Panasonic GX1 review at Techradar (and NEX-5n comparison).

The GX1 has been reviewed by Techradar (Click here): “Image quality is an area where the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 particularly impresses. Like the acclaimed Panasonic G3, the GX1 delivers a reliable, high-quality performance in most situations, while HD movies are also clean, smooth and detailed.“.

The chinese website Mobile01 (Click here) and the  japanese website (Click here) also posted a review. But the most interesting article comed via another japanese website Itmedia (Click here) compared the GX1 ISO quality with the Sony NEX-5n. Here is an example at ISO 3200: GX1 versus NEX-5n image. I have to say the GX1 does a very good job against the camera that is known to be the deliver the best image quality of all mirrorless cameras. Only at ISO 12800: GX1 image vs NEX-5n image you can see a major difference between the two. But honestly, I have to say if you shoot from ISO 100 to 1600 you will not see any visible difference. I guess the lenses here will make the difference and that’s where Micro Four Thirds has a considerable advantage.

The Panasonic GX1 is already available in Japan but it will take a couple of weeks before it will be in Stock everywhere. Check the links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • Brod1er

    High ISO is so the new megapixel race. Ie very boring and largely irrelevant.

    • admin


      • Neicila

        For night street photography, high ISO is important.

        • Mr. Reeee

          No, buy fast lenses. And that means primes.

          The problem with the ever-higher-ISO race is the sacrifice of low ISO performance. I’d like solid 100 ISO, not iffy 160 ISO, then solid 200 ISO. Let’s see ISO drop to 50.

          • Jim

            I agree I don’t want to sacrifice low ISO performance (I would love the ISO range to start at 1 (to negate ND filters and get monster quality) – but if we can have CLEAN ISO 25k then who needs to spend $$$$$ on lenses – you would be able to have a full range of micro kit lenses all @ F5.6 in a tiny package that still perform on such a camera!

            But besides that I truly need ISO 25k! – I regualy find F1.4 @ 1600 ISO (which on the PEN is 1 stop higher than I would idealy like)… still leaves me with sutter speeds of 1/2 sec! I want 4 stops more than ISO 1600 and idealy I want it at the quality of current ISO 800!

            So even with fast glass I still vote for ISO 25k as a good thing – its not quite like the megapixel race!

            • Anonymous

              ISO25k and f1.4, I guess not all of us shoots bats in flight

              • Jim

                Thats because you don’t have 200mm F0.95 and ISO 100K… if you had that in a small camera you would shoot bats in flight! – why are birds any more vallied than bats? – because you cannot photo bats in flight! (without a flash).

          • Neicila

            I ve got prime 20mm. Photos below was shot at f 1.7 – 1600 ISO.


            I still believe panasonic must improve high ISO and DR. At 1600 ISO, low light details disappear and high lights are burned. I think it will be great with next generation of cameras to have good quality at 3200 ISO.

            • ypocaramel

              Really like the first one, its a good shot even with the technical limitations – is that on G3 or GH2?

          • You know, we did not have ISO 6400 20 years ago. We also hardly had Internet and cel phones. One could argue that we don’t need any of those which is true. However, no one can tell me we can’t make use of any of those. A good photographer will know what to do with high ISO, even if he can produce without. Besides, ISO 6400 and beyond is there to stay.

            I do share your worry however, regarding the trade off with lower end ISO and I also wish that it becomes a common practice to leave us full control over inbody noise reduction.

          • > No, buy fast lenses. And that means primes.

            Doesn’t help much.

            In dim light of a bar, most of my shots end up being f/1.4, 25mm, ISO 800 and 1/30 or slower. At 1/30 every second shot comes out about OK. And at 1/20-1/15, with my unsteady hands, IS doesn’t really help much at all.

            Expectations have changed. Even 10 years ago it was totally OK to tell people to freeze for a shot. But not anymore.

          • jake

            exactly, entirely agreed. +100

            low ISO is much more important than useless ISO12800,6400,etc.

            • Jim

              Agree usless ISO is just that usless! Currently I would shift the ISO on the pens to 50-1600 – upping the IQ at the low end and only taking it as far as the sensor can deliver (more than 1600 ISO on the pens looks like crap).

              On the G3/GH2 I would alow 3200 ISO – but start at 50 again!

            • Writers from dpreview did call such statement as being pedantic. High ISO *is* useful, no matter how important compared to low ISO.

        • James70094

          Neicila, why is it every time I look at a night time shot in a magazine the ISO is listed at 400 or below? Because a tripod an patience are more important. Rarely do pros go for high ISO, they understand what photography means.

          • Neicila

            James, I’m agree with you. You can shoot at night and use 400 iso and a tripod for static scenes or situation where people don’t move. But most of the time, I shoot people walking in the street. That means the minimum shutter speed should be 1/100. So believe me, 400 iso is not enough. I could use DSLR with better ISO. But I like m43 to be discrete and not heavy. Except tge fact that m43 panasonic camera shutter sound is awfull, but that’s another story

          • Michael

            I’m not a pro – I just take a lot of snaps in bars and outdoors at night, and would like them to look better. Having trouble seeing why that’s offensive to so many wannabe photographers.

            If I were a pro, I wouldn’t be using m4/3.

            • Neicila

              Warhol was a pro and used Polaroid…

              • gelo

                Warhol was Warhol, not pro.

                • Jim


                  Look how shit his images are – expencive, yes – good, no!

                • Within universal/particular logic, one would say that you just negated but one counter-example. But you sure did ;) Warhol wasn’t exactly as good photographer and movie maker as he was a great painter.

                  But here is an other one : Michael Reichmann did sell some prints made from m4/3 and he is arguably a pro.

