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Schneider announces the new Micro Four Thirds lenses!


Finally Schneider announced the first Micro Four Thirds lens, it is the 14mm f/2.0 Super Angulon and it looks great on these picture! :)
The lens will be available in Autumn.  Schneider also said that they plan to release more m43 lenses next year. The 14mm lens will be made in Germany. The lens has to compete against the 2mm wider Olympus 12mm f/2.0 lens. There is no info about price but usually Schneider Angulon lens price is really high…over $2,000 at Amazon (Click here to see it). But this m43 version has no T/S and I am sure it will be much cheaper.

Press release at Photoscala (Click here for the english translation), Fotointern (Translation here) and SystemKameraForum (Translation here).

Is that lens a nice addition to the m43 lens line?

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  • The look of the barrel suggests it’s a focus by wire lens, and there is no distance scale, so it might well have autofocus. :)

    • admin


      • mpgxsvcd

        We already have a 12mm F2.0 lens that is considered to be nearly perfect.

        How can a lens that is bigger, heavier, not as wide angle, and more expensive be better?

        • I kind of agree. Given the current primes line up, there are a couple of other lenses that might have been more exciting, like a high quality fast 17mm (there’s the voigtlander, but it doesn’t have AF, and for most users the size and weight required by f/0.95 aperture is overkill), or a 10mm super wide angle, just to mention a couple. For 14mm we already have the panny, which, even if it is not great, is what most users looking for a 28mm equivalent lens will go for.

          Personally, i don’t care too much about 28mm equivalent focal length. Not wide enough to be as exciting as, say, a 24mm, and not tight enough to be a general purpose like a 35mm. Boring.

          Nevertheless, this is exciting. I hope they bring some more quality glass to the m43 universe. Kudos to Schneider.

        • Daemonius

          12mm F2.0 – nearly perfect? Depends on PoV.

          – uncorected RAWs have 5,4% barrel distortion (means you loose bit of details, thanks to digital correction)
          – vignetting 1.3 eV .. nothing to be proud of on m4/3
          – resolution very good on center, much less on border or corners, it doesnt improve with stopping down
          – CA up to 1.6px at corners and around 0.5px center a borders (fixable with LR)

          So, is 12mm F2.0 perfect? I dont think so. For me perfect lens are those with even resolution, low distortion, low vignetting and perfectly corrected CA. Which is something that Schneider lens might be.

          SW tricks are nice thing to have (especially for CA), but when you start to depend only on those, it wont end nicely. And pretty much every “correction” is for a price. Few examples..

          vignetting – may increase noise (not much if you have perfect FF camera, but its m4/3 right?), it might start looking unnatural
          distortions – loosing details
          CA/PF – color bleeding, loss of contrast on edges
          noise – loosing color accuracy and details

          No “correction” is free lunch.

        • A common complaint about the 12mm is that, while a fine lens by every estimation, is that it isn’t good enough to justify its price.

          Some shooters may prefer 28mm equiv over 24mm. It’s a focal length popular for rangefinder shooters; for example, Leica shooters often prefer 28mm because the viewfinder on the camera doesn’t have framelines for 24mm, so 24mm requires an accessory viewfinder. So people who approach m4/3 as a sort of digital rangefiner (even when it isn’t) may prefer 28mm because it fits the rangefinder ethos better.

          What’s better for any given shot, a 35mm or a 50mm? What business do you have to say which focal length is “better” without knowing what the shot is?

          And don’t forget, Schneider makes glass every bit as good as Leica and Zeiss.

        • Nick

          “We already have a 12mm F2.0 lens that is considered to be nearly perfect.”

          Considered by who? Very good, yes, but I’ve heard a fair few owners comment that it definitely isn’t ‘perfect’…

    • @michel v Fully agree. Awesome. Look like they’ve been built by Samsung to S-K specs….it would be nice if Samsung “migrate” later! They’re not gonna beat ’em, may as well join ’em!

      • Well, the translated article clearly states they are made in Germany. Great to see, wonder what the price will be?

    • mpgxsvcd

      We already have a 12mm F2.0 lens that is considered to be nearly perfect. How can a lens that is bigger, heavier, not as wide angle, and more expensive be better?

