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(UPDATED_2) Panasonic US manager interview. Focus Peaking may come via FW update!


The video on top has been made by Discovermirrorless (and found ot Smallcamerabigpicture). It is a registration of a live session with Panasonic US managers talking about the GH3. They admit some things about hacking, clean video out and focus peaking (that could arrive via fw update!). UDPATE: Giulio Scorio made a sum of the new info got throught this video:

  • The GH3 “unofficially” has uncompressed video out. Meaning while its a hardware feature its not one that will be advertised by Panasonic.
  • The GH3 has multi aspect ratio sensor! But don’t get too excited as the multi aspect function is disabled in the original firmware.
  • WiFi mode will allow wireless monitoring of video or stills with a tablet or smart phone.
  • WiFi mode will transfer either raw or jpegs to a tablet or smart phone but if you shoot raw+jpeg you can’t just transfer jpegs, you must transfer both.
  • WiFi mode can automatically upload jpegs to social media.

UPDATE: Uematsu confirmed at Techradar that “focus peaking could be added with a firmware upgrade“.

Something else. Got a mail from 43urmors reader Jupiter: “My video made it to the finals @RODE ROCUMENTARY and it’s the only one made on a Hacked GH2. Bruce Logan ASC commented it as “unique look”. Right now, it’s all down to voting. Any way you can help out?? ink: (via Personalview)

Panasonic and Olympus Preorder Links with specs and price:
Special GH3 page at Amazon (Click here) and a full Olympus presentation page at Amazon (Click here).
GH3 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here) and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK (horrible price in UK!).
35-100mm X lens at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
E-PL5 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
E-PM2 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
XZ-2 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
60mm macro at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
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  • Philip Bloom


  • cpt

    (I always wanted to do that!)

    @Admin. Thanks for all your hard work the last few days, with all the updates, it must have been madness! I’m always on here, and I take it for granted. I hope you get something out of all your hard work!

    • Duarte Bruno

      You always wanted to do what? Fail epically at being the first useless comment? Don’t worry, you have achieved it.

    • Ragnarok

      First at fail! LOL!

  • My English is far not enough to understand the fluent-speached interview, but – as I can see – they might consider the GH3 as direct competitor for D800 and 5DmkIII… Nice!

    • Camaman

      And you lost! :-P

  • agachart

    really? Yee Pee.

  • Sometimes Panasonic needs a bit to react – like with the 25p for the gh2 which was so important for us PAListanis.

    If focus peaking comes, I will be a happy customer – hopefully sooner than later… ;-)

    • rrr_hhh

      If all they say is that focus waking may come via firmware update, then what that tells me is that there is no focus peaking in the new GH3. For the rest, we ave a say here : promises are what makes fools happy.

      We don’t know when, neither in which models.

      And my comment is again waiting for moderation.. I’m fed up.

      • mahler

        Fed up? With what? That at least Panasonic announces something positive, whereas Olympus plays completely deaf on this? When the E-M5 AF system while quick and accurate, when it hits, would really benefit from a clear visual indicator, for what is in focus. I have too many shots missed, where I did not recognize quick enough that focus was on the more contrasty background than on the subject I wanted to get sharp (don’t blame me that I use the wrong technique, sometimes situations are as such that this errors occur).

        Remember, that Sony also had added focus peaking to some NEX bodies via firmware after release.

        Please, don’t be negative and biased, if something positive happens. Currently, there is no reason to doubt that Panasonic will fulfill this promise, especially because it has a quite a record of adding improvements via firmware updates based on user feedback.

      • mahler

        Sorry, I recognized too late that your “fed up” comment was related to the “awaiting moderation” problem and not to Panasonic’s omission for focus peaking in current GH3 firmware. So I apologize, but leave the original comment, because I believe that also Olympus should get prepared to include focus peaking. As nice a CDAF is in terms of accuracy, it also is problematic, when the main subject has less contrast than the surroundings. Focus peaking would help to quicker recognize this error, when shooting quickly.

        • Now currently it seems that some other posters, Mr. Philip Bloom and me would want to have the little thingie called focus-peaking because we think it will help us tremendously in certain, itchy situations. So let’s do what we did with 25p back then when the GH2 came out and pray to the management to implement it…… If people do not like, advise would be: don’t use it then. No harm done that way.

