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Panasonic GH3 leads the Amazon ranking. GH3 preorder in UK


Today eleven(!) new cameras have been announced. But it is the GH3 that leads the (pre)order ranking at Amazon (Click here). It even beats the “cheap” FF camera…the Canon 6D. On the lens front the most preordered new m43 lens is the Olympus 60mm macro (here is the lens ranking).

The first European GH3 preorder is available at Wex UK (Click here). The price in Pound is very high! Let me know if you can find more European preorder options. Thanks!

P.S.: Special GH3 page at Amazon (Click here) and a full Olympus presentation page at Amazon (Click here).

  • Sqweezy

    How much for the GH3 + 12-35mm f/2.8 X kit???

  • The Master

    GH3, Smeh3, I want to hear about the GH5. Where the heck are the new rumors? What’s the hold up there Admin? :)

  • safaridon

    Really remarkable for the GH3 to be momentarily the best seller in US at its introduction according to Amazon figures! Maybe Pany knew what they were doing after all.

  • The Master

    So, i discovered, according to the spec sheets, the GH3 and G5 have the same amout of pixels when shooting 3:2 ratio. This might be old news to some, but it wasn’t to me. I tried to look up the GH2, because I thought there were more pixels on that sensor, in 3:2, but I can’t seem to find that info now.

    • Brod1er

      GH2 has more pixels in 3:2 (16mp vs14mp). It is more significant at 16:9 when GH3 has 12mp and GH2 still has 16mp. The GH2 also offers three different fields of view – even if you have a prime lens. The loss of the multi aspect sensor in the GH3 is tragic and removes one of its big appeals to the stills photographer.

      Ironically the G5 still has multi aspect but it is cynically disabled by Panasonic. If they had kept it I would have bought the G5. Now I will buy neither and get an OMD.

      • Mr. Reeee

        I couldn’t agree more! The multi-aspect ratio sensor was (and IS on m GH2!) a fantastic, flexible feature and tool. I’ve used it more and more over time and will often take the “same” shot using different ARs. I like the way it changes the way I approach, see, think and shoot differently.

        I was bummed to find there will be no GH3 focus peaking, but the disappearance of this wonderful type of sensor really is a tragic loss! For me and for M4/3!

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > GH2 has more pixels in 3:2 (16mp vs14mp). It is more significant at 16:9 when GH3 has 12mp and GH2 still has 16mp
        Both wrong, the lower image is from 4:3 the less pixels it has because of aspect ratio being more wastefull in using image circle.
        GH2’s numbers are 15MP for 3:2 and 13.9MP for 16:9

  • Mike Fix

    That $0.99 savings is gonna go a long way!!!

  • toytoy

    Been waiting for the GH3 to come out and end up preorder the NEX-6 instead. Saved $450 to buy a decent lense.

  • MDavid

    I placed my order on Amazon right after I got up this morning. Noticed your link to the Amazon page went live just minutes earlier. Also ordered a Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f0.95 — can’t wait to break them in together :)

    I’m kinda glad I ordered so soon after the release this morning, seeing the popularity, even if the lead time before initial shipments is six weeks out (Amazon lists October 31st as the expected ship date, FWIW)
    At least I’ll be among the first wave of deliveries ;)

    • MDavid

      I just looked at my order page again and I appear to have been mistaken- there is no date on the invoice page anymore- this is the text that shows ship date related info:

      “Temporarily out of stock.
      Order now and we’ll deliver when available. We’ll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your account will only be charged when we ship the item.”


      “Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.
      Note on Availability: This item was announced by Panasonic on September 17, 2012 and is scheduled to begin shipping later this year. Please place an order to secure your place in line. We will not charge your credit card until we ship the product.”

      I swear I saw Oct. 31st somewhere on that invoice page earlier though- maybe they pulled it and replaced it with more open terms. Dunno.

  • scooby70

    The size and weight of the GH3 is a disappointment for me. These cameras are supposed to be MICRO FT.

    I can swallow the cost but Panasonics decision to feed this thing pies and chips and chocolate in development mean that this porker is off my shopping list.

    • Well, considering it’s made as a smaller pro-spec alternative to full-frame DSLRs, especially the video-centric 5D mkII and mkIII, I’d say that the GH3 hit its mark. The extra space allows more direct buttons, which I really appreciate.

      If you want a smaller Panny dSLR-like mu43, there’s always the G5. Choices, that’s what’s great about the system. Some of us aren’t as bothered by the larger size. With the lenses, it still beats anything the traditional DSLR world in regards to size and weight.