                  • Neicila

                    +10 :-)
                    The question is : what is a pro?
                    And is a pro would have to use medium format instead of 35mm “full frame” or APS-C format ?

      • leu

        High iso means more color… How is that boring and irrelevant? it isn’t to anyone who knows how to use isos.

        • jake

          the problem here is ignoring all other aspects of IQ but just focusing on high ISO noise , this current trend of high ISO is everything we need kind of marketing making all new D-SLRs and ILCs low ISO IQ worse than ever before.

          have a serious look at Alpha 77 at ISO100, it is already noisy there in the shadow, I mostly shoot casteles and churches , and to me best ISO100-400 IQ is much more important than useless ISO12800 or even 3200 just to write in the spec sheet…….but any rational photog ignore or avoid using it.

          • All this waste of oxygen is based on the assumption that ISO 100 is more important than ISO 12800, which is not obvious at all, except to those not having left the age of film.

            When “exposing to the right” at the limit of overblown highlights, and then post processing back to normal exposure, what you will find is that ISO 100 is actually useless most of the time. Even on a tripod. Unless of course you want a long exposures…
            Actually, on AUTO ISO, my GH-2 will often hit 6400 that way.

    • Christian

      From my point of view you are actually right, but people seem to care about nothing else at the moment. Therefore, I think that High ISO is very important for a systems success.

    • safaridon

      If better high ISO performance is boring then you are not taking pictures on the go of moving objects or using any slow aperature kit lenses like the majority of picture takers do.

      I value high ISO performance very high in either a DSLR, m4/3 or compact as it enables one to get very good pictures by using a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the action with little or no loss in resolution. Having good high ISO performance greatly increases the functionality and value of kit lenses even with their slower aperatures which otherwise would render them unuseable in low light conditions.

      If you check the photoradar review results you will see that the GX1 maintains a near constant 9.5 EVF DR level out to 800 ISO for JPEGS and even matches the NEX7 at the highest ISOs. For RAW the GX1 maintains good DR levels all the way out to 1600 ISO with little drop. So I can take pictures up to those ISOs without having to worry about any significant loss in IQ.

      I find good high ISO performance to be the reason for having far more keepers and not missing a photo opportunities for action or fast response of any kind.

      • jake

        well, obviously not every body here shoot sports or PJ kind thing.

        I hate boring sports and I almost never shoot BIF ,etc…… action AF or super high ISO are useless…

        in fact , even street photography , we seldom need to go up to ISO800 since in a city street is not so dark these days and combine it with Leica25f1.4 kinda lens you probably never go beyond ISO1600 unless very fast shutter speed is needed.

        • Jim

          if you had clean ISO 6400 or 12k you would not need the exotic and expencive F1.4 glass!

          • Mr. Reeee

            f1.4 lenses have more uses than simply low light.

            Experimenting with depth of field, using neutral density filters and so forth.

    • Brian

      Higher iso = faster shutter speed at a given aperture. Is shutter speed irrelevant too?

      • jake

        well, but with NEX or Samsung you need to stop one more extra stop to get the same DOF at any given f number.

    • popeye

      correct ! +1

  • Fish

    Great job Panasonic!

  • Mike

    I don’t understand why the GX1 costs more then the G3 – having the same specs plus Viewfinder & Flipout Screen? Is it just the style?

    • Mike

      I found something by myself :-). It has a digital level gauge. Could be helpful.

    • Nick

      I think a lot of the difference is in build quality, the GX1 seems to be a significant step up from the G3

    • ypocaramel

      Metal body as well (not just metal frame). I like the GX1 but it’s probably deliberately priced above the sweet spot, in terms of pure value for specs G3 is probably better. Market forces will adjust.

    • Vivek

      The Sony NEX-5 and 5n are metal bodied. They also have a tilt screen unlike the fixed one in the GX. It is a tough sell for Pana. They may make some money if the GX has a new battery. ;)

      • SteveO

        Agree, no way this competes with the 5N in IQ (5N excellent from base ISO right up to 12,800, whose to complain?), price ($700 with kit lens), and features (tilt LCD). Give it a few months of having the cr*p kicked out of it in the marketplace and I predict the kit price will settle to the 5N’s and just above that of the G3 (currently $600, a great deal with flip LCD and EVF), the premium being for the new lens and better build.

        It also doesn’t have the style of an E-P3 to help carry the freight, basically just another boxey mFT body.

        The market will govern, early adopters take heed.

        • safaridon

          You appear to be comparing the price of the GX1 with new X lens not std zoom lens which lists only $100 higher than NEX5N w zoom. Recent prices quoted show the GX1 selling for relatively same price as the NEX5N in Japan.

          No one will dispute the excellent IQ potential out of the NEX5 given its sensor but the more important consideration for me is concern whether or not those pictures will be in focus? There have been a not insignificant number of users on the DPR NEX forum complaining of the inability of NEX5 to focus quickly or accurately for any moving object, low light and problems relating to area of focus. Given Panys very good and fast contrast AF that would for me give the GX1 a big plus. Add to that considerations of lens availability and size adds to the m4/3 attractiveness.

          Yes there have been initial problems reported with the IS at certain speeds on the newly introduced X lenses since reportedly at least partially corrected and presumedly the heavier hefter GX1 will help there but at least it is not in the body effecting every lens used with the camera. That is one reason you are seeing so much emphasis on the necessity for a higher resolution EVF and LCD on the NEXs because more manual focusing is required on the NEXs to get the focus accurate? The EVF for NEX5 is excellent and very good but also very expensive and not readily available so few have it.

          As for NEX5N trouncing the the GX1 I would not be so sure. At present in Japan based on BCN rankings the GF3 is outselling the NEX5N and the just introduced GX1 is rising very rapidily only days after introduction as it is on US preorder sales.

