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Rice High against DPreview!


Even if this is a non related Panasonic/Olympus post I believe you should read what RiceHigh wrote in his latest post. I believe almost everyone here does read the DPreview tests. A few days ago they posted the Canon 550D review and also compared it with the Pentax K-x.

RiceHigh says that DPreview has not been completely honest in their judgment “In fact, I just have a strong feeling that the writers just don’t want to embarrass Canon against what they have found out and noticed themselves, which is just so obvious and easily noticeable. So, they have to write some words to counter-balance the facts!

That’s a strong statement “against” dpreview . Do you agree with Rice-High?

Editor’s note: I fully respect Dpreview but I admit that also to me the Pentax K-x images do look better than the Canon 550d images.

  • zanoii

    DPreview: “The real star of this comparison is the Pentax K-x though, which at its default NR setting delivers an impressive amount of detail right up to ISO 12800”.

    RIce High claims that “if you read the noise graphs, the K-x is clearly the winner there”, but they must be looking at some other graphs because on the noise graphs on DPreview there are no big differences between the four compared cameras. No “clear winner”, and the K-x does not have the best graph among those cameras, either.

    So I think Rice High are overreacting.

    That said, the K-x results are clearly impressive.

  • Radis.rut

    The test K-x “looks” better TO ME. Dam, I’m jealous of Pentax now.
    I used to think that my Nik D60 ISO3200 is GREAT since it looks great on DPR’s tests and samples.
    But what I’ve discovered after using it is the noise is too much for my taste at ISO1600 when shooting underexpose.

    I really have to use those camera for a while to see if it’s IQ is good or not.
    So send me some, LOL ! :D

  • James Vander

    Yea that guy RiceHigh is an idiot. DPR clearly says the Pentax K-x has better results, but that simply doesn’t translate to the noise graphs. As Zanoii mentioned, they state the images are better.

    Just trying to make a fuss over nothing.

    DPR’s conclusion about the 550D:
    “Acceptable – although not outstanding – image quality at highest ISO settings.”

    DPR’s conclusion about the K-x:
    “Class-leading image quality in low light, very good retention of fine detail at high ISOs”

    Yea, very “unfair”.

  • Pierre Nadal

    Je vous présente mes excuses, mais je ne maîtrise pas suffisamment l’anglais. C’est à propos de DPreview. Cela fait un sacré moment que j’attends leur essai du M9 de Leica. Car honnêtement, les images fournies par le Leica ne me paraissent pas d’une qualité telle quelle justifie le prix de cet appareil. Ont-ils peur de se fâcher avec Leica ? Mon avis sur la question est que le M9 est un impasse. Pour avoir essayer des objectifs anciens sur un appareil numérique, je pense que la position d’Olympus, quand il a créé le système 4/3 était une position censée.

  • dpreview is owned by amazon … and possibly a large portion of its advertising revenue is going to be from click throughs from their reviews.

    While their reviews are interesting reading, and they tend to have a common style for reviewing all cameras it is worth knowing who pays the wages and keeping them happy might not exactly match with ‘independent’ reviews!

  • zul

    I think somehow it is good to have a different opinion from what normally we read.. now I wonder whether Olympus is also been discriminate… :)

  • I saw a similar thing with the Alpha A550 review, versus Canon 500D… the A550 beat the 500D at ISO 6400 yet this wasn’t even mentioned, and instead the 500D got all the plaudits. It was clear from the sample images even as cropped on the review page, yet the caption under the image ignored completely what my own eyes saw.

    I do think DPReview have a slight Canon bias and they could do with doing less pixel peeping and giving more weight to other areas of camera design, such as live view, video, whether the screen can rotate and how much the camera costs. Because at the moment, whichever camera has the best JPEG output when viewed at 1:1 always wins, but that is only half the story.

  • Duarte Bruno

    It’s very interesting that people start to realize how good the Pentax sensor is because that’s so very clear in DxOMark’s results.
    However many people say DxO is the devil. I wonder where they are now…

  • Bluecold

    It is a balanced, fair judgment. RiceHigh is overreacting.
    You don’t notice the difference most of the time.
    It’s not even half a stop.

  • rUY

    That is why I cross review DxO and the photos quality and exif information instead of reading too much comments from those reviews. People tend to skip the images and technical comparisions and jump to the conclusions what editors’ said.

  • arief

    first, i agree w/ rice high writing, i believe the reason that olympus creating 4/3 is that they don’t have to compete head to head against the giant company such “C” and “N” company. in fact that olympus is always trying to open a new front line that other major competitor is hard to follow by creating M4/3. because they know that for big company like “C” and “N”, they will try anything to buy any media from magazine to website that show riview…

  • infared

    I think this is kind of really nit picking. I have found the reviews on DPreview to be incredibly helpful. They do an AMAZING job reviewing the cameras and lenses that the market offers. I just take it as info when I research a product I want to buy. Sometimes they say some dumb stuff, like: in their review of the Lumix 45mm macro lens they give a thumbs-down because the hood is squared-off and doesn’t “fold down” when the lens is stored. Which is worth noting perhaps..but really shouldn’t effect the rating of the lens?!?!?! ….but I have read a LOT of their reviews…and the reviewers there are incredibly detailed and responsible..
    Just wanted to respond to Dcap above. Thanks for letting me know that DPreview is owned by Amazon. Didn’t know that….but doesn’t Amazon sell Pentax too????????? So why would they bias Canon….Duh.

