or adapting lenses to smaller sensors – too much is lost, especially in wide to normal focal lengths. However, the speed increase is compelling if the optical quality can be kept up. Metabones has demonstrated fairly impressive results, at least with typical retrofocus SLR lenses. Perhaps Sigma can engineer a really premium line of these devices. A 2x / 2-stop converter has been discussed for FF to M43; I’m not sure that a good one has been produced but it would be a very interesting.

  • Partyender

    I hope Sigma would make MFT Foveon camera, but this new thing is going to be universal mount for sigma’s lenses. Which is great I’d say. You may now buy one lens and have multiple adapters for it to use it in different cameras.

  • I think this is an SD2 Merrill to $.9000,- ;-)

  • Anonymous

    M/43 is going to die. …

    • Damn Oly

      Anonymous is going to die,..

      • Mr. Reeee

        We’re ALL going to die, pal. ;-)

  • Narretz

    Oh, please admin, if there are no rumors, don’t make any up. This is a teaser on the polish Sigma website, no other Sigma websites have anything like that, there have been no rumors prior to this about anything Sigma + m43 camera, there isn’t even an indication that this is a big announcement, this is probably just marketing blabla.

    • Eureka

      That ship sailed long ago.

      • Narretz


  • CaverDave

    My guess is a DP camera with a fixed zoom lens instead of the prime lenses that the current series has.

  • “Optyczne” is Lenstip
    Sigma wrote on there ‘unofficially’ that it isnt about a new lens

    translated edit:

    It will be a revolution or not?
    For a few days it is said that Sigma is preparing the next revolution in the photographic market. On the Polish side of the Sigma is even running a special countdown to the official announcement: According to unofficial sources, we were able to obtain information that is not, however, a new lens. What, then, Sigma surprise us this time?”

    • Anonymous

      Maybe they have found a way to make their sensor work over 400ISO LOL

  • Tito

    I do hope they make a m43 system. Its the only hedge now against the triopoly of Canon-Nikon-Sony. New sensor technology will erase the difference between m43 and larger formats, except for those who require the largest equipment they can carry. (Large format will always be needed for some uses.) For the rest of us (ok at least me) m43 makes the most sense.

    • adriaantie

      Keep on dreaming. (M)43 is so 2010 with those tiny sensors. If Sigma in the future is going with a new line its gonna be APSC or FF. Thats where the quality and small enough size is and therefore the money. More and more people are going to leave the tiny sensor department.

      • carpandean

        I love when people call 4/3 sensors tiny, but then include APS-C in the same discussion as FF. Compared to FF both APS-C and 4/3 are tiny. APS-C sensors are well under half (38-43%) the size of FF. Likewise, both are large compared to traditional compact camera sensors.

        If you take a 4/3 sensor and plop it onto a Canon APS-C sensor, you will see just 0.9mm of the APS-C sensor above and below the 13mm tall 4/3 sensor. That’s nothing. The biggest difference is that 4/3 was designed for 4:3 ratio, since most print sizes are squarer than 3:2 (4″x6″ being the big exception, but it’s so small that marginal IQ differences won’t matter anyway), so the APS-C sensor is more notably wider. However, if you actually print your work rather than post it on FB, that difference will be most likely be cropped off.

        • Anonymous

          4″x6″ being the big exception

          Yeh,I have never seen any 9×6,or a 12×8,or 18×12 or 30×24 or 36×24 prints ever lol.Even in the digital viewing domain near all TVs and computer screens are 16×9 or wider which all fit a 3×2 image better than a 4×3 image.

          • Oilymouse

            3:2 is the abuse of two 4:3 rectangles. In *still* photography, we use both portrait and landscape orientation, so 5:4 and 4:3 are more flexible, period. Educate yourself before blabbering, thanks.