          • Vivek


            Interestingly, you have summarized all the advantages of the NEX5n has over the GX1 despite your twisted conclusions. For example, the better EVF and LCD on the NEX’. :-)

          • ypocaramel

            I agree it’s important to note that the GX1 non-collapsible kit is $800 and body only is $700 in the context of NEX comparisons.

            The X 14-42mm is not perhaps the best value in terms of price-performance ratio as it’s fairly pricey, but if you want an ultracompact standard kit for a large sensor camera, nothing really comes close (Nikon 1 maybe). So you if want it, you’ll have to pay the premium.

      • MikeH

        I believe the GX1 uses the same battery as the G3.

    • Brian

      The G3 is also metal bodied. I think the success of the E-P3 demonstrated to Panasonic that their is a significant share of the market that are willing to pay more for a similarly spec’ed camera just because it rangefinder styled

  • Bob B.

    …I have one on pre-order..whah..In the US we will be waiting until well after the 1st of the year. I see no deadline at all for the DMW-LVF2…has anyone heard anything about release dates for the viewfinder???? I can’t find a pre-order for that anywhere.
    Mike …one of the reasons I think it is more expensive is the genera build quality…everyone says the G3 is very plastic-ee. Although it does have its pluses.
    At this point I have been sticking with my GF1 and LVF1 …which rocks…..the build quality there is very decent…
    I am thinking that the GX1 + LVF2 will have a lot of subtle improvements (based on the reviews) and my GF can be my second body… Its all fun!

    • Yes, the G3 is not solid as a rock, has a plastic feel compared to GF1 and even more Nikon V1.
      I handeled a GX1 and must say a GF1 feels more sturdy. GX1 is between G3 and GF1 I would say.

      • Bob B.

        Thanks for the info….sounds solid enough for me.

  • nobody

    I would prefer if Panasonic would offer lower ISO values, not higher ones.

    With ISO 50, m43 could be as good as a DX sized sensor at ISO 100. With a minimum of ISO 160, m43 cameras cannot reach the same high quality that e.g. the NEX cameras have at ISO 100, neither regarding noise, nor regarding DR. With ISO 50, they could.

    • Mike

      +1!!! ISO50 would be great for outdoor flash shots!

      • Miroslav

        Completely agree. And stronger flashes would help as well.

      • and for long exposure photography.

        • Vivek

          “long exposure”

          Unfortunately, they can not. Starting from G1 (actually even longer- the Olympus 410 for example- that uses a Pana NMOS sensor), Pana’s NMOS sensors show “starry images”. Put the body cap on and snap a dark frame for >5 seconds, you will see this.

          Only the GH-2 appears to offer a slight improvement in this regard.

          They ought to develop better sensors instead of churning out various models with similar sensors.

          Better pixels.

          • > Put the body cap on and snap a dark frame for >5 seconds, you will see this.

            Not huge fan of wall shots I am.

            From what I have seen all sensors show it to some extent.

            At least I haven’t seen any evidence that some of my LE shots with E-520 are better/worse than the LEs from Canon 400D of my colleague.

          • Nick Clark

            I’ve never seen output from any digital sensor that doesn’t show dead pixels during long exposures.

            Just turn on Dark Frame Subtraction (or whatever the various manufacturers call it) and they disappear…

    • Tom

      Hmmm, I concur but it doesn’t necessarily mean greater image quality – I leave my E-510 on ISO 200 due to limited DR with 100. For me there’s a noticeable difference, no impact regards noise. Pretty sure that 200 is the Kodak CCD’s “base” ISO so it makes sense.
      I’d have appreciated ISO 50 at the Belgian GP this year though, the only scenario where I’ve used both slow shutter speeds and large apertures!
      All in all I think sensor development should focus on 50-1600 ISO all-round performance. And anyway, the best noise reduction tool that I’ve found is a printer, too much emphasis nowadays on screen viewing.

      • Miroslav

        “I’d have appreciated ISO 50 at the Belgian GP this year though, the only scenario where I’ve used both slow shutter speeds and large apertures!”

        Lucky guy, that’s the best race track in the world! And a good race this year… What’s your reason to use slow shutter speed and large aperture to photograph a daytime race?

    • Jim

      Totaly agree – if they moved the top end from 12800 down to 3200 (because any higher than that is just crap anyway) and bring the low end down 2 stops to 50 ISO – it would be win win – because who uses more than 3200 ISo ??? I will begrudgingly use 1600 currently, but any higher is not gonna make a good image – I will only use 3200ISo as a digital sketch book or memory aid! But ISO 50 I would use all the time the light allows!

  • EASY

    Couple of points regarding GX1:
    1) It will miss Xmas shopping season in most places;
    2) It will not be able to compete by price with NEX-5N for long time, maybe only with EP3 which is overpriced.
    Panasonic is still behind competition in mirrorless bodies development despite early start.

    • Nick

      *still* behind? Not sure what you mean… With the exception of pure sensor output, the NEX7 is the only competing mirrorless body that has come close to challenging the usability of Panasonic bodies…

      • EASY

        1) No answer to NEX7;
        2) Sensor does not match Sony;
        3) Built in EVF is huge, this is why they cannot create NEX7 competitor;
        4) No ambitions, very conservative design, dumbed down bodies, milking the market because they are first, etc.
        5) Only Olympus is worse than that.

