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Save up to $200 on Panasonic lenses!


Panasonic keeps launching one deal one after another (at least in USA). You can now save up to $200 on camera+lens at Amazon (Click here to check the deal page). Here is the detailed deal list. Just click on the camera name link to check it out:

Keep in mind that there are two more deals to watch out:
$80 Visa Gift Card on Olympus camera purchase at Amazon (Click here to read the conditions).
And the 2% back in Rewards again at Amazon (Click here to read the conditions).

  • jevfp

    .after being disappointed with the IQ from G3 and GX1and which i already sold , and now ,i’m using OM-D , i honestly lost my appetite to having another Panasonic body,.even though the user interface menu from Panasonic a way much better,.but there is something about the Olympus camera that really captured me,..and now I really considering to buy OLY E-PL5 ,.as a second body

    i tried the G5,.at B&H ,.is very easy to use,as i had 3 Pana body before.but,.still can not match the IQ from OM-D

    • warpdrive

      Agree, I’m not interesting in the Panasonic bodies….after experiencing the awesome IBIS on the OM-D, and the jpgs in the Oly are just so much nicer looking.

      Now if they had rebates on the Panasonic lenses if you buy another Oly body, they would clean up! I would easily consider buying a 25 1.4 or 12-35 with a PL5 body

      • > 12-35 with a PL5 body
        you wish.. (and me too)

      • dau

        i too am considering buying an em5. the only thing that causes me hesitation is the lack of built in flash. i know that it comes with the add on through the hot shoe, but i so like on my g3 how, when retracted it is so unobtrusive. to all the em5 users out there, does the flash get in the way? i like most try not to use the flash unless its 100% necessary, but i do like to have the option and have it quickly and readily available. my worry is that, in order to stay compact, i will walk around most of the time with the flash unattached, but when i need it i may miss my shot cos i take too long in scrambling/attaching.
        any thoughts?

        • Es

          My 2c = any shot with that flash is about as useful as wiping your arse with sandpaper. According to my 4/3 camera I have taken 500 pictures with the built in flash. I don’t remember having further used any of them.

    • MikeH

      Since the EM5 is more than any camera you have mentioned so far, I would hope that it would have superior IQ. The G5 is also no slacker for less money than the EM5. The EM5 is a very nice camera for the money but I’m jumping to the GH3 unless I see IQ that I don’t like when the full size production camera samples start rolling out from reviewers and early adopters.

  • Expect a surge of new Pana cameras on ebay from private sellers :)
    Too bad they sell not as good.. Just this minute new GX1 with regular 14-42 went for $374.

  • These deals aren’t any good for us…we don’t need a camera and they all require to purchase it.

  • rush

    Is a good choice to buy a GX1 this days? I’d like to buy my first camera m4/3.
    I like the style of the GX1 and the size. My question is regular zoom or the x zoom. The GX2 may be an improved option, but for a basic compact camera user, unpretentious and unwilling to spend much money, the GX1 is a great option with these discounts. Besides the vf2 now costs only $ 159 at b&h.
    What is your opinion?

    • Narretz

      I still have a GF1, and it’s still a great little camera, although unusable for high ISO, and I process almost all RAWs. The GX1 is the spiritual successor to the GF1, and I heard good things about the image quality. That it won’t match the EM-5 is a fact, but the differences shouldn’t concern you too much, especially since it is your first m43 camera.
      For kit zooms – I don’t like them. I have a 14-45mm, which is good (better than the 14-42), but I always never use it, because primes simply deliver superior quality. If I had to decide for a kit lens, I would take the X for smaller size.

  • peevee

    “$200 off the H-HS12035 Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm lens”

    That means that people will start to unbundle the kits and sell 12-35 separately. Expect prices falling further to $900 or so. And it is not the end. See Sony DT 16050/2.8 for $619.

    People who paid $1300 for that are crazy.

    • Jedd

      GX1 is the best pocketable camera on the market right now.
      Don’t get sucked too much into specs and rumors – get it and aprime lens and. start shooting

    • Because of fees (ebay, amazon), if you bought something for $900 then you have to sell it for $1000 just to get your money back.

  • TempTag

    The 100-300 is no deal. Amazon are currently selling the 100-300 for $599.95. It is often $499.95 at Amazon with no requirement to buy anything else.. $100 off a price inflated by $100 is no deal.

  • Yun

    I wonder those mentioned IQ between GX and EM5 , are in what format ?
    Jpeg or Raw ? Sounds like very huge gap .
    My opinion , if you shoot Raw , the image quality between this 2 sides are not very far .
    Of course , EM5 did have the edge but GX is not far away.

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