  • Looks good! Hope AF is FAST!

    Also look around the front of the lens, looks as though there is a bayonet for a lens hood? I wonder if it comes with one?

  • Wow, looks awesome, better start saving now…

  • Tom


    Too Big in… Size… Urglyness… Filter size… And: Prize

    Looks like German perfectionism

    Not interesting anymore: Schneider lost the Chance
    For a New quality Approach

    • reverse stream swimmer

      -Do you know the filter Ømm ?
      -Will the lens hood be included ?

  • U-dash

    Looks quite beautiful, but I don’t know if it has any place where the m.zuiko 12/2 and the panasonic 14/2.5 are already present.

    • Ryan

      I don’t agree. There is always a place for high quality lenses. Especially if the rendering is unique. If they price this right is could sell well. If the micro contrast is excellent, I would buy one. I don’t have a high quality WA though.

      • U-dash

        Maybe you are right. I’m just an amateur, and I deceided to go to m4/3 because of the DSLR like picture quality, and the compact size as well. So I got the Panasonic Lumix 14/2.5 and the 20/1.7, and the camera is still very compact in size. It is important for me, and the image qualities are fit for my taste. But I’m sure Schneider make an excellent quality lens. but this time, not for me.

    • Anna_T

      There is a place but only if it offers high IQ. Also it would be better if it was 12mm rather than 14mm. Although, may be they thought it would be easier to compete with the pancake of lesser IQ.

      But what I really want is a 10 or 12mm shift lens ! I think that I’ll pass that one, because I do already have the 12, 14 and 7-14mm.

      But that lens looks really good; if it is not too big and performs well, then there is some competition for Panasonic.

  • Ryan

    Wow looks nice. If that’s a final rendering. It has to have AF. There no distance scale!

  • Napilopez

    Almost sure it is an electronic, AF lens!

    It has to be because:

    1) No focus distance indicators(which goes against all their MF designs)

    2) No Aperture ring! How strange would it be to have an Manual focus with electronic aperture control only?

    That said, I’m curious as to how this will sell when we already have the excellent 12mm f2. Same speed, this lens is a bit narrower(Although I do know to many the difference between 12/24mm and 14/28mm is significant).

    Well, at the very least it may help those folks not wanting to buy the 12mm because it’s silver! Although I admit, I’m partial to the black with blue highlights =P

  • It will have to be REALLY good for me to want to leave a 14mm pancake at home and take this instead…


  • st3v4nt

    I think the competition is with Lumix 14mm f/2.5 rather then with 12mm f/2.0, but any High Quality Lens addition for m4/3 is a winning step for m4/3 system. I just think they should make 17,5 mm to compete with voigtlander.

    • Viktor

      +1 for a high quality AF 17,5!

    • Anonymous

      +1 as well, 17.5/2 maybe a bit bigger than the 20/1.7 and very high quality.

      but this 14/2 looks nice too, but was hoping for it to be a bit smaller or to have shift capabilities. but if it’s really good (like the 12 oly) and not too expensive I think it will sell well. the 12 is to extreme for an allround ww in my opinion.

      • I think its safe to say that you should forget about the “not too expensive” part. This will be priced as a premium fast prime.

    • simon

      +1 as well, 17.5/2 maybe a bit bigger than the 20/1.7 and very high quality.

      but this 14/2 looks nice too, but was hoping for it to be a bit smaller or to have shift capabilities. but if it’s really good (like the 12 oly) and not too expensive I think it will sell well. the 12 is to extreme for an allround ww in my opinion.

    • Mike


      It is surprising no one has produced a fast 35mm equivalent with autofocus. I would be more anxious if this were 17.5mm since the system is lacking this once popular perspective.

    • pfeddeh

      +1 for the 17,5mm
      I had hoped this super-angulon to be a 10mm. With the very nice and small Panasonic 14mm allready there, this is not the most interesting addition to the m4/3 line-up.

    • TomR

      Yes, 17mm is needed. My take on it is that it should be good quality and weather sealed.

  • Dilinger

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Why 14mm?
    If it would be 12mm, everybody would be happy. If I want a 14mm, I’ll buy the cheap Pana one.

    • Buy the Oly 12mm? What more could you want at 12mm?