        • Nick

          – the NEX7 isn’t even widely available yet, and it took how long for Sony to develop a convincing body?
          – of course the sensor isn’t as good, that’s the price you pay for having a smaller sensor and thus smaller lenses. If you’re not comfortable with the inherent compromises then MFT is not, and never will be for you. Besides, the GH2/G3/GX1 sensors are definitely *good enough*…
          – built in EVF is huge? Sorry what?
          – the Panasonic bodies are designed for their market… GH2/GX1 offer plenty of manual control, G3 less so, GF3 less again – not everyone wants an enthusiast model. I’d argue that they’ve shown again and again that they’re very ambitious in yr mirrorless field…

          • EASY

            It took a time to develop NEX7 – it is true, but for Panasonic it will take even longer: because they have been first in the mirrorless and we still do not know if they even started development of NEX7 competitor.
            Try to fit GH2 EVF in NEX7 – it should be as thin as body. There is no progress in Panasonic EVF development since G1 – all the same. I do not mention that Sony is OLED and hi res – you cannot get something similar for Panasonic for any money.
            M4/3 is good compromise to me, I have to use it for compatibility reasons. But I cannot see how they loose the battle without good fight. History tend to repeat itself – from 4/3 to M4/3.

            • mahler

              Please, stop making false statements. No progress in EVF development since G1? Have you looked through both? Thanks to a massive enhancement of processor speed, the GH2 finder is significantly clearer than G1 and GH1 view finder.

              And no the view finder should *not* be as thin as the body. The protrusion of the GH2 is ergonomically one of the advantages of the GH2 finder: better to look through, less likely to interfere with other controls and the touch screen. If the camera is put flat on the back, it also prevents the LCD from scratches and touching things on the ground.

              You put disadvantages in the GH2 design, where there are none. You deny Panasonic the progress it has made.

              NEX and Lumix have different concepts, which different groups prefer. In my opinion, the Lumix concept is still far ahead of the NEX designs.

              • EASY

                I looked through DMW-LVF1 – it is terrible, you cannot forget the look.
                I am sure that OLED EVF will beat it.

                • ha

                  Oh man – LVF1 and G10 EVF are far behind even the G1. And GH2 got a new (wider) one

                  • Frederic Hew

                    The EVF on the G3 is far better than the one on the G1 – I have both. The specs may be the same but it performs much better.

                    • It is a CDAF thing. The focus speed is not the same, therefore the refresh rate is not the same ;)

                • mahler

                  Sure, the 2mpx OLED VF is probably the best EVF currently. Nobody denies that and one manufacturer is always the first, its not always the same, who is first.

                  You obviously don’t know the Lumix G system good enough to write about its qualities or disadvantages, otherwise, you should know that the LVF1 has a much lower resolution than the EVFs of G1 to GH2.

                  • EASY

                    How do you what I know and what I don’t know?
                    I just wonder – it is too small conversation to make any assumptions.
                    Anyway – I own G series camera and I can have opinion about it.

                    • mahler

                      Ok, you claim to know G cameras. Then your statements are even worse. You should know that the LVF1 was low resolution and no benchmark for the rest of Panasonic’s EVFs, and that there was a significant enhancement of the EVF between the G1/GH1 and the GH2.

                    • Agrivar

                      you seem to spew CRa*. I have a GH2 and the EVF (and had the G2 before) is miles better then the VF1 on the GF1 which i also had. you really dont sound like someone who has used a Panny G camera with an EVF at all.

                    • EASY

                      I own GF2 and DMW-LVF1 is the only EVF I can mount.
                      Panasonic should be ashamed for selling such CRa* in 2011, for price higher than camera body!
                      How does EVF of GH1/GH2 can help me?
                      Which in anyway far inferior than Sony 2Mpix OLED EVF.

        • mahler

          1) NEX-7 is an answer to GH2 not vice versa
          2) Of course not. Not everybody needs 24 mpx. IQ scaled down to 16 mpx is not far behind NEX-7 if at all.
          3) Fortunately, it is huge. Therefore, we buy it.
          4) Fortunately conservative design, with dedicated labeled controls, whose state is clear even when the camera is not switched off. NEX-7: point&shoot like soft controls, menu driven operation. Milking the market? Look at the prices GH2 vs. NEX-7.
          5) True in the sense that currently Olympus body line-up is little worse than Panasonic, but still much better than the NEX bodies.

        • bli

          > only Olympus is worse
          Well, I own an Olympus E-P3. With GX-1, you can make prints 15% larger and maintain dpi accuracy — not that much. Up to ISO 1600, the Oly gives pictures with similar noise level. Perhaps the GX-1 has a somewhat better layout of manual controls etc, but that is a mattet of taste. An example: on the E-P3 — put the AF/MF toggle on Fn2 next to the release button, and enable the facility which magnifies the picture (5x-14x) when turning the focus ring, and quits magnification when you stop turning it. To me, this is perfect — better than the GX-1 location.

          • EASY

            Olympus is terrible company, one of the worst on the market.
            Whatever you invested in 4/3 – everything will go down the drain:
            1) 4/3 lenses AF too slowly on M4/3 bodies – can be used only for static objects. Nikon released their first mirrorless body with PDAF – how difficult can it be?
            2) No upgrade path for DSLR users, E5 is too expensive for most.
            3) Not even upgrade roadmap exists for loyal 4/3 users.
            The same applies for their M4/3, Panasonic is only our hope.

            • BLI

              To your points 1-3: I did not invest in 4/3, so your points are completely irrelevant. If Oly goes “down the drain”, to use your expression, I upgrade to a Pana camera. If you think that Olympus is the only company that has “changed strategy” or left customers in what they perceive as the cold, you are ignorant. Sony dumped their MiniDisc system, Microsoft and others dropped their Blue-ray competitor, Apple dropped their Newton and their PowerPC computers, Fuji dropped their Nikon-body, etc, etc, etc. Of course, some of these hurt more than others. Statements like “Panasonic is only our hope” are meaningless to me: camera equipment is not the meaning of life; I have taken a calculated risk. I am happy with the E-P3 and two excellent lenses (Oly 45/1.8 + Pana 20/1.7). ANY company will disappoint their customers, even Panasonic, if the marked drives them to do so.