        • HappyMan

          The Nikon APS sensor has aprox 1.87 x the area of a four thirds sensor you may not consider this much but combined with the better sensors in Nikon APS models it delivers a significant advantage.It also gives the Nikon APS models a .75 DOF control advantage which means to equal the DOF of an F1.8 lens on Nikon APS with mFT we need an F1.2


          • I See several posts

            I See several posts blatantly made by the same person using different nicks. This seems to be happening here more and more.

            • irony strikes again

              I see several posts by posters using multiple ID’s bitching about others posting using multiple ID’s .Can anyone see a little irony .

          • carpandean

            The Nikon APS-C sensor is actually only about 1.64 times the size of the 4/3 sensor. The Canon APS-C is just 1.46 times the 4/3. By comparison, FF is 2.32 and 2.64 times the size of the two APS-C sensors. Roughly speaking, FF is to APS-H as APS-H to APS-C, which is the same as APS-C is to 4/3. So, you go one step up from 4/3 to APS-C, but have to go two steps up from APS-C to FF (and those steps are equal % increases.)

            Yes, there is an advantage (comparing equal generations and levels of each) to APS-C over 4/3, but my point was that it is far less significant than the advantage of FF versus APS-C. FF is in a completely different category from both APS-C and 4/3.

            • Using areas is always going to skew an interpretation of size b/se by its nature its a squared result, and the effective meaning in terms of stops is exaggerated.

              I think its better to arrange sizes in steps or stops from FF.
              -> FF (-0), 1.5x- (-1.21), 1.6x (-1.38), 2x (-1.94)
              then you can calibrate a more meaningful relationship between formats
              -> FF is 1.94 stops away, 1.5x is 0.72 stops, 1.6x is 0.56 stops and so on

              At the end of the day APSC with its generally slower zooms or fast glass seconded from FF that suffer at MTF50 resolution, are no better off than we are. C&N made APSC the stepping off point to FF, and they keep it there with a more limited range of lenses that are actually designed for it.

              The format has all but been evacuated for the pro circumstance, and with no apparent D400 on the horizon Canons 7D is probably the highest performing APSC model in terms of control capacity and its replacement will need some respect.

              • Oilymouse

                With the current lens and body offerings (Nikon especially), APS-C seems to be slowly abandoned in favour of FF. All m43 needs is some f/1 to f/1.2 primes and Sigma-like f/1.8 zooms to finish APS-C right off. I have only one DX body (Fuji), with just one DX lens, so I’m not really complaining.

                And of course we all have to keep in mind that any Sigma APS-C lens design will work better on m43 due to the superior aspect ratio, which is only slighly smaller in surface area than APS-C, yet much closer to the ideal ratio of 1:1 (lenses are round, you know).

                So come on you silly APS lovers, you are getting a serious beating here. Give us some proper arguments!

              • carpandean

                That works, too. Stated that way, 4/3 -> APS-C is 2/3 of a stop (give-or-take, depending on brand) difference, while APS-C to FF is 4/3 of a stop (again, give or take.) So, double the difference.

                Nikon (in DSLRs) and Sony/Fuji (in mirrorless), due to both size and sensor performance, seem to have a slight edge with their APS-C. Canon is a nominal difference, at best, and in some ways behind 4/3 (compare Rebel performance with E-M5/E-P5/GH3.) Regardless, the point remains: FF is one class, while APS-C and 4/3 are the next one down. “Tiny” just can’t be used for 4/3 if APS-C is conversation.

                To be fair, I – as a 4/3 user – would not call a 1″ sensor tiny, but I would allow a proponent of APS-C to do so. Two marginal differences can be significant, much like APS-C to APS-H is not a huge difference (if you interpolate APS-H out to where it would be if someone still produced it), and APS-H to FF is not a huge difference, but APS-C to FF is.

          • Oilymouse

            Correct. But in practice, it makes very little difference. Only FF or larger makes a difference. Test it out for yourself; I’d rather hear opinions than see links to dxo…

  • David B

    its a wishful thinking to think any major mfr will join m43 system. Everything is getting geared toward larger sensors, at least APS-C and likely full frame.

