Reminder: Panasonic announcement next week (Feb 7) at 5-6 am London time!


That rumor may have been missed by many because of the many Olympus rumors posted in these days. I can confirm via multiple trusted sources that Panasonic will announce the new 4K MFT camera on February 7 at 5-6am London time. That’s Friday next week! I have no info yet about the exact camera specs and price. All we know is that the camera will cost a bit less than $2,000 and can record at amazing 200Mps and has ALL-I intra mode.

And I don’t know if Panasonic will also announce new G and GF cameras on the same day. I don’t think so, it would only distract from the real highlight which is the new 4K camera. They will almost certainly announce them in March-April.

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
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FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
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FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Thathang

    I’d rather get a 2K camera capable of storing ProRes 10-bit 4:2:2. That would be a killer. No need for a spiced up consumer codec with too many pixels for marketing purposes.

    • Sqweezy

      Exactly. I only wish this was Panasonic’s strategy instead. They will inevitably lose money chasing after a format that is not ready to accept them. Better to perfect HD before struggling with 4K.

      • Shinji

        You guys do realise that shooting 4K 8-bit will, theoretically, give you 2K 10-bit…

        • Bits’n’Bobs

          There is no spoon.

          • Pharque Moi

            Panasonic? What’s that?

        • Anonymous

          That what I was thinking. I don’t care specifically about 4k footage, but if I can get a better, more dynamic codec, I’m in. Everyone is focusing on the actual frame size, and fair enough since ‘4k’ is the focus, but the improving codec/compression is what is the most beneficial to filmmakers.

    • It’s a game changer. Trust me.

    • mps

      erm – doesnt it record 200 mbit 422 in 10 bit?

  • Bobafett

    Nice! Can’t hardly wait!

  • Sqweezy

    I am completely rooting for a Panasonic win here, but can’t help but think this generation of the GH series will fall on deaf ears. As one of the first major entrants into the burgeoning 4K arena, this camera is likely to be a half-baked, lackluster implementation of a consumer-grade hybrid cam that is priced too high for its intended market. It seems like they are aiming to pique the interest of enthusiast videographers who, at this moment, can find equal or better options amongst cheaper competition. Furthermore, these market participants will likely have basically no equipment to play back their 4K footage on.

    It is truth that, at this time, the 4K format is clearly not ready for primetime. It’s a shame that a struggling company like Panasonic is willing to get their feet wet and take the plunge towards becoming a loss leader for early adopters. I for one will be skipping this generation and wait patiently for the GH5, which will prove to be a much more mature product in a landscape that will be ready to accept it.

    • @Sqweezy
      There is a lot of pent up demand for 4k, the GH4 and it’s technologies have been in development for quite a while. As long as Panasonic does the features, ergonomics and marketing right then they have a winner….

    • lorenzaccio

      In Japan 60″-70″ televisions with 4K are going quite strong (considering the price).
      So: no matter if the tv channels are not ready yet, it is already possible to see in 4K what you record in 4k, if you are interested in premium videos.
      So: if the camera is well made and not dumbled down in some area, it may be a hit here…

    • Tron

      Panasonic doesn’t want to be seen as a latecomer in the 4K race this year, the GH4K is just a stop-gap until the new GH5 is released in the fall. The GH5 will likely have 4K 24P/30P, 1080P overcranking plus the IBIS and 1/8000 shutter from the GX7. I’ll stick with the GH3 and hold out for the better value later in the year.

      • Cde.

        What makes you think those features won’t be in this camera?

        If there’s another GH coming at Photokina, it will be priced more like GH3 and won’t have such advanced video features. This is not going to be a camera with a six month production cycle.

        • Exactly, the next GH after the GH4K is not going to be like this GH4K which is a hardcore video camera. Nope, the next GH one after it will be a straight forward successor to the GH3, which places equal emphasis on video and photography like the current GH3 does.

    • Eno

      Who cares about you opinions. 4K is the future!

      I personally want to buy two of those cameras when they arrive on the market.
      Most of the us don’t give a shit about 10 bit 4:4:4. Look at the low featured Canons C100-C300 and how well they sell and rent. Most of us want great image quality, easy of use in a decent package. You can say anything, 4K is the future! I have a feeling that this camera will be quite hard to get…

      • Shinji

        Eno,you don’t get it. The GH4K is (most likely) Panasonic’s response to Blackmagic. The C300/C100 are overrated, over-priced pieces of crap. 8-bit crap. I’ve used them plenty, and besides high-ISO performance and C-log, the GH3 puts them to shame. Now, if the GH4K doesn’t have 10-bit log, I guarantee you that the indie filmmaking community, that this is aimed at, will not even look twice at it. 10-bit log (minimum) is essential for cinematographers that wish to give their image cinematic justice.