              • Vivek

                “camera equipment is not the meaning of life”

                In general, some on the web appear to forget that. :)

              • EASY

                Lucky you – did not invest anything in 4/3, but history usually repeats itself.
                Try to switch to Pana: no software correction for not perfect lenses, accessories are not compatible – this is what I call system.
                Not market drives Olympus, but bunch of corrupt Yakuza criminals.

          • REP96st

            Don’t forget the NEX7 is crazy expensive. TOO expensive.

    • mahler

      Panasonic has the largest and most diverse body line-up:


      How can it be behind the competition then? Where is the GH2 competitor?

      Additionally, it has the largest lens portfolio of any mirrorless manufacturer.

      • EASY

        GH2, G3 – NEX7 even better;
        GX1 – NEX5N. Late to market, price disadvantage;
        GF3 – NEXC3;
        AG-AF100 – no interest in video.
        Why do you think GH2 is so unique?
        It is DSLR copy, minimal differences with G1.
        I agree about lenses, but I talked only only about bodies.
        All you need is 2 decent pancakes and one collapsible zoom for NEX and it will be all over for M4/3.

        • Vivek

          “It is DSLR copy, minimal differences with G1.”

          First, the pseudo G1 looks does not make it a DSLR. It isn’t.

          Secondly, the GH-2 is VASTLY different in terms of construction and performance than the G1. The sensor in GH-2 alone is truly a next generation sensor (relative to G1 and unlike the G2, GF1,2,3, etc, etc, etc).

          • Mr. Reeee

            The GH2’s sensor is unique. Hopefully it’s successor will give us wider dynamic range and improve ISO performance across the board.

            @ easy
            While the NEX-7’s EVF and LCD are both superb (yes, I did a direct A/B comparison with my GH2) , it’s interface, controls and handling are inferior to the GH2. The offset EVF is fine for pancake and short prime lenses, but try using it with a 300mm lens. The lens will use your nose as a pivot and land on your shoulder. Oh wait, I forgot, Sony doesn’t have anything as long as either the 100-300m or 75-300mm, so you’ll have to adapt a 2 lb. Nikon 300mm. ;-)

            The NEX-5N got the placement of the (add-on) EVF correct ergonomically for an interchangeable lens camera… centered over the lens.

            • EASY

              Tech is good, ergonomics not so much – I never tried it.
              300mm does not exist for Sony.
              I need to use DSLR for 300mm, my M4/3 gear only goes to 150mm maximum.

            • Karl

              The sensor in GH-2 alone is truly a next generation sensor (relative to G1 and unlike the G2, GF1,2,3, etc, etc, etc)

              Not really. I own a G1 and bought/returned a GH-2 because any improvements in image quality were only visible onscreen at 100% but were too slight to actually be noticeable in prints.

              m43 has great potential as a system but it’s been treading water for a couple of years in terms of sensor development while competitors have been improving. Just look at how close Nikon’s V1/J1 are in image quality using that Aptina sensor.

              • EASY


          • EASY

            I am sure that GH2 is good camera and a lot of people more than happy about it.
            But if its sensor is VASTLY different and truly a next generation – maybe it will start competing with Sony for a change?
            Because it hardly can compete even with Nikon 1.

            • Vivek

              Why should it (the GH-2) compete with toys?!?

              • EASY

                When “toys” will start to take over your market, it should.
                I think that hybrid AF, AF tracking and speed of Nikon 1 will beat probably any M4/3 setup.
                Users will notice the difference.

                • Vivek

                  My market?!

                  Toy buyers would care less to notice anything. LOL.

                  There is no chance of me noticing it since a 1″ Aptina sensor in a huge package and a big price tag, regardless of the name does nothing for me. :)

                • Brod1er

                  Agree the Nikon seems to have the most advanced AF. I think the MFT cameras are as fast but can’t track subjects well. The Nikon has the highest FPS too. I think the new GH3 will soon catch up though and still has the inherent benefits of twice the sensor size and the mft lenses.

                  • mahler

                    There is more to camera bodies than just speed and AF. The Nikon 1 system has terrible ergonomics, and the bodies and lenses aren’t small enough to warrant the usage of such a small sensor.

                    To me, an ill designed system, hyped up through massive advertisement.

                    • Mr. Reeee

                      I buy anything Ashton Kutcher tells me to buy! ;-)

                • Bob B.

                  Easy….if you like trends..get a pair of Crocs to go with your fuchsia V1. You will be stylin with the herd. Awesome.


          • mahler

            Sure by its design, it is a DSLR copy: view finder in the center and a large internal flash *above* it. Finder image as large as professional DSLRs (Canon EOS 1 s MK III), lots of dedicated controls, good grip. That’s why it is bought, and that’s why its ergonomics are so excellent!

            I am always shocked, why people put so much negativity in it if a m4/3 camera looks like a DSLR (albeit being much smaller). This design is proven and popular – why change it.

            In comparison the soap box “pseudo-rangefinders”: small and tiny, yes, but with a lot of consequences:

            – bodies too small to work comfortably with larger lenses
            – so far no build-in view finders, except NEX-7
            – often awkward control layout (multicontroler beast)
            – no or too small grip, too slippery bodies. Why are third party grips so popular?

            With its design, the GX1 is probably the best of its class: good grip, well integrated into the body, better control layout.