    • Anonymous

      This new high pixel density sensor require telecentric optiques => massive length when talking about large sensor wide angle lens. I think m43 is quite a good cmopromize here

      • HappyMan

        please the “telecentric” nonsense sailed long ago don’t believe everything you see Olympus fantards post.Just a suggestion but even a cursory study of the current sensor designs will show the fallacy

        • every manufacturer uses an amount of telecentric design for their digital lens suites
          not all manufacturers use it all the time, and some lenses date back to the file era

    • and Sigma might just do that
      I think the most logical separation is FF and m43rds
      FF seems like it might be a bit of an overeach for Sigma’s fab plant

    • Oilymouse

      See my post above as to why APS-C will fade away as opposed to FX, leaving m43 room to flourish. See also which correcly states that m43 needs to move in for the kill with fast primes. Thom Hogan’s reaction can be found here:

      The current sensors are almost good enough for anything, and within the coming 1 or 2 generations there’s plenty of opportunity to release some fantastic lenses. m43 will hardly be any smaller than APS-C (naturally: roughly same sensor size), but at least for video it will give FF a really hard time.

  • Damn Oly

    admin,.DxOmark just tested the E-P5|0/(brand)/Olympus/(appareil2)/842|0/(brand2)/Panasonic/(appareil3)/793|0/(brand3)/Olympus

  • Option 2 but with round sensor?

  • ken van sickle

    Many, many months ago there was a question of which lens would people like to see produced and one that was second or third choice was a 12 mm. compact, which is my first choice,and that was the last I heard of it, I wonder what happened?
    Ken Van Sickle

  • Sunny

    Sigma joined the mft consortium 10 years before – and nothing happened. So why should anything change now?

  • There are strong indications (an interview in the next issue of Foto magazin) that this is about a new mount conversion service offered by Sigma for Sigma lenses only. If true, it is more relevant to Four Thirds users who can maybe enjoy lenses like the new 18-35 than to m4/3 users.

  • Tom

    Overthrowing The System sounds to me like one camera that does it all – i.e. a superzoom bridge camera with a Foveon sensor. Yes I realise that a superzoom lens capable of filling a full-sized Foveon sensor might be quite big depending on how super the marketing people demand it to be (24-1000mm like the Fuji HS50 EXR? – Perhaps something more like the size & spec of the Panasonic 14-140mm lens might be more realistic), but maybe they have thought of that and used some fancy glass. Cant see them making a half-sized sensor unless they have also doubled its density, or the megapixel stats wont sell. Probably not what most of you want to hear, but who knows, maybe they have worked an engineering miracle. If so, an odd choice to debut it in Poland though.

  • Johan

    Well, they’re making lenses with different mounts, why not a body with a couple of different mounts..

    • Anonymous

      this kind of resonates with “overthrowing the system”…

  • Hendrik

    My guess is that current sigma sensor with new mirrorless mounting. Probably 1.5x APS-C crop since most of the current lens are designed based on that sensor size (19, 30, 60mm FL). If they can make the new body with better UI and better RAW compatibility than the rest (sony, oly, pana, fuji) it will be a winner. Tough competition in mirrorless field :D

  • Niko

    On that ad, the bold words are “system” and “liberation”. The background image is a blurred lens mount of a lens.

    By creating yet another mount system Sigma would not be liberating anything. It would just be one of many. And highlighting the mount instead of the lenses/cameras would be bad marketing. So option 1 is out.

    Sigma already has “liberated” most of the systems by providing lenses to them. M43 already is “liberated” since it has multiple lens manufacturers and I think the mount on background image is not M43 anyway. So option 2 is out unless we are talking about Nikon1 that desperately needs liberation?

    So option 3 or something similar could be the case. Most likely something heavily related to mounting lenses.

    • good idea, not sure what that mount is but its a lens mount not a body mount
      it doesnt appear to be Panasonic, Olympus, m43rds, 43rds, or Canon EOS

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