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Panasonic UK success report


Panasonic UK just released a press release saying the GF2 will be in Stock (in UK) starting from today. There are a few very interesting info:
1) 1 of 4 system camera sold in December (in UK) is a mirrorless camera (Panasonic calls it CSC=Compact System Camera).
2) Mirrorless share grow 194% vs. the previous year!
3) 1 of 10 of all changeable lens cameras sold were from the Panasonic!

Those are good news for Panasonic. I hope this will convince the head office to increase the camera production to satisfy our demand for a shorter time supply!

The GF2 is already in Stock at Amazon UK, via third party resellers at Amazon DE and at asian+european eBay resellers (Click here to see current auctions).
According to BHphoto (Click here) the GF2 will arrive in February. Also Amazon US and Adorama are accepting preorders.

Click the button to read the press release:

Panasonic changes the Digital Photo market forever

Following a year of great success in 2010, Panasonic is ready to kick start 2011 with a bang as tomorrow marks the launch of the next great Lumix G camera, Lumix GF2, in a store near you. Already awarded 5 magazine awards since announced in November, the GF2 is the smallest and lightest system camera from Panasonic, boosting DSLR like photo performance and Full HD movies with stereo sound.

At the end of last year we saw that the total changeable lens (DSLR + CSC) market was up 22.8% in December 2010 vs. December 2009. Panasonic believe that this growth has come from a dramatic increase in consumer demand for creative and high quality photos.

1 in 4 changeable lens cameras sold in December came from the new breed of Compact System Cameras (CSC), as product and lens ranges in this developing format grew. CSC actually grew an impressive 194% vs. the previous year (1). This significant shift can be put down to the smaller size and easier to use attributes of a CSC compared to a DSLR camera – Anyone who enjoys photography can now take professional looking photos without hassle.

The good news for Panasonic is that in December 2010 over 1 in 10 of all changeable lens cameras sold were from the Panasonic Lumix G system camera range, making it the best selling CSC range in Christmas 2010 (2). Panasonic is very proud to hold 11.3% market share with the DMC-G2 as its best selling model.

To prove that anyone can take creative shots look out for the new GF2 which launches on 28th January and is a must have camera of 2011.

  • so if 1in4 (25%) was a mirrorless … and 10% of all interchangeable lens cameras was a Pan (and Pan only do mirrorless interchangeable) then 15% of all interchangeable were made up from the other three: Oly, Sam, Sony

    it’s good news for mirrorless and might show why nikon are joining the party next!

    (wishes – in vain? – that Nikon makes theirs as m43 mount)

    • +1
      But it won’t. :( That system will use an even smaller sensor.

      • that’s real odd (Nikon going to a smaller sensor), but I overheard the same today in a camera store. Real odd! So maybe they’ll go for some kind of fuji x100 idea but smaller? XZ1 size? but with interchangeable lenses … interesting! But them lenses are gonna be real small.

        One of the BIG critiques that the m43 system gets is the ‘oh so small’ chip! So Nikon will have a marketing challenge to convince punters to get into a smaller than m43 idea. Good protection of their own DX chip though. Perhaps this will see them simplify the D3000/D5000/D7000/D700/D3 line-up by dropping or merging the D3000/D5000 line? And propping up the bottom with their new mirrorless? But then they are talking about their mirrorless being ‘pro’ … so its gotta be something really high end? mmm?

  • pdc

    Panasonic are unnecessarily hurting themselves in the North American market. Following illustrates their failures in respect of the GH2.

    Thank you for contacting Panasonic Canada.
    We have verified availability at both Henry’s and Vistek. In Canada the only colour that is offered for sale is the black GH2 model.
    Customer Care Center
    Panasonic Canada Inc.
    5770 Ambler Dr., Mississauga, ON, L4W 2T3
    Off: 1-800-561-5505 Fax: 905-238-2360 E-Mail:
    —–Original Message—–
    Subject: Product Inquiry
    Product Category: Digital Still Cameras
    Very concerned about the unavailability of Lumix GH2 camera in North America. This will lose you sales and hurt the brand name (I’m a G series owner since October 2008). My son-in-law got one from Henrys in eary December but there has been next to nothing since. I want a Silver body, and I can’t get this in the USA. Panasonic must provide some sort of statement to quell all the bad rumours that are floating around – the market will be patient if they understand the reasons for the unavailability of product.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I was able to play with a silver GH2 at B&H last week with an array of lenses (20, 14-42, 45-200, 7-14!!!). The salespeople looked kind of sheepish when I asked if and when they’d have GH2s in stock. They had NO idea beyond “should get some soon”. (BTW, to my eye the silver looks rather plasticy and not metal-like at all. You should look at one first. Yeah, there’s the not-in-stock issue again.)

      There was a posting here last week mentioning some at Amazon. I ordered IMMEDIATELY and it should arrive mid-week. Ordered some lenses last night.

      It’s a bit shocking and frustrating when a major camera company cannot get a cameras announced 4+ months ago to one of the country’s largest photo dealers! I would guess they’re losing sales, but some of us sheep (me, bah bah ;-) ) were/are willing to wait. From all I’ve read about the GH2 and judging by some of the (woefully inadequate) test shots I took at B&H, it should be worth the wait.

  • canard

    “Those are good news for Panasonic. I hope this will convince the head office to increase the camera production to satisfy our demand for a shorter time supply!”

    I wouldn’t count on it. Working in a photo shop, one of the features of the New-New-Economy is everybody, from manufacturers through retailers, seems to be trying to keep stock on hand as low as possible. Right now, with consumers still nervy, it’s perceived that you’re better to slightly underserve the market (which keeps prices high) than to wind up with stuff you have to clear out because you over-stocked.

    Sony is only company taking a different path – we get Olympus and Panasonic shipments of 3-10, with about 5 average. NEXs come in bundles of about 40, and we have a tonne of them sitting in the stock room. Thing is, people come in and say “I want a GF-1” or “When will the EPL-2 be in stock?” – the Sonys are just there and we sell them to mainly people who might have been looking at a dslr and decide that the NEX is cuter or whatever (sorry, I don’t think much of NEX cameras – just don’t like the way they handle although the iq is good).

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