      • cybervand

        the oly is quite expensive…I’d be happy for a 12mm f/2.8

        • jojonas

          I wonder what will be the more expensive 12mm, oly or schneider (probably schneider?)

          • cybervand

            well f2.8 should be a easier design…

            • Not if video is in mind : ridiculously low tolerance to about everything, specially vignette, distortion and color aberration.

  • Agent00soul

    I wonder what the USPs compared to the 12/2.0 will be.
    Even better image quality?
    Lower price?
    What else is there to improve?

    • Marcin

      Better looks

      • Miroslav

        and it’s black. Now we know why Oly hasn’t released 12mm in black :).

      • Pedro del Río

        Matter of taste. I like the the look of the Oly 12mm.

  • I’m pleased. Schneider-Kreuznach seems to be committed to m4/3 (assuming the lens offers full electronic operation). As to the lens itself, to be honest I prefer the design of the 12/2. However, its bulk and the diameter of the front element suggest superb optical quality.

    • reverse stream swimmer

      – no vignetting?
      – no need for software correction of distortion?
      – affordable? (A mechanical distance scale would have made the lens both larger and more expensive). As wood weather sealing.

  • ah shoot. no interest for a 28mm FOV
    I was hoping that Schneider would bring a 150mm ( 300mm FOV) tele Xenar


  • aqasem

    I wish if they produce 17.5mm f2.8 prime.

    • Mike

      f2.0 to 1.4 please

  • Miroslav

    Only F2. I’ll buy SLR Magic 12mm when focus peaking is introduced to m4/3.

    Apart from a bit disappointing aperture, this is indeed great news for the system – we have another established manufacturer that makes AF lenses, four in total.

  • Stupig

    Anyone making a 12/1 anytime soon?

  • BLI

    I think it looks gorgeous. They have even added the “Zuiko blue ring” :-). Will I buy it? Will it sell?
    – I already have the (somewhat overpriced) 12/2, am an amateur, and am not into video. So I don’t think it is for me.
    – if it is really good optically, and better than the oly and pana lenses for video, pros might buy it
    – assuming that the m43 market is growing and more pros are discovering the qualities of the m43 system (including the size/weight advantage), there will be more customers ready to buy a lens in the 12-14 mm range — I am not talking about current followers of 43rumors, but future m43:ers
    – personally I went for the zuiko 12/2 over the pana 14/2.5 because of (a) the 2mm advantage, (b) the faster AF, (c) the slightly wider aperture, and (d) because I thought a 12mm was a better combo with the 20/1.7 — I deemed a 14mm too close to the 20mm for my use. If these 2mm are not important, especially those craving black lenses have a desirable new lens
    – depending on the price and the quality, this lens may kill the zuiko 12/2 (if it is not much more expensive) while the pana 14 is so much cheaper that it may stay as the favourite of amateurs

    • Mr. Reeee

      It’s a great looking, clean, modern design and quite refreshing compared to Olympus fussiness and Panasonic generic lens designs. The blue ring and even the typeface they used are all very nice. Gotta love solid German design!

      I would assume (yeah, yeah, NEVER assume ;-)) that the optics will match Schneider’s reputation.

      14mm seems an odd choice, given all the M4/3 lenses that cover 14mm. I still don’t have a wide angle prime, because I”ve been waiting for a 10mm! Oh well. Dream on, eh? ;-)

      • Bob B.

        I agree with the wanting a 20mm equivalent…but I think they are jumping in with a high-quality 28mm f/2 thinking that there is a broader market for a street-shooter more popular lens that they can make more sales on. That would be sweet…a Schneider 10mm!.. It is AMAZING how many lenses are available to the format with no end in sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Mr. Reeee

          True enough.
          The more high quality lenses we see for M4/3 the better and the more compelling the system will be for a wider range of users.

          When I want 14mm, I use my 7-14mm, but maybe something like this could change that?

      • +1 for a 10mm prime.

  • observer

    Focal length: yawn
    Size: big yawn
    Price: Likely over budget
    Super Angulon: WTF?

    Why Why Why???

  • reverse stream swimmer

    Is the image circle limited to MFT?

