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Some chatter about the possible new PEN-F


A 43rumors reader sent me this:

Hello. I’m a long -term Oly user and was amazed to find two Olympus engineers asking question ls about the Pen F and customer reaction at the LCE camera shop in central London. From what I gathered OM is mulling a new version of the Pen F, but were interested in potential price positioning. Sounds like they are they very beginning of a potential project, this visit was the early research.

I stopped them in the street for a chat. Main thing that came up is that they are working on a super zoom that sits between the 100-400 and the 150-400. I asked about such a lens because I shoot vintage planes.

One anecdote. Engineers spent 8 weeks sitting and observing photographers using their cameras when designing the EM1X.

We also talked about Oly making more of the sharpeness of their lenses, because my current Sony A7R II sensor shows up the deficiency of my 200-600mm. Interesting because Oly has similar pixel densities.


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