      – Joe |

    • MikeH

      How exactly would you fit all the manual controls on the GH3 on a smaller body? The m43 lenses that attach to the GH3 are no larger, so the system size and weight are smaller than aps-c or ff systems. You also have the option to buy any other m43 camera produced to date for a range of smaller m43 camera bodies. What’s the problem again?

    • harnamsc

      Hater…………’re just jealous that a ‘non-Micro FT’ by your terms kicked a Canon FF camera off the perch at Amazon. :D

      But seriously, I suspect the reason for the popularity is partially due to its bigger size? Many pro-photographers I know in Melbourne told me they found the controls of the GH2 just too small and too close for them to properly use. The GH3 increases the size and spacing of those controls slightly, it might be enough for most people to use comfortably? Plus I notice two control dials and a lot more programmable buttons which is a major plus for pro-photographers who need to be able to switch camera settings in a flash.

      • duder

        Oh well the Nikon D600 is back on top it was nice while it lasted , have you looked at the UK price I think that is about $2500 that right there is crazy!

    • bousozoku

      To me, the GH3 is just about right. It’s slightly smaller and lighter than the Olympus E-1 that I have been trying to replace for years. (My E-5 is not a suitable replacement.)

      Going too small was going to be a problem (and has been a problem with other bodies) with longer, larger lenses.

      Now, I just have to see if the image quality is up there.

  • Paul Alexander

    So silly to be quibbling over a little maturing ‘weight gain’.The extra weight is due to:
    -Beefier (longer lasting) battery worth it? You bet it is!
    -Better accommodation to a wider range of hand sizes. This is anthropomorphics in action.
    – Probably more interior space for heat dissipation. Also a good thing.

  • Heat Legend

    Preordering mine today.. Not from Amazon though.

  • calxn

    Its not remarkable at all. D600 was announced days ago, the preordering is tapering off. Today, the Gh3 was the only interesting camera announced so it got a spike. Even though m43 has a decidedly cloudy future, it got a nice boost today. Specs on the gh3 looks good, but why did pana need to make it look like a DSLR?

    • pdc

      Decidedly cloudy future??? What utter rubbish (but calxn has been a troll for a long time).

    • Tron

      I think the only “cloudy future” lies with full frame cameras that require a pair of oxen to carry their lenses around. In the near future, full frame cams will be relegated to mostly studio shooting while m43 will take over distance orientated wildlife photography and video. Have you ever lifted a 200-400mm Nikon lens? It’s heavy as sh*t, so get a f*cking clue!!

      • DOAJH

        Apparently there are a lot of feeble old men using mFT lol; People have been using FF kits for decades without collapsing under the strain. My daughter’s school bag weighs more than my FF kit.

        With regards to the likes of the Nikon 200-400 it is a relatively fast FF pro grade lens and if you wanted to gather the same amount of light on mFT you would need a 100-200mm F2 lens have a look at the weight of the Olympus 35-100 f2 if you think that much light can be gathered in a feather weight lens. Or for a smaller lighter cheaper alternative I can simply pop a 2xtc on my smaller FF lens and voila , same DOF, same light gathered and same AOV.

        I am well aware that mFT is a lighter that is one of my main interested in the system that and better tools for video , I love the video quality of my hacked GH2 and more importantly it is a whole lot more ergonomic to use.

  • Agrivar

    No focus peaking? I thought that was a FT5

    • david

      Not 100% clear. It’s not discussed in the specs and Techradar said it’s not on their early-firmware copy, but Cnet explicitly mentions it in their preview as a new video-oriented feature. I’d guess maybe 10-20% chance for it to show up in final firmware.

  • Pei

    I think a month after Photokina is a good time to check sales number. 1st day preorder usually means nothing.

  • Duarte Bruno

    RAW IQ is amazing at ISO1600. This will also be a photographer’s camera. :)

  • Steve

    The wex uk price is a joke, how does $1300 equate to £1500, talk about ripping people off.

  • Hal

    Absolutely!! boycott this firm or don’t buy the GH3 in the UK. This should not be tolerated

    • rgrg

      WEX are usually a reasonably priced retailer I have boughT quite a few things from them over the years its Panasonic UK i blame.I always expect to pay a higher price than our American cousins but wow this is shocking its not far off double the price USA $1299 =£800 . I will not be buying in the UK for sure

  • @Admin,

    it’s the high time to find some rumors about the sensor manufacturer.

    If the sensor was newly developed and manufactured by Panasonic it definitely would be multi aspect. Hard to contradict, isn’t it?

    • Steve

      it will be cheaper to import it from the US plus pay the UK VAT and customs. £1100 at most inc delivery. £400 difference!

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