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Panasonic UK confirms GH3 shipment end of November.


During the latest episode of CameraDiner a Panasonic UK manager unveiled some info about the GH3. Just watch the video on top from minute 21. Some of the highlights:
– The GH3 will start shipping at the end of November.
– Rear display and touch focus shown in use.
– The AA filter in pre-production cameras sent out for review is not the final version.
– No focus peaking for now, but it’s not ruled out for the future.
– Exclusive offer for viewers in the UK from Wilkinson Camera.  Buy the GH3 and get a second battery and 32 GB SD card free with special code.
– HDMI output shown in use (briefly)

GH3 preorders at Amazon , Adorama, BhphotoPanasonic USSamys and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK and Technikdirekt.

Reminder: Panasonic price on the GX1 kit and 45-175mm X lens.

  • I prefer minute 20 :-)

    • All right long camera diner, and signature on table. :-D

  • Rinaldo

    It seems they count on vitaliy for focus peaking..

    • uberzone

      That won’t happen. Vitality and crew don’t do that kind of thing. It would be nice if there was a hacking group that focused on the stills side of the camera. Better exposure bracketing for HDR for example. I have to take 7 photos for +/- 2 evf when 3 photos would suffice. That seems like an easy fix, but the trick is finding that code in the firmware and then modifying those values. Adding a feature like focus peaking is WAY, WAY, WAY beyond the scope of what Vitality and that group are doing.

      • Paul Alexander

        Some people are soooo. spoiled. I remember having to craft HDR manually in Photoshop. & shots sounds like it would be more flexible though I agree, more hassle and risk.

      • Rinaldo

        THAT won’t happen…… LoL
        And underestimating vitaliy’s capabilities is not prudent…. although all his vitality… :)

  • Heat Legend

    Can’t wait to get mine.. I have had one at pre-order with B&H since the day they started taking pre-orders. I am in Australia, the estimated availability for the GH3 on the Panasonic Australia website is “January 2013” So I’ll probably be one of the first in my country to get it here (maybe even THE first to get a production model). Hopefully customs don’t low it down too much….. I waas planning on doing an un-boxing video but I’m sure someone in the US will get to it before I get mine.

  • Dmitry Pashkevich

    Amazon still silent about shipment… *sigh*

  • homer

    where does in the video does it point out the AA filter is not final? annyone has a time mark?
    That sucks tremendously BTW, not all of us are into it for the video…damn you andrew reid

    • JR

      Right around 38min they talk about how the AA filter is new and moire/aliasing has been improved over the preproduction models. I’m quite happy to hear that they listened to all the videographers moaning about this over the past few weeks and actually did something about it! :)

      • homer

        yeah thats nice but Im not a videographer, I want more edge accutance

      • JR

        Hopefully Panasonic found the happy medium between the two. GH3 is meant to be a true hybrid camera after all.

  • Yun

    Someone should ask future question too , where is the highend model above GX line that Pana promised a year ago ?

  • As i already have a GH2, i’m going to get a GH3 only when focus peaking gonna be available. If there’s not….

  • alan

    As I only shoot still images I’m not remotely interested in this camera. I am however very disappointed that Panasonic don’t have an Oly OM-D alternative available now so I’ll wait until Panny do bring out a leading edge and true MICRO four thirds camera rather than this bloated DSLR sized lump or maybe I wont wait and will instead go for a Nex or Fuji.

    Sorry to add a negative note to this thread but for me Panasonic have dropped behind in still image quality and dynamic range in a MFT package and others now seem to have better (for me) products here and now.

    • MikeH

      alan – The GH3 isn’t out yet, the EM5 is a newer high end model, and you are disappointed that Panny doesn’t have an EM5 alternative? That model will be called the GH3 and it has plenty of stills improvements that people either willfully ignore or are blissfully ignorant of.

      All that aside, m43 is a system; so mix and match the Panasonic, Olympus and other lenses with whatever body you want. There are great choices all around. If the rumors are correct, there will be a higher end Olympus out and a GX2 from Panasonic too in the not too distant future.

      • alan

        Mike, I’m not ignorant of anything thanks. It’s just that I’d rather have a small form camera not a fat bloated lump the size of a DSLR.

        I bought into MFT with a GF1 and now use a G1 and I’d like a small form body with more DR and better mid to higher ISO performance. The GH3 will nbo doubt offer the IQ improvements but IMVHO it stretches the boundaries of MICRO FT beyond what I personally am willing to accept.

        Panasonic may bring out a Gx or GFx that’s more to my liking but the GH3 simply does not match my requirement for a small form factor body.

    • Brian pared

      @alan or to me more correct you should have posted
      as a an OLympus fanboy I am not remotely interested in this camera, Looking at the Raw files from the Gh3 it is at least as good as the e-m5 in stills , better in video and has many excellent features including a fully articulated LCD . The Olympus fans are just a little sad that their short reign of having a half decent sensor is now over .

      • Anonymous

        Brian, you’re an idiot and very probably more of a fan boy than anyone you’d critisise.

        Posting my personal thoughts on a here does not make me an Oly fan boy and neither does owning a Panasonic camera.

        Jesus wept.

        • alan

          PS. Sorry to leave my name off that post…

          and sorry for calling you an idiot, Brian. That was wrong of me but I do find posts like yours very juvenile and tiresome.

  • bill

    What a great show. Very positive vibe.
    THat dslr spoof video is a masterpiece.
    I’m looking forward to that gh3.

  • Matt

    I will be very happy if the moire has been tamed down on final production models without sacrificing too much detail in video mode. Preproduction video tests are very sharp, but exhibit too much moire on fine details.

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