            • Esa Tuunanen

              > This design is proven and popular – why change it.
              Body continuing lot more leftwards after lens mount/viewfinder area is plain and pure legacy baggage from the era of film rolls.
              Olympus tried to modernize design of DSLR in E-1 but they lacked CaNikon’s brand name and of course the most listened reviewers/pros were fossils straight from film era… and more or less often still crying back their sacred film rolls and damning digital sensors as bad idea.
              (server might need HTTP referrer so it’s third image in this page if image doesn’t load directly: if

              And popularity doesn’t mean a shit when average consumers lack independent logical thinking and buy what ever marketing brainwashes them to buy.
              So natually NEX will sell well despite of tiny body with SLR size optics and NEX-7 sells as advanced camera after few reviewers repeat marketing lines despite of controls being built around menu and those dials being there just to hide that fact.

              Same way like GH2 goes as advanced/enthusiast camera because reviewers conveniently “forgetting” to tell that it lacks proper size grip and enough direct controls to compete DSLRs other than entry level.

        • Brod1er

          “All you need is 2 decent pancakes and one collapsible zoom for NEX and it will be all over for M4/3.” …..but they don’t exist and they probably never will. Making a lens pancake sized (say less than 30mm deep) and good quality is pretty much impossible for an APSC size sensor with a 18mm register distance. This seems to be born out by the poor NEX 16mm, large zeiss 24 and lack of future pancakes. Many people have been duped into buying NEX on the assumption it will have pancakes in the future. Samsung can make slightly smaller lenses because they have a longer register distance but even they can’t achieve the compact, fast, high quality lenses of Oly and Panny.

          • EASY

            Only future will tell…
            I am quite happy with my lenses, but little less so with bodies.
            Olympus copied EPL3 from NEX5, somebody inevitably will do the same with NEX7.

            • Nick Clark

              How is the EPL3 a copy of NEX?

              • EASY

                It is easy:
                compare EPL3 v. EPL2
                and EPL3 v. NEX5.

                • digifan

                  @EASY, It’s probably not that easy.
                  In common I see tilty LCD and command dial, PL3 has more “controls”, a real Program mode dial, a normal hot shoe, different accessory port, NO grip.
                  So to me PL3 en 5N are worlds apart.

        • Wt21

          I just returned a 5n

          Cheap piece of crap. I went instead with an EPM1.

          • Nelson

            Yeah just sold my 5N recently too, GH2+ E-PM1 FTW!

        • ha

          Well, NEX7 seems to be a very compromised design. Why do they build 24MP into it making it worse than 5N? Where are the lenses of this resolution? The OLED VF seems to be the only point about the 7 and his can easily be copied by others. But Sony knows and doesn’t sell the cam…

          • Vivek

            “Where are the lenses of this resolution?”

            The same applies for the 77 as well. I expect better compromises, ahem, “improvements” in 7n and 77ns.

            Will the GX2 be an “improvement” over the GX1? You betcha.

        • REP96st

          sony lenses are Crap. Not even a larger sensor can help that.
          And please don’t mention mounts for beter Manual lenses. And again, Expensive. If you like sony nex cameras so much, then trade in or sell all your Panny stuff and invest in sony. Shoot with what you back so blindly.

  • ypocaramel

    If you need a good fast AF standard lens:

    Panasonic 20mm f1.7: ~USD350
    Panasonic 25mm f1.4: ~USD600
    Sony E Zeiss 24mm f1.8: USD999

    Though I heard the Sony 35mm macro is good and cheap if you can live with a f3.5 prime.

    Plus, 5N would never do it for me as an only camera. No hotshoe, just a limited accessory shoe. Fewer manual buttons. Sounds like a great available light and video camera, but as I’m trying to diversify my creative options.

    • EASY

      Agreed – situation with lenses is very bad.
      Unless you mount legacy, or use kit only.

      • Wt21

        I just used the NEX kit lens. It’s worse than the body. It’s like sand grinding in the zoom ring. Yech. Give me the PL25 anytime

        • GHX

          Stop talking crap the kit zoom on the Nex is better build quality than the Pannny one. The PL25 is an expensive prime lens not a bundled freebie.

          Ive a GH2…its amazing for video its a shit photo camera.Period.
          Ive also a NEX5n..It takes great video and very high quality photos.
          The 5n works as a allrounder for me.This is just the way it is.
          Also at least Sony build with solid materials and not plastic fantastic.

          GX1 will be most likely a great photo the GF1 before. It fails on the video side.
          Panasonic need to have a camera with good balance between the two Video/Stills. Sony have delivered two (5n & 7) Have not owned one yet in the M4/3 standard….and ive tried them all (except the G2)

          • WT21

            No, I’m not going to stop talking crap about NEX. The point is they don’t have many lenses. I would agree the Panny 14-42 is worse, which is why I don’t own it. What are my alternatives with NEX? A 35mm 3.5 macro? A 50/1.8. A hugely expensive 24? Of the 16 (which I’ve had before). Having owned a NEX 3 in the spring, I bought the 5n to give it a whirl, but next to my EPM1 + 25/1.4, yerch!

            The 5n is no better build quality than the Olys (I don’t own Panny bodies — dont’ care about them. Tried a G3 and returned it). Yes, the 5n has better sensor (especially if you like overcooked colors). The noise characteristics at ISO1600 are very close to my old 5D classic. They have very much improved the corners with the new micro-lenses, but the body is inferior in build to most of the Oly’s and the lenses stink.

            If Sony releases some actual AF lenses in FL that are reasonable, and at reasonable prices, and then I’ll consider it. Until then, I won’t stop talking crap when folks try to say it’s the best system out there. It isn’t. Not yet.

          • mahler

            Hoho. Declaring the camera with one of the best EVFs on the market and with the best body ergonomics a “shit photo camera” are strong words.

            GH2 IQ is almost as good as NEX5n and if you take the m4/3 lenses into account (actually without the lens it is worthless to compare cameras), it is probably still the better choice.