    Or will we later see this lens with the Sony E-mount (1.25mm mount extension)? If so, the equivalent focal length would be 14*1.5=21mm on a sony NEX. For Samsung NX the lens length needs to be shortend 6.25mm, if possible?

    • ginsbu

      Nope. It’s a ported NEX lens. Boo!

  • matt

    I am very dissapointed.. there are so many holes in m4/3 line up… cheap fast lenes.. wide angles.. tele lenses..and schneider announces a lens which most useless 28mm FOV
    if this lens would be 10mm it would be a different story but now.. I don´t see any sense buying this lens when I can have supercheap 14mm f2.5 pankace, or supersharp oly 12mm f2 which is wider or a panny 12-35 zoom ..

    • Mark

      I am also waiting for a cheap, small and fast 12-300mm lens with a constant f/1.8 in a pancake design for about 200 euro would do nicely….. If they can’t make it I would be very disappointed. In the meantime I will be enjoying myself with the 12mm Zuiko. Love it!

      • Sounds like the only place you’ll see that is when you’re sleeping.

      • JP

        I’m about to order Oly 12 mm – can’t wait to use it with OM-D.

    • Mar

      There are no bad or useless lenses, only bad and useless photographers…

    • Pedro del Río

      Really expecting cheap lenses from Schneider?

  • If previous Schneider lenses are anything to go by, then the usp should/will be image quality. Lenses like this will be able to get the most out of newer, higher resolution sensors, and these high quality designs just don’t work on slr cameras because they require a short distance between the rear element and the sensor, so the mirror gets in the way. Giving M4/3 another advantage over SLR cameras, and maybe even the edge in image quality.

    • > […] then the usp should/will be image quality.

      Then I gather next question many would have: is it weather-sealed?

      Does Schneider produce weather sealed lenses? That would set it apart from the rest.

      P.S. As for me, no, I’m not interested.

  • B. Thominet

    Only interesting if the picture quality is much higher than existing lenses

    the Panasonic 14mm f/2,5 is quite good and much smaller (and cheap)
    the Olympus 12mm f/2 is quite good too

    So it’s a great thing to see a new commer into this m4/3 market, especialy the famous Schneider , but they have to provide products that really bring something new in this market

    – super tele
    – super wide angle prime lense (14mm, ep 28mm is not that wide)
    – pancake zooms (pana 14-42X is not bad, but not so good… could expect better)

  • Thomas

    Should be nice, but if it won’t be cheaper or better quality than the Oly 12/2.0 (and most likely it won’t), it isn’t an option for me. I wish to have a 12/0.95 manual lens…

  • Bobafett

    I’m bidding for a pana 14/2.5 at the moment. If I should lose I’ll start saving for this lens.

    • Rinaldo

      The 14/2.5 sells for $170 nowadays… that’s insane for such a super-sharp lens…
      So small that sometimes it is my GH2’s cap… :)

      • Bobafett

        Where do I get the 14/2.5 for $170?

        • cybervand


          • Bobafett


        • Rinaldo

          Yeah, ebay! I’ve bought two from different sellers (one was for a friend) and both were brand new, exactly as advertised. If I remember one of the sellers was jan1226.

  • Dannecus

    I set the pic above to match the mount size of my Pany 14mm pancake so I could compare the size. This beast is about 75mm wide at the widest point (Pany 50mm) and 80mm tall (Pany 20mm). It’s huge!

    It is going to have to be something very special to compete with the Pany pancake, it may not be a great lens, but it’s surprisingly good for a pancake, so I don’t see any great need for another 14mm.

    I’m delighted to see another manufacturer entering the M43 market with what is almost certainly an autofocus lens. But why 14mm? The 17mm slot is an open goal with the Oly pancake no competition at all. Missed a chance, I just hope the disappointing sales they will see for this don’t put them off introducing more M43 lenses at a more sensible focal length. Looking forward to what they do next.

  • TheEye

    Another 12 mm? No thanks, I’d rather see a 9 or 10 mm.

  • brony etr

    absolutely love using 28mm focal length, im very keen on this lens

  • simon

    from the source link:

    “in der Pipeline sei eine ganze Produktreihe mit Wechselobjektiven für Systemkameras.”

    which means: there is a whole series planned so maybe a complete lineup ww, tele, uww, shift, macro, uv :) but seriously it sounds like there is quite a bit more coming. I’m looking forward to that.