      • EddyKilowatt

        Well said. Focus Peaking “could be” added… great. A non-committal remark from their top North American salesmen.

        Focus Peaking *could have been* added at any time in the last two years, it’s just a software update, but they didn’t. Given the Not-Invented-Here syndrome rampant in the camera business, I for one wouldn’t buy a GH3 or anything else with the expectation that Focus Peaking will arrive during its lifetime.

  • KI

    Any news on focus peaking by Olympus? … E-M5 … firmware upgrade… would be nice.

    • Miroslav

      One more interested user.

      • Bronica


        Me too!

    • can the multi-aspect also be enabled in the om-d? ;-)

  • Joe Photo

    Digital cameras have had video for years. The hybrids are the DSLRs.

  • James

    It’s a shame that throughout the whole video, primarily occupied by the presenter Will Crockett’s endless speaking and promotion of LED lighting, the guests like Giulio Sciorio and Federick Van Johnson were not allowed more time to ask the questions everyone wanted to know such as the absence of a Multi aspect ratio sensor. At least Giulio Sciorio got to ask about clean HDMI out. Was Will Crockett told not to ask certain questions by Panasonic USA? As he started a thread on dpreview asking users for questions and then proceeded to ignore the most popular ones.

    • @James
      it was a Manfrotto (the tripod people who now make LED lights) and Panasonic interview, the video was shorter than I expected maybe Will Crockett, Giulio Sciorio and Federick Van Johnson thought it would be longer too….

      • @YouDidn’tDidYou We all had quite a list of questions. Only a few were answered on air. Focus peaking can be added later as can other features. Panasonic asked me to make a survey for Small Camera Big Picture to gather data on what features their users would want.

        I think this is a step in the right direction for them. Keep in mind that hangouts are new (and a bit scary) to companies like Panasonic and Olympus who have to report to Japan to explain why they are doing them. If someone who works for Panasonic or other companies makes one bad move it could cost them their jobs. Japan is trying to understand why we like things like live hangouts and hacking cameras and I think sooner then later they will be on board.

        This is a really good step for Panasonic and Manfrotto. I hope to do more soon.

        • @Giulio Sciorio
          haha that’s why thought happened *I was being diplomatic*

          …big thing to ask Panasonic is to make the front lens elements more scratch resistant like Olympus and Leica glass

          yeah canikon is feeling the pressure from a few directions eg competitors, demographics and changing technology… wouldn’t like to be in their shoes!

        • James

          @Giulio Sciorio: You said in a previous post regarding the GH3 “It’s multi-aspect but not enabled in the firmware. That came to me from Panasonic.” Did Panasonic clarify how this is possible as according to the comparison picture in this 43rumors post the sensor in the GH3 is physically smaller than the one in the GH2 and also the total pixel count is only 17.2MP whereas it is 18.3MP on the GH2?

          • @James – Hi James. No we really didn’t talk much about that before the recording. I only had a bit of time as we were all setting up. Hopefully we’ll know more about that soon. Keep in mind the only people that really know these very tech-related questions is the engineers in Japan who have their hands full. Then when the engineers get questions to them from Panasonic USA or UK and they have time to answer, english is not their first language.

            It’s kinda like the telephone game. 43 Rumors gets questions, they might get to me, then if I can I talk to Panasonic or Olympus then if the reps I talk to get the chance (after their real business is taken care and if they are able to) they might ask the question and then they might get an answer.

            I think right now companies like Panasonic are opening up in ways they have not before. I was fortunate to be the first photographer to do a hangout with Olympus and one of first with Panasonic and Manfrotto. I think these companies that traditionally keep their cards close to their chest are starting to see the benefits of directly talking to their customers.

            I’m pretty excited to be doing more hangouts in the future with other companies and little by little we’ll all have lines of communication to the people behind the scenes that we have not had before.

            Believe me companies like Olympus, Panasonic and Manfrotto care about what their customers want. It might not seem that way because things can get caught up in corporate politics but they do. They care because they need to if they are going to grow their market share and sell some sweet kit.