        You may not care about colour-space, bit-depths, and dynamic-range, but I guarantee that if the GH4K is lacking in those areas, and is nothing more that a GH3 that can do 4K, it will fail.

      • Shinji

        And Eno, stop saying “most of us”. Your kind, the “most of us” you speak of” – those that choose “ease of use” over having to learn something new, are the type that neither understand cinematography, nor appreciate it. People that truly love cinematography are willing to go through a bit of pain, to go through a learning-curve, if it means a superior and more cinematic image in the end.

        I really hope Panasonic hasn’t made a camera for your supposed “most of us” – I hope they haven’t made a dumbed-down, “easy to use”, 8-bit piece of crap like the C100/C300.

        “Ease of use”. Ha. Buy a 4K handycam from Sony or JVC. Leave the 12bit and 10bit RAW/log colour-science and bit-depths to those that are willing to appreciate them, and use them to there full potential.

      • > “Most of the us don’t give a shit about 10 bit 4:4:4.”

        LOL LOL! I think you meant to say 12 bit…..

  • Gil

    This videocamera will be awesome! 4K!! The next generation!!!

  • Justin

    I think this is great. As a person that uses these cameras for professional video production. We love the option to push in, in post. You might be surprised at how many people can use this feature that are not necessarily watching the final product in 4k.

    • Faz

      There is a demand of 4k content for pro use. It will be a good selling point to tell you client that their video will be “future proof”. 2000$ or less is a perfect price for people that video isn’t their first income and don’t want to invest too much $.

    • Martin

      This is a very strong point indeed. Reframing the subject by cropping the image is one of the most frequent, and visually most effective postprocessing operations in still images. Being able to do the same in video while retaining decent quality would really be great.

      • As a long-time user of GH1, GH2 and GH3 cameras for video production, I’m looking forward to seeing what the “GH4K” can do.

        Here’s a simple demo of cropping 4K (UHD 3840 x 2160) video to 1080p using ProRes HQ footage from a pre-release (beta) Blackmagic Production Camera 4K:

        I’ve had a BMPC-4K on pre-order since it was announced last April. It hasn’t started shipping yet; it’s very late.

        Even with the other 4K cameras coming out (those already announced, plus those yet to be announced at the NAB expo this April), both the BMPC-4K and the GH4K will likely have features & price points that make them stand out — and worth waiting for.

        One difference between the GH4K & BMPC-4K is data rates. We’ve heard the GH4K may be able to record 4K up to 200 megabits/sec and All-I (8-bit). That’s great. Note that the BMPC-4K can record 4K (UHD 3840 x 2160) ProRes HQ @ up to 880 megabits/sec (10-bit) _and_ 4K compressed RAW (12-bit).

        That’s the main reason why the GH4K will cost about half of the BMPC-4K’s price. Higher data rates = more hardware, and more hardware = more $$$.

        There’s no free lunch.

        More info on my blog:

  • Beautemps

    and what about foto-capabilities?? Must be a high-speed engine, if it manages 4K. Fast AF calculation and much JPEG processing power.

    And the sensor?

  • Kinozig

    Welcome to 4K not for 4K final product but for better 1080p shots (4K resized in 1080p wil be gorgeous ) and last but not least for cropping and reframing !!!

  • Many on this forum complain about oly’s video weakness- which is true. But on the other hand, what a deal to have two companies with a common mount, each focussing its limited resources on one area each, stills and video. And the resources are limited, in particular on a per unit sold basis.

    • I agree with your sentiment! It is great that Micro Four Thirds has two and more manufactures supporting the system.

      However most are asking such basic requests from Olympus that would be easy to implement, such as 24p and a mic jack on some of their cameras.

      To give an example of if Panasonic made their cameras equally crippled in terms of photography, imagine if Panasonic only offered Small Sized JPEGs and raw photos! But no full size large JPEG.

      Or Panasonic offered only Auto Focus lenses for everything, but with no option to ever switch to manual focus? Or gave you PSM but not the full PASM.

      Yes, Olympus is basically refusing this level of basic essential stuff for video which would be relatively easy to implement if it just tried.

  • C. C.

    another Panasonic fail release *yawn*

    Sony is so much better now :(

    • stoneinapond

      So how’s that time machine working out? You did set it up for this universe, right?

  • JD

    @admin Please post some rumor about the Olympus UWA and Super Telephoto lens. Waiting for a long time to hear abut them.