            I have no idea, how someone can take the point&shoot ergonomics of a NEX5n over the control layout of a GH2 (or any PEN for that matter). A plastic body is not nesessarily worse than a metal one. The GH2 has a strong body build, is not prone to scratches, and feels more solid in comparison to the NEX5n.

          • Nick Clark

            “Ive a GH2…its amazing for video its a shit photo camera.Period.”

            Then I’d politely suggest you learn how to use it.

            I’ve taken some outstanding stills with the GH2 and quality native glass (7-14/f4, 20/f1.7, Nokton 25mm)

            • Nick..

              Jpeg output is poor there is no two ways about it…Raw is slightly better but the G3 Gf1 & GH1 do a better job….and the lat two are old models.

              • mahler

                It seems you don’t know much about the output of the GH2.

                • mahler

                  Seems like youre a deluded GH2 fanboy. I have a G3 and GH2 if I take photo in same conditions GH2 is worse by a mile.

                  There are better cameras is the same price range or less of the GH2 for photography.
                  If youre happy with it good for you but ive used better.

                  • WT21

                    mahler, are you arguing with yourself???

                    • mahler

                      No, somebody has stolen my user name.

                  • mahler

                    RAW or JPEG?

                    Nobody should care about JPEGs. Leave the processing to your desktop.

    • Nelson

      PanaLeica 25mm F1.4 ~USD449
      SonyZeiss 24mm F1.8 ~USD900

      That 2X cheaper price

      • REP96st

        exactly. Why would you shoot jpg? Shoot RAW. Lousy jpgs is a weak excuse.

  • safaridon

    Please lets keep on topic which is the image quality from the GX1 and not another endless GH2 vrs GX1 dialogue.

    These first analysis of IQ out of the GX1 by Techradar are very interesting and appear to back up Pany’s claim that they have improved the IQ over that of the acclaimed G3 with similar sensor and processor and other m4/3 products. What is surprising is the comparison with NEX7 where with JPEGs the signal/noise ratio is much higher with GX1 than the NEX7 especially at high ISOs and about equal in RAW except for only the highest ISOs? Looks like with JPEGs at lowest ISOs the GX1 scores higher in signal/noise ratio DNR than any of the the cameras compared. Yes the NEX7 has the best DR scores because of bigger sensor size but GX1 has improved to closer to EP3 figures and judging from the pictures the GX1 colors are very good. While the EP3 bests GX1 in JPEG dynamic range in RAW the GX1 best of m4/3 cameras compared. At least that is what I see in the review graphs depicting the IQ.

    When pulling up the other Japanese site offering comparison of GX1 with NEX5N I was not able to see the pictures but from admin discription they must also be good.

    • ypocaramel

      Not to mention the Mobile 01 has been shooting some pretty decent pictures with the camera. Not scientific/controlled but always a good sign. I’ve been reading the original Chinese on that review but nothing perks up yet.

  • ggweci

    Not sure if I missed it, but does the GX1 have the lovely Panasonic Dynamic B&W mode for jpegs? They had it on the GF1, but dropped it on the GF2 & GF3, which was a shame IMO.

    • The Master

      I think it just has monochrome, with adjustable contrast levels, which might do the same or similar thing.

  • Take a G3, remove the EVF and LCD tilt/rotate, increase the price and you have a GX1! Buy the EVF separately and pay even more.
    Buy a G3 instead + a 45/1,8, all for less than a GX1 costs.

    • EASY

      It is a joke!

  • k

    I cannot understand Pan and Oly market strategy. Neither seem to understand that higher priced models should be clearly superior to lower priced models.

    Even if that superiority is just timing. For example, the GX1 price point would not be questioned, if:
    1) they had released it before the G3, and not after
    2) they had put the GH2 sensor in it

    • Vivek

      “Neither seem to understand that higher priced models should be clearly superior to lower priced models.”

      As simple as that! Thanks for saying it!

      What is worse is the temerity of a Pana guy claiming that one might be lucky if they get to buy one or something like that.

  • I have a feeling that Panasonic and Olympus didn’t have much of an idea how good the NEX 5N and 7 were going to be both features and quality. Most likely the current crop of Pens were being already manufactured and Panasonic was far too deep into the dev cycle of the GX1.

    I’m guessing but I think most of the industry is looking at Sony now to see what comes of the Nex 7. I for one really want a NEX7 and currently use a Pen for some jobs (yes its really that good) for its speed and small size/high quality images.

    I think the next Panasonic, GH3 maybe, and the new Pens will really be interesting as they will be designed for a market that is already familiar with the fantastic quality of what Sony is up to.

    • EASY


    • I’m not sure what you were smoking. Or you really have that much money laying around?

      P.S. And let me remind you: NEX-7 SUCKS BECAUSE IT IS NOT FULLFRAME!!! True leets use only FF. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    • George


  • pdc

    Nov 18, 2011 – 12:29 AM – by Amin Sabet
    This is a rumor coming from a new source, so take it with a large grain of salt.

    I’ve been contacted by a reader who claims to have seen the Panasonic GH3 and is stating that the new model has done away with the “SLR Hump”, adopting a “boxy body similar to the new GX1 but a touch larger with EVF and articulated LCD”.

    This is not the real GH3, just a quick Photochop by me, based on the rumor

  • At Luminous Landscape rolling NEX-7 evaluation they compare sizes NEX-7/5n/GH2/Leica + some lenses. Interstingly a GH2 with 45-200 and a NEX-7 with 18-200 are very similar in bulk. (I know not exactly same zoom range, but similar use) Weight is similar as well. The Sony 18-200 has very high quality (SLR Gear).
    The Sony primes are very bulky compared to m4/3 primes.

    • Pile

      Because the IQ of NEX zoom lenses are horrible.