            One thing to note these companies really dig it when their customers share their images and videos so if you or anyone else has something to share send it to me, Andrea (43rumors), everyone you can. I know we all really want to get the point across that big things can come in small packages. :-)

            • Kiellor

              Plz Giulio tell Panalympus, each of there computer scientist should have to read at least one hour per week our comments on 43rumors to get a better idea what we need. :-)

    • George H

      Will sounds like a late night infomercial. Needs to learn how to edit himself.

      • Duarte Bruno

        Infomercial??? For that you need to be informed and from his comments on the hacks he is totally clueless about it’s capabilities.

        • @Duarte – Trust me on this. We all know about the hacks, what they do and how to make them better but we have to ease into this process with the manufactures. If we come out guns blazing its going to scare off the companies and we won’t be able to do something like this again.

          This Hangout was a big step for Panasonic and Manfrotto. Keep this in mind too – If Will, Frederick or myself were to say something out of line or too edgy it could cost people we’re talking with their jobs and that’s the last thing we want to have happen.

          As we do more hangouts and as we get the trust of the companies we work with we’ll be able to get more information.

          Baby steps my friend.

    • Hi James,
      >It’s a shame that throughout the whole video, primarily occupied by the presenter Will Crockett’s endless speaking and promotion of LED lighting,

      We see that so many of the pro shooters we address on have one BIG barrier with the idea of moving from DSLR ro mirrorless and it’s the lack of flash. We think of all mirrorless as “flashless” and are moving forward in the process of how to replace our Elinchrom, Profoto, Qflash, and speedlites with all LED to become skilled at the “craft” of lighting with LED. LED and mirrorless, for serious shoters go hand-in-hand. I did not mean to make it irritating to you.

      > the guests like Giulio Sciorio and Federick Van Johnson were not allowed more time to ask the questions everyone wanted to know such as the absence of a Multi aspect ratio sensor.

      We asked lots of people for questions before the event and only the DPr folks were interested in the Multi Aspect questions. The fact is that all Lumix G’s work the same way when you change the aspect ratio. There’s no “loss” of multi aspect and we had only 40 minutes so I chose the questions that I asked, the others were in charge of theirs. If I had to do it over again, I would in fact have Giulio and Frederick chime in more. The issue is the VOX switcher system of the G+ tools, they are pretty basic and require the map of who asks what to be pre=planned.

      >At least Giulio Sciorio got to ask about clean HDMI out.
      Yep! Excellent question.

      > Was Will Crockett told not to ask certain questions by Panasonic USA?
      Oh heavens no. We don’t do those kinds of events dude. I have a long history of doing things as open and honest as possible. We send Panasonic and Manfrotto a list of 20 question topics, not the actual questions tho, sent to them 1 hour prior that we would choose from.

      >As he started a thread on dpreview asking users for questions and then proceeded to ignore the most popular ones.

      See my previous reply?

  • Yun

    I more interest to know what is the next after this GH3 ?
    The OMD Pro & X Pro2 are coming , what is Pana’s strategy to compete against all these big things ?

    • @Yun – Panasonic is going after Nikon and Canon. I think they can make a dent! The GH3 is really an impressive camera.

      I think their market for pros is mainly for those that want a fast, high quality camera that makes capturing high quality stills and video easy and affordable.

      Fuji’s cameras while really nice (I have one in for review now) are not for the same market as the GH3. The Fujis are great still cameras that happen to shoot video. I have no idea about an OMD Pro. I don’t know if there is even one being made. Think about how small the market for pro micro 43 gear is. Maybe less then 2000 shooters world wide.

      The only way Panasonic can justify the GH3 development costs is to go after Nikon/Canon video AND still shooters and that takes some major effort and guts.

  • remember folks to uninstall focus peaking once you realise how little you use it and how superior magnified live is….

    • Max

      With stills – maybe, but in video peaking – must have

    • Greek_m43

      @YouDidntDidYou I totally agree.

    • BdV


      • Not so: If you work doc-style (both photography & video) and/or with long glass and/or in very low light with manual lenses, probably wide open, focus peaking can be the difference between having the shot and not getting it…. in more controlled situations you may not need it. Then you switch it off. Like with every feature – nobody pushes you to use it.

