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Panasonic GH2 without 25p in PAL regions? (P.S.: 14-140mm firmware upgrade)


Panasonic GH2 30P Test

EosHD reports that:”I’ve been told by a source close to Panasonic that the final (non-prototype) PAL camera does indeed lack 25p and only has 24p“. If the rumor prooves to be correct than this is really a sad decision. I would love to know from Panasonic why they didn’t add 25p!

P.S.: Panasonic new14-140mm lens firmware update is now available for download at Panasonic Japan. The new firmware improves the speed of AF(Auto Focus) performance.

  • misu

    I am so sorry about this. I live in Europe. I already sold some of my canon gear to buy an GH2 but without 25p it is worthless. they surely come up with some kind of an explanation only to fix it later in an update, proving they were only trying to protect sales policy for other gear.
    on the other hand I stopped following eoshd for rude replies to readers and childish behavior. they might have some good info but not reliable enough to justify the rest.

  • Actually, it probably has to do with European import policies and customs fee. The GH2 will still be sold as a photographic camera and taxed as such when imported. Import taxes on video cameras are much higher. By reducing the specs, Panasonic might be trying to get around this. Solution: don’t buy it in Europe.

    • RichT

      Mmm, well all they have to do is limit the recording time to under 30 minutes.

      Having said that, where is all the outrage about the lack of 30p? I mean, we use it in the US and Japan. 24p is somewhat easier to convert to 30p/60i but it’s not THAT easy and introduces a slight stutter. It’s definitely less elegant than converting to 25p. For the longest time Panasonic (and Canon) got a lot of b*ing and moaning about “oh, how we wish we could have 24p because it’s filmlike”. Well, now they’re giving it to people I guess that’s not good enough apparently (even though 50 and 60p are available in 720 mode, which looks better and sharper than the GH1’s old 720 mode).

      Pentax just released two cameras that ONLY do 25p, I guess they’ve given up on the N American/Japanese market for video, Nikon released two cameras that only do 24p@1080, the new Sonys still have that silly interlaced wrapper, but at least they do 25/30p via 50/60i. Oh, and the old T1i could only do 20p@1080! Long story short, if people need something for dispersal on the web, virtually any frame rate will work; if they’re burning to DVD or using for broadcast then 25 and 30p or 50/60 are highly convenient. Most work will probably go on the web or be played back to a modern TV, which can handle many speeds (60p being my favorite)

      Traditionally movies converted for PAL broadcasts were simply sped up slightly to 25p and that it seems to work pretty well. I don’t see why this would be any different. So in short, GET OVER IT! We aren’t getting 30p here in the US or Japan and I don’t hear people boo-hooing. There are plenty of ways to tackle the issue, like using the old film to PAL trick (or just use 720 mode).

  • Any word about 14-140 improved AF firmware is for all G series or just GH2?

    • DouglasG.

      For the G series cause is a firmware for the lens only not bodies. I have the GH13 and upgrade the lens without problems.

  • Epusch

    Must be because Panasonic has a history of not listening to its customers. I remember the HVX200 forum, where people begged for a 1-60fps cam. That thing only recorded to flash cards. Panasonic refs were reading the forum, but disagreed with that it’s possible.

    Took only hacked firmwares and their competitor RED to show how it was done properly. Too bad.

  • grum

    Thanks Panasonic.
    Leaving out 25p will increase the desire for a hacked firmware. :)

  • tdanut

    I also live in Europe, but I have a GH1 NTSC version bought from USA where is cheaper. I will stick with NTSC version also for GH2.

  • There is a simple explanation for why they left out 25p. They simply don’t think it will get used as much as 24p. 1080p @ 25 FPS is ONLY necessary for PAL Blu-rays. That is it. 1080i can produce 1920×540 or greater 25p video for DVD use. For streaming media 24p works just as well as 25p even in PAL countries. This is because any display that refreshes at more than twice the source frame rate will be able to display the video without any stuttering or frame jumping.

    Basically, they know that there are only two ways to distribute 1080p content right now. Streaming and Blu-ray. Since 24p streaming works for both PAL and NTSC computers then they only have to worry about PAL BLu-rays. And really there are not many people burning PAL Blu-rays out there so it is a mute point.

  • gekopaca

    Why don’t they make a “pro” version of the firmaware for GH1 and GH2, in order to have a menu where we could choice all the specs we need personnaly?
    I really don’t understand…

    • What about us folks in PAL land that shoot for broadcast? NTSC is simply not suitable…

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