Panasonic GH3 review at PB. 35-100mm X lens shipping in Europe.


First Impressions of the Panasonic GH3 (test footage with firmware 0.5) from John @ Workstation • Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Photographyblog posted the full GH3 review: “Overall the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 is a fantastic camera in its own right, transcending the boundaries of mirrorless, DSLR, Micro Four Thirds, stills and video. The compelling mix of outstanding image quality, ease-of-use, intuitive design and a rich feature-set makes it very easy for us to highly recommend the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 – only that eye-watering price prevents us from awarding it our highest Essential rating…” GH3 at Amazon, Adorama, BhphotoPanasonic US and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK and Technikdirekt.

There is also a good news regarding the new 35-100mm X zoom lens. It is in Stock in Germany at Technikdirekt (Click here). In US the lens will be in Stock next week via Panacam at Amazon (Click here) and November 15th at BHphoto (Click here).

Superdeal and hotseller reminder: The Black Olympus XZ-1 still sells for $199 only at Amazon (Click here). And it is on top of the rankings for full two days now (Click here to see the list).

  • Renato S.

    I don’t think that the GH3 body is priced so high, I mean, I would prefer something between 1000~1200$, but 1300$ is not that unreasonable. I think that the major problem is that the kit lens package. Both 12-25mm and 35-100 are a bit overpriced. And a big part of that is because people still think that m4/3 cameras can’t cost more than 1000$ but for what the GH3 seems to offer, I don’t think that 1300$ for the body is THAT high.

  • JF

    Ouch, 1319 euros for the 35-100…I will wait, hoping it will get closer to 1000…

  • Andrew

    To see the 12-35 drop price so quickly, it’s hard not to assume and wish the same happens with the 35-100. Personally, I’d value the 35-100 more, but I get the impression that wider lenses are generally more popular for m43. If the 12-35 dropped in price due to unsatisfactory sales, I think the same will happen with the 35-100. Though of course, I have no idea why the 12-35 dropped. Thoughts anyone?

  • Bob

    Hardly what I would call a “full review.” It’s as much a feature list as anything else, with little information beyond what Panasonic has already published. And as it is certainly a pre-production camera, we don’t even know if the feature list is final.

    The image samples are somewhat useful, but with no raw files, and no comparison against other cameras under the same conditions, it’s hard to reach too many conclusions about them.

    There’s no word on how the EVF compares to those in, for example, the GH2, G5 and OM-D, especially when dealing with movement and dim light. Nor any word on how well C-AF or AF tracking work.

    Kind of reminds me of that car commercial “They’ll give anyone a blog these days.” Doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing.

    • Blinkered

      Maybe read a bit more carefully Bob? There are raw samples there for download…

    • +1 on the PB “review”, but it’s typical of their work. Hard to call the price on the GH3 when it isn’t technically on the market yet.
      I always run out of enthusiasm, but did they compare it to another camera of similar capability when calling the “value for money” thing?
      Never mind, they got the site traffic this evening, they’ll be happy.

      • Anonymous

        There are no cameras that are comparable to the GH3 at this point.

        The OMD is close, but by the time you spend another $300 to make it ergonomically tolerable, there go the size, weight and price advantages.

        Still, none of us will really know, or be able to formulate a knowledge-based opinion until we get the chance to handle a GH3.

  • Paul Alexander

    Panasonic is terrified to let me see this camera. I may well have to buy it on 30 day trail. To think that they will not call me back but are willing to send rank amateurs demo units to deliver rank amateur footage suggests, this is a camera for RANK AMATEURS. I’d rather spend my time in 3D to show these guys what the future MFT should look like.

    • Anonymous

      I somehow doubt they are ‘terrified’. Uninterested is probably the word you are looking for.

    • Anonymous

      If you are going to call others rank amateurs, you might want to proofread and spellcheck the posts you do it in.

  • Vincent

    The moire is horrible.

    • JR

      Sure, there’s moire is there on the brick building, but I’ve seen just as bad from the GH2. The idea that the GH2 (hacked or not) was somehow magically “moire-free” is a myth. What the GH2 does so well is control moire/aliasing much better than other DSLRs, not allowing fine patterns to burst into a rainbow of false colors.

      Check out these old 60D vs GH2 tests:

      The GH2 does indeed suffer from moire, but none of the rainbow effect that plagues the 60D. So, the GH3 doesn’t improve on the GH2 in terms of moire, but so far seems no worse either.

      • P4INKiller

        It is indeed moire-free, it isn’t alias-free however.

  • Ryan James Curtis

    C’mon, baby, do ‘that thing’ in low light…

    This could be my first semi-pro camera – what a treat! Hoping this thing performs well in low light and wondering how that may be with a smaller sensor? Although, I’m inclined to investigate if earlier DSLRs’ sensors could compare…?

    Lens prices are up there but $1,300 US is a great deal. If it performs well in low light thid camera is comparable to – and better than – some Sony and Canon models in the $3,000 price range.

  • Lee

    Well it looks like UK consumers will be getting fisted once again, the cheapest it seems to be in the UK is £1199 (body) compared to £964(converted from euros) for other European countries and £818 (converted from US$).
    This is completely unacceptable, I will never pay this price, the only way I will be getting this would be by buying from a EU store and getting it delivered to the UK, as this would not incur any import duty and the manufacturer would still have to honour the warranty agreement under EU law.
    Why does this keep happening to consumers in the UK, everything is overpriced by companies trying to rip us off and fix the market like scum-bag cartels.

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