Panasonic GH2 US shipment by mid December only. Amazon deleting the black GH2 preoders?

Helen Oster (Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador) just wrote a comment on 43rumors: “I have an update for you; we have just been told to expect a shipment during the first half of December. I hope this helps

That info has been confirmed by a 43rumors reader (Michael) that called Adorama: “I just spoke with Adorama sales (US) and was told that the GH2 should start shipping mid of Dec.”

Alex (43rumors reader) received that message from Amazon US: “Due to a lack of availability from our suppliers, we will not be ableto obtain the following item(s) from your order: We’ve cancelled the item(s) and apologize for the inconvenience. We must also apologize for the length of time it has taken us to reach this conclusion. Until recently, we had still hoped to obtain these item(s) for you.

Thanks to Helen from Adorama and all the readers for sending us info about the GH2 availability. Feel free to comment this post if you receive some kind of info from your daler or if you have any questions for Helen.

GH2 direct shop links:
Amazon US, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon UK, Amazon France.

  • wow

  • zach

    Just ordered mine from Adorama!

  • Damnit, Amazon cancelled my order (kit w/ 14-140mm) this morning as well! I pre-ordered the first day it was available, now I’ve lost my place in line and may not buy this camera after all.

  • Just checked my Amazon preoder for the Black GH2 and it is still in the system and I haven’t received an email. It still says Delivery Estimate Nov 23- Dec 34. Hopefully my order still goes through, I’d be pretty upset if they canceled it.

  • On 22nd November, Panasonic UK said…

    “We have checked and as far as we are aware there is no delay in the release of this model”

  • This was confirmed with Samy’s in California by mpgxsvcd and B&H in New York by markpsf over in the DPReview forums. I feel sorry for those with canceled Amazon black kit pre-orders, I went through the same thing with my silver kit pre-order. I’ve said this before but it’s as if Amazon is pretending they don’t like money and think they’ll just never get the cameras.

    What’s happening with Panasonic? The GH2 has been out in Japan since October 29, and even the European kit was sold at the Panasonic booth at a photo fair in Copenhagen, Denmark back on Nov. 12: What kind of “late tech adjustments” would cause them to delay it in both Europe and the US?!

  • yosemite

    Mine was cancelled this morning as well. I ordered it the minute it became available on Amazon. I should have known better. Over the last couple of years Amazon’s customer service has deteriorated to sheer horror, and representatives themselves are often arrogant. This time is over the top though. Canceling a $1000 order after the customer has waited for two months? Probably an automated process and they don’t even care to tend to the customer because loosing one more leaves no visible dent in their revenue…Good bye Amazon.

  • Thierry

    Looks like Panasonic didn’t learn much from the GH1 launch?

    • VJ

      Hi Yosemite,

      I got a message from Amazon last month (exactly a month after I placed the order which was Sep 22nd) asking me if I want to keep the order or cancel it as they were still trying to “acquire the item”. It also said that if I didn’t respond, the order will be automatically cancelled after 60 days (after initial order), which is probably what happened in your case. It is all automated. If you didn’t receive an email, then you should take up your case with Amazon.

  • sacundim

    My black GH2 + 14-140mm preorder, placed on September 23, hasn’t been canceled so far.

    • mpgxsvcd

      It will be canceled tomorrow though.

  • HMR

    My Black 14-42 has not been canceled yet but based on the amount of time that it took me to get my GH1, I fully expect to get a GH2 by March. Honestly, I really never expected it to ship on time so I’m not rally all that let down but it does suck for many, I’m sure. I don’t understand why they would actually cancel orders though. I would like to know which of the big retailers is favored by Panny, if any.

  • mpgxsvcd

    Wow guys I had to tell you this but your orders got canceled by mistake. It is the 60 day automated cancellation policy Amazon has. Basically after 60 days your order is auto canceled. Therefore, those of us who ordered after it was initially announced just got bumped up a whole lot! My order placed on November 1st is still in the queue and I can only assume that it will stay that way until January 2nd or until the item ships whichever comes first.

    I feel bad for you guys that got bumped. I know I was pretty mad at Amazon when they canceled my order. This is not going to be a fun day to be an Amazon customer service representative. Remember, please be nice to the Amazon person on the other end of that phone call you make. They are not the ones that canceled your order. They will try to help you if you are nice though.

    • yosemite

      I tried. They cancelled the order completely, there is no way to pre-order, only an option to be notified when the item becomes available. There was also no apparent way to avoid the order being cancelled.

      • HMR

        Looks like I have 3 days until my order will be canceled. Currently, there is a message that says that my item “will arrive after December 25, 2010”
        That is new. So there is nothing that I can do to keep it in the system????
        I wonder if I make a change to the type of shipping, will it reset the order??

        • mpgxsvcd

          Make sure you clicked the URL in the message Amazon sent you to “Confirm that you still want the item”. If you have done that then your order will not be canceled. It is basically a check they do to make sure you were not just an automated robot doing random pre-orders.

          • HMR

            I’m not sure that I follow. Which link? The last message that I got was on Oct. 30 and it was to confirm a shipping date.( 11/26 – 12/30 2010) The only links were to cancel the order or to go to My Account at Amazon to manage the order. Also Returns and customer service. I had no need to do any of those things so I ignored it. What to do…..