  • Seb

    ” Pour avoir essayer des objectifs anciens sur un appareil numérique, je pense que la position d’Olympus, quand il a créé le système 4/3 était une position censée.”

    J’utilise une bague m4/3 vers M avec mon GF1 pour utiliser mes objectifs Leica (Un summicron 3,5 F2, un 50 F2, et un ultrawide heliar voigtlander 16mm F4,5). Mon avis est que cela reste un peu accessoire, les focales obtenues après passage au facteur de conversion x2 ne sont pas très intéressante et la mise au point via l’écran est beaucoup moins rapide et pratique qu’un télémètre.
    SI vous voulez utiliser une collection d’objectifs Leica ou autre, sachez que vous ne le ferez pas dans des conditions optimales. Les m4/3 restent des appareils très attachants, même si la petite taille du capteur ne permet pas de décoller le sujet autant que je le voudrais a pleine ouverture dans certaines occasions (gardez en tête que le 20mm 1,7 de panasonic équivaut en terme de rendu a un 40mm – voir 45 puisque l’appareil recadre un peu l’image pour faire disparaitre la distortion- qui ouvrirait a 3,5 en argentique).

    Si vous avez le budget, n’hésiter pas a vous lancé sur le m9 ( moi je ne l’ai pas :) ), sinon le m4/3 est très bien, mais ne vous attendez pas a tirer tout ce que vous pouvez espérer d’une collection de vieux objectifs.

    Si vous voulez plus d’image sur le m9 (souvent comparé avec un EP-1 d’ailleur), je vous conseille ce site :

  • jhuapv

    1) DP Review says that the Canon’s results are not outstanding — how to be clearer than that while staying polite, respectful, and well-behaved ? DP Review is a British website — there is also a cultural trait here.

    2) The differences seem huge… on 100% crops from different sensor resolutions. Due to the higher pixel count, the Canon’s crop is narrower, and thus the noise and the smoothing are magnified — on pictures viewed at the same physical size (instead of the same pixel zooming), differences between the Canon and the Pentax will be lower than in this comparison.

    I have no clue why DP Review keeps comparing at 100% instead of same physical size. It’s equivalent of comparing two prints of different sizes, or displaying the pictures on different screen sizes = nonsense.

    Anyway, High Rice is overall over-reacting, and either dishonest or ignorant of resolution matters. And I’m saying that although I really, really don’t like Canon’s gear.

  • James

    DPreview usually provides excellent detailed reviews, so I don’t think it matters if they’re owned by Amazon. However, that Rice guy appears to be a drama queen in his blog (much ado about nothing…), so he’s probably best ignored in future!

    BTW, does anyone know of any video editing software to remove the jello-effect?…

  • jerryk

    Why are we even considering the opinion of someone who uses the word “inhonest”?

  • I just bought a T2i/550D and so far it’s been great. I read the review and personally I think that Pentax K-x is a remarkable camera when it comes to IQ, BUT and it’s a BIG BUT, if you enjoy seeing focus points in your viewfinder, then forget the K-x, since it doesn’t have them. To me that’s a deal killer. If the K-x had focus points in the viewfinder, used proper batteries, and managed to fix the mirror slap many owners have mentioned, there’d be one in my camera bag right now instead of the T2i.

  • Joe

    Doesn’t this RiceHigh guy wrote a blog dedicated to Pentax cameras? How exactly is HE not biased?

  • Al

    RiceHigh is well known around the Pentax community for actually being a Pentax basher (actually banned from one prominent forum). Surprised that he changed his tune this way. Anyways, he just writes “controversial” comments that may or may not be true to get more views on his blog. Nothing to get particularly worked over. There’s plenty of biases in DPreviews; never get all your info from one source.

    PS. to the person asking why Amazon would be biased towards Canon over Pentax. Canon has a much larger market share=Amazon makes a lot more money from Canon than Pentax

  • Vince

    Joe, I’ve shot Pentax for quite some time, so believe me when I say that RiceHigh isn’t exactly the Pentax fanboy you think he is. He’s mostly vilified in Pentax forums since he almost always takes an extremist approach to everything, and for quite some time has been vocal about Canon trumping Pentax (he says this as an absolute truth even when there are use cases for and against each camera company).

    Apparently the K-x made him reverse his stance on Pentax (I haven’t used Pentax for quite some time now, I’ve gone full m4/3), and now he’s taking it all the way to the other extreme.

  • techdoctor

    I think DPReview has not been completely honest in the review. The K-x gets only a few mentions in the comparison and critically in the final sections there is no mention of the K-x. Look at DXOMark – the K-x has some major scalps embarrassing really big names. The Leica M9 lags everywhere except low-light. In even the review of K-x by DPReview, it is given a lower rating than it should have got. I am saving my money to buy a K-x. I think it is the real deal. Think of it, with the price difference and a few hundred bucks more, you can get a Zeiss prime!!

  • SK

    I have compared my Kx to my friend’s Nikon 5000 and Canon T1i and it consistently turns out significantly superior results in low light….I am a new Kx convert..and very happy so far.
    BTW in all fairness to DPRreview..their review of Kx was one of reasons I purchased it in the first place!

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