    • Anna_T

      Well, a whole series ? they are announcing this 14mm in September and another one next year… You’ll have to be patient. And probably that the shift lens won’t be among the first to be released.. may be in five years :-(

  • Colin

    Strange that they announce a new lens but fail to mention if it has AF or not.

  • Yun

    No doubt the lens is beautiful .
    If it deliver a record breaking image quality , on par with Zeiss@NEX , I definitely consider it . Have to wait for review from .

  • It’s getting crowded.

    I wonder what makes the lens different from 2.0/12 and 2.5/14 and other WA alternatives.

    • Pedro del Río

      The price ;-)

  • Camaman

    Very nic to see a new player in the lens line up.
    I only wish they offered something more exciting than 28mm.
    I am sorry to see my forcast of their concept on wide lenses was true.
    28mm was wide back in the ancient day of film…

    But at least its fast f2.0…

  • Bob B.

    I love it …announce a lens…but give VERY limited information. LOL!
    Looks cool! They picked a good focal length to jump in with, I think.

  • Let s hope that Schneider final products will not have this huge markings on the lens ( I assume it won t ) and that , as a manufacturer with a solid reputation, ALL of their lenses will include a hood in the box

    Looking forward to see this lens and some new ones maybe at Photokina in September


  • The scarcity of the information in the announcement makes it feel like it’s rather a market research project than a serious commitment. The choice of 14mm focal length would be OK if micro 4/3 format didn’t have already the decent Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 pancake. Why would not feel instead the current gap in good quality primes at focal lengths 100mm?

    • OM-4ever

      14mm is traditionally a very important EFL. For some people, ‘decent’ is short of ‘good enough’.

  • Jojo

    Looks very promising, but sounds rather vague; makes me doubtful about it coming in autumn.

  • Iain

    With so many wide angle offerings for micro ft, why get into this market without perspective correction? Innovate, don’t copy what exists just for a small piece of market share! I think it was a foolish move on their part.

  • James

    I’m glad we’re getting more 3rd party manufacturers … but like others have said, why a 14mm f2?

    The existing 14, 12, and 12-35 have some of the best optics in the m43 lens lineup.
    Not only that, but they’re all reasonably bright, compact, with quick AF and no glaring problems. The pana 14 is tiny and fills the budget price-point.

    On the other hand, the current 17mm, 20mm, and 25mm are competing for either the worst optics, slowest AF, or the largest of any m43 prime.

    I’m still hoping Olympus makes a normal prime that fits in line with their 12/45/75mm

    • Any normal Olympus prime must be high quality, small enough (the size of the current 17mm), sealed and available in both silver and black to make a difference. I guess I’d be interested in a new version of the 17mm if it comes at f/2 or faster.

    • > On the other hand, the current 17mm, 20mm, and 25mm are competing for either the worst optics, slowest AF, or the largest of any m43 prime.


      • hlbt


    • I think they went for 14mm because of the “Super Angulon” brand name. Can’t put that on a normal or tele.

  • Dimanche

    No T/S… What a pity :x

  • Depending on optical quality, fast auto-focus and price, I will most likely prefer this to the Olympus 12mm. On the E-M5 I do not mind the extra size. As I believe the m.Zuiko 12mm is overpriced, Schneider may verz well be able to compete on price while still offer an excellent lens. Also, I don’t mind a black Schneider lens on my black E-M5 body and forfeit the silver 12mm from Olympus (TOLD YOU SO OLYMPUS!).

    • OM-4ever


      Also, it may have relatively low native distortion…

  • ha

    German fotomagazin states
    – has AF
    – nano surface coating
    – 10 lenses (4 asph surfaces)
    – E-mount version under consideration
    – 2 more MFT lenses in 2013


    • DP

      E-mount version? Now THAT’s interesting!

      • reverse stream swimmer

        Expect it to be reworked into a 28/1.5=18.7mm lens for the E-mount.

        Designing a lens with a field of view corresponding to a 1.5x14mm=21mm super wideangle, is a totally different task.