        • @tipota
          magnified live view is still better in those situations or if you are shooting wide open with fast glass you can do it by eye, focus peaking interferes/distracts with composition and has a higher failure rate in those situations…


        • in my experience,using fast lenses wide open is the area where focus peaking fails, because its not accurate enough; if i used fp for focusing my CV Nokton 50mm 1.1 wideopen,the peaked area kept highlighted while turning the focus ring back and forth. If I used normal focusing by sight i can see the focus point changing with ech minimal turning of the ring.

    • bitcrusher

      a lot of people really like peaking but it drives me crazy. They should have it to keep everyone happy.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I LOVE magnified view! BUT having the ability to choose between BOTH focus peaking and magnified focus assist would allow for greater flexibility depending upon the situation.

      I shoot mainly with manual lenses (native and adapted) and would love to be able to use focus peaking for street shooting at wider apertures. At f8 and above I use zone focus.

  • I only hope they will make focus peaking firmware applicable not only to GH3 but also to G5. I need a third good compact camera and would not like it to be NEX [having peaking].

    • YouDidnt
      Focus peaking is extremely useful for shooting from hands at bright conditions when the monitor is half a meter remote. If furthermore the object is moving it is extremely difficult to catch it with alternative methods.

  • _gl

    No Wifi SDK – are they nuts?? “hey they’re going to hack it anyway, why should we spend money on it?”. And as for answering better tech questions, it’s obvious these generic sales guys don’t know those answers anyway. They didn’t even try to sell the codec and IQ improvements in any credible way – bizarre.

  • Got to 3 minutes and gave up as the presenter seems to go on forever rather than involve the guests :/

    • chico sajovic

      Me Too! And I had time to kill!

    • Ouch! Only 3 minutes and you bailed? Sorry dudes. There’s lots of info there in that opener that defines the POV of the content aimed primarily at the pro shooters from our ShootSmarter audience that are very unfamiliar to the concept of why we would bother with hybrid / mirrorless / LED.
      Maybe give it another try if you have time, the idea of moving into the era of hybrid imaging involves a lot of changes all at the same time.

  • George H

    The Panasonic guy wasn’t even really sure that focus peaking wasn’t there. I don’t know where you guys heard that this is coming in a FW update. He never said that.

  • Great news!
    Expecting more to come!!!

  • Why would Panasonic – or whoever manufactured the sensor – design and produce a more costly, over sized sensor that could support multi-aspect only to disable the feature in the camera’s firmware?

    It’s a real shame; the multi-aspect sensor was a unique and very useful feature.

    • Mr. Reeee


      Björn, how’s your NEX shooting going? We had discussions on your blog a while back and am curious.

    • Bjorn – I understand why a lot of this does not make sense. When companies design cameras they design the device with huge potential but release it to be as stable as possible. Since cameras are more computer then camera the last thing they (and us photographers) want is to get a camera that crashes when we shoot or worse.

      So yes the sensor is multi-aspec, and yes focus peaking and multi aspect can come in the future via firmware. We just have to get Panasonic the info in a way their team in Japan can understand.

      I’m working on that right now but it will take a bit of time so just hold tight.

      • yosemite

        OK the new sensor is multi-aspect, but the far more important question seems to be if it is smaller than the previous sensor. Do you know the answer to this question with certainty?

      • TempTag

        I so want this to be true but regardless of rumors that “maybe” the sensor is multi-aspect, if the GH3 does not:
        A: Ship with multi-aspect in the specs
        B: Ship with a commitment to enable multi-aspect in the future (and detail the specs)

        Then the GH3 simply does not have a multi-aspect sensor…

        The same is true for focus peaking. Panasonic clearly has detailed the specs they intend to deliver for $1,300. If the specs work for someone then maybe the GH3 is the right camera for them as-is.

        If Panasonic deliver more in the future via firmware great but buyers should be wary to make a purchase decision on “maybes”…

      • TempTag

        I so want this to be true but regardless of rumors that “maybe” the sensor is multi-aspect, if the GH3 does not:
        A: Ship with multi-aspect in the specs
        B: Ship with a commitment to enable multi-aspect in the future (and detail the specs)

        Then the GH3 simply does not have a multi-aspect sensor…

        The same is true for focus peaking. Panasonic clearly has detailed the specs they intend to deliver for $1,300. If the specs work for someone then maybe the GH3 is the right camera for them as-is.

