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Reminder: Panasonic announcement next week (Feb 7) at 5-6 am London time!


That rumor may have been missed by many because of the many Olympus rumors posted in these days. I can confirm via multiple trusted sources that Panasonic will announce the new 4K MFT camera on February 7 at 5-6am London time. That’s Friday next week! I have no info yet about the exact camera specs and price. All we know is that the camera will cost a bit less than $2,000 and can record at amazing 200Mps and has ALL-I intra mode.

And I don’t know if Panasonic will also announce new G and GF cameras on the same day. I don’t think so, it would only distract from the real highlight which is the new 4K camera. They will almost certainly announce them in March-April.

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