          • david

            I’m not sure that clicking the link really works. I had two separate orders (one for a GH2, one for the 14mm), and clicked on both links back when I first got the mail to indicate that a delay was OK. This morning I found that they had cancelled the GH2 order. For the 14mm, they indicated that they’ve delayed the order, and will send a new estimated shipping date once they get it.

  • Max

    I believe it is a hardware defect. They so rushed the product through. They feel they can modify the camera and get them out, watch by AFTER CHRISTMAS. They don’t want to piss off their retailers that will loose their holiday sales.

    They still have to sell the quantity already produced only in Japan, since that is their backyard and can more easily bring them in for “recall”.

    • mpgxsvcd

      I doubt it is a hardware or software change. I bet it is something simple like the demand in Japan was higher than they expected so they are servicing their own first. It could also have something to do with the exchange rate. If you build something in the YEN currency and then try to sell it in dollars when the dollar is not strong you will not make as much money. They might be selling the cameras in the currency they were produced in until the other currencies strengthen? Remember the US price is fixed the only variable is the exchange rate. Just a guess though.

  • Zach

    Does anyone even see the camera on Amazon anymore? I’ve been looking for about the past month. Initially it was there, but “not available” and not orderable. For the past couple weeks, I can’t find it at all. Did they remove it due to too many orders, or inability to fulfill? Or am I just missing it??

  • Max

    I don’t think it is exchange rates. Doesn’t Panasonic sell other products in the US currently? I’d imagine even a smaller profit on a $999 body is better than not producing units or holding them in a warehouse in hopes of a currency correction.

    • mpgxsvcd

      No they are probably not holding these things back. They can probably just slap a Japanese case on it and upload the Japanese firmware and it is ready to sell in Japan. I don’t think they are holding these cameras back from the US. I think they are selling our cameras in Japan.

  • yosemite

    Why didn’t we just order from Japan??!!

  • Just an FYI: This morning I sent Amazon customer service an email asking them if my Sept. 25, 2010 pre-order for a black GH2 w. 14-42mm lens will be automatically canceled after 60-days.

    I received the following reply from them:


    “… I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding regarding automatic cancellation of pre-orders after 60 days. We never cancel any pre-orders automatically.

    I can confirm that we still expect to ship your order between November 29, 2010 and December 27, 2010. It should be delivered to you between November 30, 2010 and January 4, 2011. We’ll send you an e-mail when your order is shipped.

    You can always check the status of your order in Your Account. Here’s a direct link to the order details …”

    • yosemite

      Thank you Peter. Can you imagine why they cancelled all our pre-orders on day 60?

      • I don’t know, regrets. Could be a mistake either way (the reply I got could be mistaken, or the cancellations were mistakes, or …). I guess each customer should contact Amazon individually and see what response they get. Best of luck to all.

        • yosemite

          Thanks. I did contact them three times so far, but all I found out is that the customer service representatives do not have any more information than what’s shown in the online order status page.

          Me: “Hello, I’m calling to inquire about order #… This is a new item that will appear on the US market any week now. For some reason the order was suddenly cancelled this morning. Can you tell me why, and what can be done so I can purchase the item from Amazon still?
          Amazon: “The order had been cancelled because it is not available.”
          Me: “I know it is not available because Panasonic is still in the process of getting these cameras ready for the US market. I ordered it two months ago because I was aware that I would have to wait for it for a while. To me nothing has changed and I’m still willing to patiently wait longer, but could you please be so kind as to tell me what has changed for Amazon and motivated your company to simply cancel my order without warning?”
          Amazon: “The order has been cancelled because it is not available.”
          Me: “….?!….”
          Amazon: “The order has been cancelled because it is not available.”

  • Figures…

    While I’d agree that there is something wrong with the order cancellations that indicates a problem at Amazon, I have to point out that Panasonic is notoriously shitty with distribution. Seems like every ‘breakthrough’ camera they have introduced has been plagued with supply/demand problems at the outset.

  • Any info about EU shipment?

  • I bet Moscow will be the last in list(
    Even if not – the price will be twice the original = usual practice in Russia

  • Nick D

    I called and spoke to an amazon rep yesterday to ensure my Sept 23rd order would not get deleted- the rep said it would not… Next morning (61st day) Amazon deleted the order- Thank you Amazon!

    • yosemite

      The really sad thing about is that they don’t give a s*** about you and your order. Try calling them and politely ask for real help. All you will get is a poorly programmed Android re-iterating the same thing that you already know from your cancellation email, but doesn’t offer you any explanation as to the why of the cancellation.

  • Taylor

    My Amazon order was placed September 24. I was assured they never automatically cancel orders and today I got an email saying delivery was now scheduled for December 17. Guess I got lucky?


    Mine been pushed back till 20th December and I aint happy since I am going on holiday on the 13th. Thankyou Panasoinc for thinking the whole thing through.

  • Tom

    I just logged in to my Henry’s account and found that the status fr both my GH2 order and my 100-300mm order changed from “Order Pending” to “Order Shipped”

    • admin

      That’s good news! Finally!

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