        If Panasonic deliver more in the future via firmware great but buyers should be wary to make a purchase decision on “maybes”…

  • Camaman

    I dont get this… 2 hardware features of great importance and one will not be advertized by them and one is not enabled in the original firmware.

    Also, come oooonnn focus peaking! Even Leica has it now! And they are known for NASA like acceptance on new features

    • Keep in mind, the final firmware of this camera is still being developed. The processor has a finite level of capability, and at this stage in the dev process of a camera there may be multiple versions of the firmware out there to test how much processor energy is devoted each feature. That’s why there is no answer yet.
      Regarding the multi aspect issue – it’s not an issue. The GH3 will behave in multiple aspect ratios the same way all the other G series cameras do. It’s been distorted waaaay out of preportion on the DPr forum. It’s hard to criticize the firmware when it’s not been determined yet.

  • Li Hua

    The GH3 has NOT a Multi-aspect sensor, says the top president of Panasonic(Japan) Imaging Division. And we could also easily notice (from the official model pictures) that the sensor used in the GH3 is smaller than the ones in the GH1&GH2.

  • Jorginho

    The AF question is evaded I feel. “yeah AF tracking on video is difficult” and then we go to a bride and than we compare Gh3 AF for video to a DSLR. The question was a dog or child running/walking and tracked with AF I believe.

    So I think we have our answer: it won’t be appreciably better otherwise they would clearly answered that question and not talked about a situation that is better for the GH3…

  • st3v4nt

    The answer sounds like lip service for customer….it’s unusual if a company knew what exactly their product can do but choose to disabled it. Also the promise of focus peaking via firmware update answer just like what Olympus did when people ask about that….I remember their answer were….yes we can do that….(but I think none willing to do it for free…).

  • JeremyT

    I’m glad they didn’t get rid of multi-aspect ratio after all!

  • Labalbi

    Can anyone explain to me in simple words why the lost of the multiaspect sensor is that bad for gh3 users ? Thanks

    • TempTag

      If you shoot any other ratio than 4:3 pictures, meaning 16:9 video or stills, 3:2 or 1:1 stills, a non multi-aspect ratio means your sensor is cropped or smaller than the GH1 or GH2. Not hugely smaller, but seems a step backwards and makes the GH3 more like any other m43 camera…

  • “the multi aspect function is disabled in the original firmware.”


  • Raist3d

    “The GH3 has multi aspect ratio sensor! But don’t get too excited as the multi aspect function is disabled in the original firmware.”

    This is really weird. Why would they not have it enabled out of the box. Something here just doesn’t make any sense.

    • Maybe the first batch of sensors turned out to be faulty, like fungus at the edges or….

  • Mike

    I would love for oly to bring focus peaking to the OM-D via firmware update .
    Not counting on it tho.

    • @Mike – it could happen! Olympus is aware of the demand.

  • twoomy

    Multi-aspect sensor without firmware that takes advantage of it; focus-peaking as a future feature? WTF? It really sounds like they’re rushing the GH3 to market without finishing all of the programming on it? Why the heck would you bother to have a larger sensor and then not implement it like you did in the GH1 and GH2?

    My prediction: If history is any indication, it will be 6-12 months before you can buy this camera. Another few months before you can buy spare batteries for it. 12-24 months from now, the firmware update will give us focus peaking and multi-aspect larger alternative ratio images.

    So I look forward to buying this camera in early 2014 when it is finally available, feature rich, price-discounted, and we’re already wondering when the GH4 is coming.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > My prediction: If history is any indication, it will be 6-12 months before you can buy this camera. Another few months before you can buy spare batteries for it.

      Now who would want to pay overprice for Panasonic sticker in batteries?
      No doubt third party batteries will become available by then.

      • GT

        Panasonic in Norway says in the press release that GH3 will be available in the shops by the end of October.

    • TempTag

      1 – We’ll see if any of this disabled in firmware stuff is true
      2 – However, if so, it could be a blessing in disguise – early firmware update for the GH3 means early potential for a hack…

  • McSmooth

    The specs from panasonic have the sensor at 17.2MP vs 16 effective. Perhaps it is a slightly larger sensor, but not quite enough to match the previous GH sensors. In that case I can see it not being worth while to implement new half assed multi aspect resolutions.

