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Preorder the GH2 at Amazon, or get the GH1 for cheap…$999! (+ new video)


As you might know you can now preorder the new Panasonic GH2 camera and lenses at Amazon!

BLACK Panasonic GH2 with 14-42mm lens for $999 at Amazon (Click here)
BLACK Panasonic GH2 with 14-140mm lens for $1,499.95 at Amazon (Click here)
SILVER Panasonic GH2 with 14-42mm lens for $999 at Amazon (Click here)
– BHphoto is currently closed but they have the Panasonic GH2 body only listed (Click here)

– You can also get the “old” Panasonic GH1 with the 14-140mm lens for $999 only at Amazon (Click here)

– In Europe only Amazon France (Click here) has the GH2.

You can also preorder the new lenses:
Panasonic Lumix 12.5mm f/12 3D G Lens for $249.95 at Amazon (Click here)
Panasonic Lumix 14mm f/2.5 G Aspherical Lens for $399.95 at Amazon (Click here)
Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm f/4.0-5.6 G Vario Aspherical MEGA OIS Lens for $599.95 at Amazon (Click here).

If you find others shops having the lens available for preorder feel free to comment this post. Please understand that I have not enough space to add all shops links you send me inside the preorder list on top of the website! Thanks!

GH2 video from Bruce Dale of the National Geographic

  • so there will be no vertical grip for GH2?
    Why did they change the battery?

    • Jesper

      My guess is because of the thirdparty batteries.

      • david

        Or possibly because of the new Japanese safety regulations for lithium ion batteries (Olympus changed the battery for the E-5 for that reason).

  • davethevet

    I nearly bought gh1 plus 14-140 here in Hong Kong for $860 equivalent, was really tempted but resale/px value of gh1 is going to be pants when I can get the gh2, and that makes the prospective gh2/14-140 kit about the same price. I was going to use my oly. 43 12-60 on it, is that a good idea or not?

    • Dummy00001

      > I was going to use my oly. 43 12-60 on it, is that a good idea or not?

      Specifically the 12-60 doesn’t support CDAF: the AF is painfully slow on the GH2 – in my experience for up to 1 second. With the kit 14-140 AF takes about a quarter of second.

      Also, IMO 12-60 is way too large for the GH2 body. GH2 doesn’t provide sufficient grip to handle the relatively heavy lens.

  • scott

    Do the 4/3 lenses fit without an adapter on the GH2?

    • Gabi


  • davethevet

    Thanks for the heads up Dummy, I remember ol. 50 f2 with no cdaf, on ep1, was dreadful, wish I had access to a mid-range zoom brighter and broader than the kit zooms, just like the 12-60, might have to try the 14-54, smaller than 12-60 too.

    • Jason

      actually I used the 50/f2.0 macro on the EP1 and it focused quickly…. But how does it work on the Gh1 or Gh2, that is my question????

      • spanky

        It only works in MF mode on the GH1, and we don’t know how it works on the GH2 yet. Hopefully Panasonic will release the compatibility list for the GH2 soon, but there’s no reason not to assume it won’t have the same compatibility as the G2, which is AFS and MF on the 50/2 macro.

      • Dummy00001

        Jason, some Oly 43 lenses “support” CDAF.

        My understanding, from what I heard, is that CDAF requires different internal design for the lens to be able to move back and forth quickly.

        For a large lens like 12-60, AF is moving large part of the lens. In case of PDAF that is OK as it needs one or two moves to get into the focus position. For CDAF, it has to make moves back and forth – to even guess in which direction the focus is. And then more back/forth moves to find where the focus precisely is. Larger internal moving part == more inertia == can’t do many moves fast.

        Some Oly lenses would focus quickly because they have small/lightweight moving parts: they can make lots of quick moves. But for the most of the large higher-end glass that is simply impossible.

    • NativeFloridian

      There are some demos on YouTube of focusing the adapted Olympus 50mm macro 4/3rd lenses on PEN cameras:

      Not sure if it’ll meet your needs, but I found them informative.

  • Hi Admin: The correct URL for Bruce Dale’s GH2 video is:

    The version currently displayed on your site is a reprocessed “color corrected” version by someone else, and Mr. Dale’s video suffers as a result. Please display the original YouTube version by Mr. Dale. Thank you.

    • admin

      Thanks Peter! I will change video.

      • admin

        ops, I can’t copy the embed code :(

  • richard

    Not sure if GH2 worth $500 more than GH1, but in few months gap will be closer, GH2 is not worth retail price, price will drop much faster.

    • kesztió

      Focus speed, much better image quality, touchscreen. For me definitely worth the difference.

  • calxn

    Panasonic is starting to learn. They’re not completely there yet, but it’s still progress. Compare their lens prices to Olympus’ “lens made of gold” prices. 100-300 priced lower than Oly’s 75-300. Still not priced right. Still higher than Canon and Nikon. 14/2.5 is close to the right price. I see it around 325 or lower a year from now.

    • Do

      If you look at the 14-140/150 zooms it’s the opposite: The olympus version has a reasonable price, the panasonic version not. But I think we can agree that m43 lenses are in general too expansive.

  • Jason

    @Spanky – the empty battery grip is a battery grip used just for stability, but it does not add any trigger or batteries, here is one: it should help with stability when shooting macro (but I may not get it to save size and weight).

    What macro lens do you shoot?

    Yes, I shoot almost always a F/8.0 with the FL-36R bounced to the side or ceiling, or a F/4.0 with no flash. I’m not sure the speed of shutter or flash, I just leave it on macro and adjust the exposure and flash setting manually, up or down.

    • spanky

      I shoot a variety of lenses from the Tokina FD 90/2.5, to Fujinon 50/3.5 and EL-Nikkor 40/4 enlarging lenses, to the 20/1.7 reversed and extended, to microscope lenses. For the enlarging lenses I use my on-camera flash diffused through a custom diffuser sitting around the lens. For the reversed and microscope lenses I use a special light source with light guides. For the Tokina I use my 285HV of a cord.

  • Tom Blue

    I’m interested in the GH2 but with the lack of a battery grip, it remains too small to be comfortable in my hands… now the D7000 is looking better and better… sigh… WHY PANASONIC!? WHY no battery grip!?

    • richard

      Had u even look at D7000 video, unless you want MF all the time, AF is not workable, is too much jellow and AF is slow in video.

    • George

      if video is an important factor for you, do NOT even consider d7000

      • Or even complement with a dedicated video camera:
        Panasonic HDC-TM700

    • +1

  • richard

    No camera is perfect, if you guys want go D7000, then u lose flips screen, smooth video and fast AF in video, the D7000 does not offer 60p of any format and has terrible jellow effect just like canon, fur image of course nikon or canon will easily win, the d7000 is weight 2x heavier of course battery will be better. heavy body is not idea for video record in long term unless you want tripod support omost of the time.

  • Scott

    Just sold my 5Dmll to get the gh2. Does anybody know if the GH2 has the glip screen?

  • Anyone know of leatherette skins for the G1/GH1/G2/G10/GH2? I feel the right side of the camera could use a leather covering for the full hd logo.

  • Simon

    I’ve tried the GH2 at the Photkina today and…woooow…focus is LIGHTING FAST and handlung just great. Hope picture and video performance will be in line with what I experienced today

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