        • ginsbu


          14mm x 1.5 = 21mm-equivalent on NEX = GOOD. 14mm x 2 = 28mm-equivalent on m4/3 = LAME.

          It’s an overpriced 28mm-equivalent on m4/3 *because* it’s a very welcome fast 21mm-equivalent on NEX.

          • reverse stream swimmer

            So a NEX user will pay the same amount of money, for a 21mm FOV on NEX, as the MFT user for a 28mm FOV. Sounds like a rip off.

            • ginsbu


              S-K can make it up to us by bringing out a proper native UWA for m4/3.

  • Henrik

    Now we have several wide angle primes and zooms reaching into wide angle. A super wide angle prime we still have not.

    • reverse stream swimmer

      currently only two zooms, 9-18 & 7-14
      A 9mm or 10mm/F2.8 prime would compete with these zooms.
      I doubt Oly & Pana will do that, so perhaps a third party?

  • garygraphy

    Shoulda done a 17mm f2 instead… That was sorely lacking the MFT lineup and sure to sell very fast. While this is exciting, I am not sure I wanted 28mm FOV when I have a top notch 24mm FOV already.

    Looks like the 35mm FOV gap is still yet to be filled.

    • reverse stream swimmer

      -Who’s gonna make the fast 17.5mm? (Oly or Pana?)
      -We already have the 25mm/F1.4.
      -A 17.5mm/F1.8 as minimum speed, a task for the next S-K lens perhaps? A speed compromise between the current Oly pancake and Voightländers Nokton.

  • DP

    I’m sure it’ll be a great lens, but I agree with a lot of the comments here that a 14/2 isn’t exactly the hole that needed to be filled.

    In a way I’m glad though–if it was a 17/2, I’d have to start saving up!

  • jake

    I think it is a tilt and shift lens and extremely handsome one, I think I already falling in love with this lens.

    • Anna_T

      You are kidding, there is no shift mecanism on this lens, it doesn’t look like a shift lens at all.

  • jake

    oh my god, you say this is no tilt and shift?
    are you sure ?
    I am quite disappointed.

  • OM-4ever

    I prefer this to a f/0.95 Cosina. I expect it to be killer at f/4.0. Glad I did not buy the 17mm Voight., I was tempted but this is a better FL and speed.

  • MikeH

    How can we judge much about this lens with only a picture, a focal length, and an aperture number? Comparing this to the 12/2.0 and the 14/2.5 is basically impossible knowing nothing else about the lens.

    I’ll await more specs, pics, and pricing before deciding but more lenses from more manufacturers can only be a good thing.

  • MP Burke

    I’m surprised by this release. However, if it is high quality at full aperture I would certainly consider it. I used a 28mm lens for many years and it became almost my standard lens for landscape photography.
    For me this lens would really make sense if a high quality 9mm was available. That would enable me to do a lot of photography with prime lenses, i.e., 9mm, 14mm, 25mm and macro.

  • TomR

    Exciting to have a new lenses coming. 4/3 is definately THE system to be in!
    Although I have to say that I won’t be buying a high quality 14mm. I agree with DP that if it has been 17/2 I would have had to have started saving. I’m still hoping that olympus will deliver a nice 17mmm for the OMD.

  • TGIF

    Can I ask why 14mm (28mm eqiv.) first?

  • Camaman

    I am glad 3rd party is finaly doing AF…

  • Update at it is FULL compatible with mFT, which means it has Auutfocus. And the price will be below 1,500.00 Euro. It will be presented this autumn and will be available i Q1/2013

    That is a lot of money but I assume it will be a first class lens (Comparable to Leica).

    • Nawaf


  • Flowerbug

    I want my lenses to be longer lasting than a product line. Physical focus (not by wire) and aperture adjustments would make me jump on this lens…otherwise, ho hum…same ole, same ole.

  • Palau Blue

    What I would like to see on the M4/3 lens lineup is a super high quality, fast equivalent of the Tri-Elmar with autofocus. If Schneider comes up with something like that, I will pay Leica prices.

  • Astimated price: under 1500 € so it will cost 1.499 € only ;)


  • awaler

    Could it be the aperture ring is hidden under the (inverse mounted) lens hood?

  • Colin

    The Nikon mount lens linked is a tilt-shift, not at all comparable to this.

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