  • Grey

    Hope the GH 4K will have some sort of super slow motion mode like the FS700 does.

    Apparently the sensor specs say it has a 240 and 481 fps high speed mode… hopefully it is activated in this camera :)

    • 480fps?? Oh my, even in only 720p, that would still be juicy as to have!

  • I’m notcrazymymotherhadmetested

    peaking zebras 10 bit to the sd card and the tonal adjustments from the gx7 that they borrowed from the omd and I put in a pre order, otherwise blackmagic here I come, 4k xlr and sdi is just icing on the cake.

  • OneEyed

    Looks nice, but it’s still early adopter bait. :)

    • Bobo

      All new tech items are “adopter bait.” Some don’t mind.

  • robfi

    more lens news would be nice
    supertelphoto rumored now in shops in two years time
    any chance of Panasonic releasing more lens this year
    i might be going to new york this year

  • I think if we all just say pretty pretty please to admin, he’ll make a UWA and a 300/4 appear out of smoke, right here and now. Really.

  • Jákup

    Admin….any rumors about a G7 yet?

    • Milt

      Yes it would be interesting to hear more details of the G7. The 4K or even the GH3 are not for everyone.

  • If it has a global shutter, I will be a customer. No global shutter, I will pass.

  • I doubt the GH4K will gonna have 10bit output, i really doubt it, but if can give us a better 1080p image without moire or aliasing, high speed HD recording, the xlr adapter rumor has sometime in the air hope for been true this time, the 220mps sound too good to be true, and almost sure the 4K will be 30fps only.
    Anyways i’ll be gonna buy one to stand next to my GH3.

    • Bobo

      I agree, and an earlier poster mentioned similar sentiment. Almost everyone seems to focus on 4K while forgetting the other possible improvements in this camera. Although we discuss video, perhaps some stills improvement will come along. I have a GH3 now and am happy with it, but if the new version has many basic improvements, I’ll pick one up.

      • I’m notcrazymymotherhadmetested

        although 4k is just a little icing on the cake for me how about a sports photographer. continuous 4k 30fps to grab stills from. or how about some really lazy street photography.

  • Hendrick Helmke

    I’m sure that spoiled brat Philip Bloom will be the first and effing usual to get one.

    • Max

      … And the bitter award of the week goes to this dumbasses comment.

  • Hendrick Helmke

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    • well it says enough about you i guess

      • Hendrick Helmke

        Feckwit ^^

  • time to get a fhd video projector, creatng videoclips would look stunning i am sure, be it 1080 or higher.

    • Hendrick Helmke

      Shut up you foreigner.

  • Milt

    I am interested to hear about the 4K camera, not so much because I am interested in Video, but because I would like to see what technology might be coming down the pipe to more stills oriented cameras down the line.

    And I want to see what the new G7 looks like in March or so. The G6 is a very good camera, hampered for some DxO oriented enthusiasts by an older generation sensor, but the G7 will not have this hanging over its head.

    In fact, I also wonder if Panasonic is going to introduce a new sexier GF7 with built in central humped EVF – just a guess based on patent drawings. The question is whether it would compete with the GX7.

    • Cde.

      I wonder if Panasonic are considering making the GX line the ‘new’ GH, and making GH a more expensive, bigger, more video oriented device.
      It’s a move I would strongly consider if I were managing their line of cameras – it’s getting very crowded, and you need to question whether it’s really necessary to keep two different DSLR-esque lines. The GX is a more appealing product that isn’t directly competing with CaNikon.
      With the GM bringing a ‘pro’ smaller body without EVF (basically what the GX used to be before the major upgrade it just saw) it also makes sense to make the GF a less expensive and fully featured sister to the new ‘GX’. An EVF makes sense.

      • Bobo

        Ah, the GH line has always been “a more expensive, bigger, more video oriented device.”

        However, I do agree that the model lineup is becoming too crowded. The addition of the EM-10 to the Oly line is a good example, considering the still-competitive EM-5 is continued at roughly the same price. This would be okay in an expanding market, but not with the current situation in camera sales, especially m4/3 sales.

        I could be wrong because there’s no info to base this on, but it seems it would make more sense to spend more money on marketing than on adding redundant models. Note: I’m referring to body models, not lenses.

  • Danny T.

    If the rumor specs are true, I am most excited for the 200mbps All-intra recording and the battery grip accessory with SDI output and XLR input. That accessory alone will make the camera very useful in a live production environment.

    Combine the GH 4K with a B4 to Micro 4/3 adapter and a 2/3 broadcast lens and you have a very powerful, cost-effective camera for professional production.

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