    Still, major bummer… the IQ needs to be way improved for stills people to upgrade. Some neat and fun features added, but most you can get by without. On the video side, I was hoping for something faster than 60fps in slow mo. The sensor reads 240fps, and cheaper cameras of theirs record at that rate. *Slap*

    • david

      It obviously doesn’t read the whole sensor at 240fps, only enough to provide display, AF, and metering info.

    • Labalbi

      Its hard to believe that ! I dont think want to miss the holidays sells…and gh3 is in a world so different from 2009… Now we have nexus, ff from nikon and canon with lower prices never seen before….

  • safaridon

    The question I have is if this multi-aspect design has no drawbacks then why in the world is no other manufacturer, Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc using it? M4/3 lenses are designed for a certain focal length and in order to use the full extents of a slightly larger sensor as in the GH1/2 the distance from flange to sensor is changed so effectively X1.9 not X2.0 so that brings in some possible darkening and distorsion at the edges which needs to be corrected as the lenses were designed to fit a smaller circle? If you want your m4/3 camera to go slightly wider with any lens just go to 16:9 aspect ratio instead or use a wider angle lens. Others comment that the change from multi-aspect design was required to get higher DR and for Pany that trade off was more important than retaining a larger size sensor for multi aspect design. So far all the comments I have read from the few preliminary testers have noted higher DR with the GH3 especially with video so that is promising? By making the sensor size half way between the 16MP effective and 18MP maybe the Pany with firmware will still be capable of lessor degree of multi-aspect advantage with slightly lower resolution but better IQ?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > if this multi-aspect design has no drawbacks then why in the world is no other manufacturer, Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc using it?
      First of all Canikon is in love with film era standards and then there are extra costs:
      There’s fixed cost for work in “drawing table” and getting manufacturing equipment ready to make multi-aspect variant.
      Also sensor size would grow by some amount which causes exponential increase in manufacturing cost and hence price of sensor.

      Multi-aspect sensor doesn’t change anything in flange back distance or image circle. First of all change in lens to sensor distance would mess with focusing distance. (that’s how extension tubes work)

      Incident angle of light and many aberrations like vignetting increase as function of radial distance from image circle’s center.
      And that radial distance to corner pixels doesn’t change any because real multi-aspect sensor gives same diagonal field of view (which defines crop factor) with all fully supported aspect ratios.

  • QBNY

    All I want to know is: Where’s the Panasonic M43 semi-pro STILLS camera? THAT’S the big question.

    • @QBNY – It’s the GH3. I’m looking at it as a stills camera first.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Yep, GH3 is the first mirrorless which actually competes any above entry level DSLRs in controls and ergonomics.

        • bart

          So, which entry-level dslr has a front and rear dial?

      • TempTag

        Yeah, I love to shoot stills with my GH1 and GH2 – but I like to shoot 3:2 and it seems pointless to move to a cropped sensor or crop all my pics in post…

  • Paul Alexander

    That nasty voiced Will Crockett is back? I booted this horrid video off of YouTube and now it’s here??? Help !

    • Ha! Yeah, I’m back! You need to try harder to get rid of me! : )

  • Narretz

    Maybe Pana didn’t want to spend time on these features, instead hoping that they will be hacked soon. :)

  • funny, why disable the multi aspect feature?
    and why pixel numbers of height and width is complete same as E-M5, that was odd then ever models (and it was because of changing to Sony sensor).

    I believe it’s misunderstanding of US manager.

  • The Master

    Don’t you just love it, when people say things like” I may pay you the money I owe you next week. ” “If you buy our expensive camera, we may add a firmware update to give you want you want, but we may not. How about put the focus peaking on, then I may buy the camera and while your at it, you may as well put the uncropped multi aspect ratio back in and maybe I’ll buy it then, but keep coming up with this maybe shit and you can suck wind to ever get another dollar out of me. Where do they get these people, with no principals these days. Do they have an institute for scumbags training center, over in Japan now or what?

