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Pure wild speculation: ValueAct might asks Olympus to quit their camera business


Olympus proposed ValueAct Capital a seat on the board. This is an unusual act from Olympus and probably a sign that they want to reform their top management structure. This lead speculate that ValueAct might request Olympus to stop their unprofitable camera business.

I think this is pure bullshit for two reasons:

  1. Most of the innovation coming from the camera business is being utilized within the profitable medial business. Sensor, processor and Lens technology are used on their medical instruments. And just recently Olympus stated that they need the “short life cycle” camera business to test and improve the technology on medical instruments that usually have a l”onger life cycle”.
  2. There is also a value in terms of “image” created by Olympus cameras and lenses. It’s part of their DNA and everyone knows Olympus camera business. “Advertising” and “history” have an economical indirect value.

So I guess it’s a good clickbait title to lead people to believe the camera business could end and it keeps repeating nearly every year since I work on 43rumors :)

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