      • Nelson

        A SEL18-200 weigh more than E-PM1 + 14-150mm combined..

      • Take a look at SLRgear! 18-200 is far better than the very average Pana 45 – 300.

        • Brod1er

          Yu are comparing the wrong lenses. The 18-200 is basically the same as the Panny 14-140. Both are above average for their type but nonetheless inherently compromised super zooms. The Panny 45-200 is not that great- good build&price but low contrast and sharpness. I sold mine and got the 100-300 which is much better optically and offers a more extreme and more interesting range.

  • Stravinsky

    I need very high iso when is midnight and at burger king I want to take a picture of my whopper

    • Brod1er

      :-)) Exactly my point. High ISO is crucial for those late night whopper shots.

    • Agrivar

      dont forget the fries !

  • Yun

    Thumbs up to GX , finally best IQ up to date , although is argueable against G3 . As for NEX , I totally agree with one of the review , optic superiority better than NEX and that is the main reason I pick GX over NEX .
    With the incoming X lens 35-100 definitely make it a top contender .
    My only question , is it work perfectly with M.ZuikoDigital 45mm F1.8 consider no ISBI in Panny cameras , that is one thing I have to found out in precise .
    I still waiting for Kai from DigitalReview to review it , miss this guy .

    • ypocaramel

      I have no doubt it will work perfectly if you have steady hands :p

  • CRB

    And as always DR sucks….cmon panasonic, you can do better, even the nikon 1 system is beating you right now…when i go back and see my files from my former G1, the sharpness seems unbeatable…but DR always failed on me…it looks like nothing changed…

  • MVW

    DO I see banding at 3200?
    Seriously Panasonic?

    No buy here, after the disaster they call th GH1!

  • I do not really have any personal opinion on GX1.

    G3 is closer to what camera I want, but Panny made it slightly feature crippled (no level, no eye-sensor, no orientation sensor) that I’m not sure that even if I like how it handles, I will want to buy it.

    At the moment I’m waiting to see what GH3 and NX20 would bring, and then see if any would be worth buying/better compromise. It is sad that Oly and Sony are completely out of picture for me.

  • Oitszek

    M43 is the wrong system if youre after dof contol creative effects as not only the crop is x2 so is the dof, no storeseller will tell you this. Even the expensive f2 and f1.4 lenses are only f4 or f2.8 on 35mm film cameras. Thats the main reason why pros dont use fourthurds cameras

    • Nelson

      yeah obviously you are not a pro

  • KHL

    Would there be any white GX1?

  • Anonymous

    I have a complete full frame system. Is MFT going to replace it? No.
    ..But …for its size and lens selection it packs an incredible wallop. It just begs to be taken out the door. Actually it brings a lot of the FUN back to photography for me! :-)
    Own both.

  • Thomas

    I really like my GF1, and I continue to wait for that update with built in high quality EVF, but I feel that Panny really needs to address the DR of their sensors.

    I do like the look of that new very small zoom lens!

  • Well banding in high iso´s is just a no NO! Not acceptable, Im buying Sony Nex 5N, I can live with slower AF, but I cant live with banding in high iso´s.

    • Nelson

      Yeah enjoy ur clicking 5N and streak line with 16mm lens

      • Umm no

        Sorry to break this to you but the 5n fix issue has been resolved newer models are now click free.
        And for streak line with 16mm? Is that made up…no optical issus with the lens except a bit of softness..all other aspects are now corrected by the 5n software.
        So the 16mm is average…big deal.

      • No nelson

        Nex 5ns are now click free…old news.
        16mm lens is average…so what?

    • Anonymous

      Firmware 1.01 recently released for 5n = much faster AF :-)

  • George

    My brother ownes 5n and i had the chance to play with nex7 2 weeks ago for like 7-8 hours of shooting.

    I can easily say that m4/3 DR, raw IQ and High ISO performance is a joke comparing to NEXs

    I can’t believe hundreds of people comparing these 2 cams and i believe %95 of them never tried a 5n or nex7. So please stop comparing new NExs to m4/3. Nexs are way way way ahead of m4/3

    The only down side of Nexs are lenses. Just think about G1 release and lenses to that date. That means it is very clear that we will get amazing lenses for Nexs it is just matter of time.

    Just accept it after last Nex releases m4/3 is dead.

    Sooner or later you will understand this.

    • Nelson

      Yeah whatever, it always my brother/friend/relative blah blah blah instead of you, I own both and paid with my fucking money so I know what I am talking about, and oh enjoy your $2000 NEX-7 which I am sure is only spare change for you

    • theDA

      “The only down side of Nexs are lenses.”

      are you even reading your own arguments? HELLO…

      Enjoy your HUGE $999.99 24mm f1.8.

  • Agree George

    I dont think m43 will die but will fall back if something drastic doesnt come up.
    M43 users say the same old thing…no pancakes on nex.Lenses too big.etc
    Not everyone gives a shit about pancake lenses…performance is key.
    I am using both systems and I can have a open mind because of it…and yep the 5n is a win for me.I use legacy glass anyway.
    Others have invested in a system and will say anything to try and deny theres something out better.
    Many say theyve used a 5n but im not convinced.

  • Yep George

    I think most have either tried a nex 5 and think the 5n is the same or are just making it up to feel better about their investment.
    Owning both m43 and Nex 5n I can say that the 5n just delivers more than the m43 competition.
    I had a Nex 5 and didnt like it. The 5ns a different league.
    The usual old arguement is the pancake lens one by m43 fanboys…its wearing thin. Not everyone gives a damn about pancake lenses.
    Owning both systems I can be open minded about it and reap the rewards of not being brand elitist. Shame some of these guys are blinded by it.
    The GX1 is too little too late. Panasonic do not take its customers serious enough.

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