    • @The Master – It’s not as easy to make a camera as you might think. It’s a very complicated, technical situation. Look at the issues Red has with their cameras, they promise the world and when it comes out its $78,000.00 so give Panasonic a break here.

      Believe me I want focus peaking and mulit-aspect as much as everyone else and Panasonic knows this. I make my living with my photography and the faster and more efficient I can do so the better off I am.

      Also consider the cultural differences between the western world and the east. There’s the fact that most camera companies are operated by numbers people then below them engineers then below them marketers then below them mail room people then janitors….and then maybe a creative person or two.

      Sooooo it can be frustrating for us photographers. We all want the same thing and we need to work together so that message can be communicated in a way that Panasonic in the US and EU can package it up for Japan.

      One of the things you can do as a creative is make killer content then talk about how you would use peaking and multi-aspect (or whatever feature you want) to make your content even better.

      Ranting online, while may feel good at the moment, is counter productive to what we all want.

      • Paul Alexander

        All the companies pull this stuff now. To control the sales of their various product lines. Sony started it all ages ago, deliberately hobbling lower end cameras that contained the HW but were constrained by the firmware. The key is to boycott the specific camera until they announce the fully functional hardware.
        Also. Hammer away at them on the forums till they squeal.
        They know they are taunting a mass of addicted ‘photo enthusiasts’.
        Don’t give in to them :)

        • labalbi

          You are a very moderate man , Giulio. Thanks for that …
          Of course you and the other guy (cant remember the name) did the best in the conference .

          People have a difficult understanding that it leads to nowhere if you push the Panasonic guys to the limits. They are clearly not the engineers that made the camera . They are US representatives and nothing more.

          Another thing is almost everybody here and in others forums complaining about the camera without seeing a single in-depth-review !!!!

          It was the same thing with the Canon 5d Mark III . And then people buy the camera and start to praise it with Vimeo video and Flickr photos.

          I have a GH1 and I am very happy with the camera. Why are so many complaining about IQ ? Do you ever print you photos in max resolution ? So you examine every 100% crop searching for failure ? Guess what …you gonna find it. Even in the acclaimed full frame …

          Makes me wonder why people are comparing the GH3 with the Canon 5d MIII too !!!Damn it ! Its 50% bigger ! 2x the price !

          Do you really think this a pro camera ? GH3 is prosumer camera with great features . But , if you want the best stills , go find a heavy full frame camera ! If you want the best video go buy the Sony FS700 !

          If we look carefully , the GH3 is alone in its category ! Which other model can compete with it ? Maybe the NEX line . Good stills and terrific video ?
          Give me a model …
          I am not saying the GH3 will be flawless …we need to wait until we see a in-depth-review and they all of us can start throwing stones …

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > then below them engineers then below them marketers
        Now I’m sure it’s the opposite of marketroids being on top of engineers in anykind mass market consumer products….

    • Bart

      Buy it for what it can do now, not for what it might eventually also do if the manufacturer feels like it. If what it does now isn’t offering what you need, don’t buy it. Sounds like good advice, not just in case of Panasonic, but in general.

  • Matt

    Multi-Aspect disabled via firmware? Doubt it, photos show the sensor is smaller than the GH2.

    • yosemite

      Is this really true? I didn’t see it from that photo. Can somebody confirm that the sensor is smaller and that multi-aspect would therefore mean a larger crop factor?

  • I COULD buy a car, but don’t have money. I COULD go on holidays, but don’t have money. Focus peaking COULD be added to GH3 via fw, but we don’t plan it…. COULD is a non-hurting word for No :) Let’s wait for GH6 :)

    • I WILL buy that cam and shoot a lot of great pictures while others WILL wait until hell freezes over…… ;-)

  • andy

    I enjoyed this, very informative… I’m at a crossroads with my gh2, what to do….

  • P4INKiller

    The guy who seemingly loves the sound of his voice makes me want to strangle a kitten.

    • Hey Pain, Please… don’t hurt any animals. I’m sorry my voice annoys you, I hope you can overlook that to get thru to the info we present. There’s lots of solid stuff in there dude.
      Also, I am not in love with my own voice, I am very thorough and have the ability to speak pretty well on camera so I tend to combine the two as best I can to squeeze the most amount of info out in the least amount of words. Hope that helps?

      • Ed

        Thank you WC for an interesting and informative video. You’re a great presenter as always.

  • yosemite

    Can somebody confirm Matt’s assertion above that photos show that the sensor in the GH3 is physically smaller than that in the GH2, so that multi-aspect would mean a higher crop factor?

  • The Master

    I may have been a little harsh earlier, but I do feel like I have my reasons. I bought into M4/3, with the release of the GH1 and then the GH2. The main reason, was for the oversized sensor, so I could shoot 3:2 ratio. In the beginning I wasn’t crazy about the small sensor, but knowing that I wasn’t going to loose more realesate, with the multi aspect ratio sensor, I went for it.

    Now, I’ve been patiently waiting for sensor upgrades and what not, while dumping a few thousand dollars on lenses and now, it feels like I’m at the end again, like with Panasonic and regular 4/3. Sure, I can buy more GH2’s at the moment, but sensor design has moved forward in the last couple of years and I don’t like the idea of just getting left with the old shit, while everyone else gets the new shit. I tried to come up with some elegant nice way to put it, but I guess I’m just pissed. The truth is, it’s probably my own fault. Panasonic has a track record, of just leaving it’s customers holding the bag, and I bought in again, anyway, so shame on me twice. It won’t happen again, though.

    So, in the most polite way I can I can think of, at the moment, I’d like to take this opportunity to say,” FUCK YOU PANASONIC!” with a smile :)

    • Jurek Ugarow

      Wow, you really are an angry master baiter. What’s with your issues? You don’t have the camera, haven’t even seen the camera and you’re spouting off about owing money and not having this feature or that. You have no real idea of what this camera will do image wise (nor do most of us here) but can’t you at least wait until there is a real consensus about what the camera can do with the old shit as you so elegantly put it? You might be surprised.

      The only person making you hold a bag (is that a bag of nuts) is you.

      • The Master

        Well, Jurek, pay attention and I’ll try to walk you through it. Still there? I said, “PAY ATTENTION.” Pany already left a bunch of customers holding a bag of lenses back in the four thirds days and they still don’t work for shit on the M4/3 bodies and now, they just pulled the same crap with those of us that bought their GH cameras to shoot 3:2 RATIO. Trust me, there are a hell of a lot more people in the world that shoot 3:2 than 4:3. So, now we are expected to just change formats suddenly, or use the old sensors, or crop an already small sensor even smaller. Do you get it, or should I explain it to you again?

        • yosemite

          Are you sure that the sensor is smaller than that of the GH2? Can you reproduce the evidence here? Thanks

        • bart

          How so? Did the GH3 announcement suddenly cripple your GH1 or 2?

          Now YOU pay attention, nothing whatsoever forces you to buy a GH3.

    • Bart

      A slightly wider lens on a ‘regular’ sensor can get you a 3:2 aspect ratio at the same angle of view as you’d get with the GH2 and a slightly longer lens.

      While (hold on) I agree with you that the larger multi-aspect sensor was a very nice feature, and that its too bad it isn’t there in the GH3 seemingly, its not exactly an unsolvable issue in most situations.

  • yosemite

    Can somebody confirm Matt’s assertion above that photos show that the sensor in the GH3 is physically smaller than that in the GH2, so that multi-aspect would mean a higher crop factor?

  • The Master

    The evidence is online, though Panasonic appears to be trying to hide it, as in not displaying info that used to be there on various sites. the GH2 is 4752×3168 in the largest 3:2 ratio. The GH3 is 4752×3072 in 3:2.

    • The Master of The Master

      (4752×3072) / (4752×3168) x 100 = 96.96969697

      so you’re telling us that the 3% is THAT BIG, idiot. Go home and do some primary maths before fucking yourself.

      • The Master

        @ Master of the master. You call me an idot and you can’t even come up with your own name. You remind me of someone that repeatedly gets the hell beat out of them by someone, and yet always returns for more. Just haven’t connect the dots yet, have you? Either that or you just crawled out of Panasonics ass to try and discredit the truth. God gave you a brain, now use it and quit being so stupid.

    • Scroll down to the scaled GH3 and GH2 images. Then look at the physical sensor size.

  • ED

    Did they say it will ship in November??????????????

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