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Finally good news! GH2 has arrived at Henry’s store in Canada!

We just received a few mails from our Canadian readers. They told us (for non-canadians, they are also on eBay) received their first GH2 cameras! It’s one of the first “non-japanese” stores to have them.

S.G.: “I ordered a GH2 from Henry’s in Toronto and they just received it (they’ll be shipping to me soon)
feel free to call them; they’re taking orders for other shipments now.
I was quite surprised… they said they were one of the first shops in North America to get it.

And T. :” I just logged in to my Henry’s account and found that the status fr both my GH2 order and my 100-300mm order changed from >Order Pending< to >Order Shipped<”

P.S: Amazon deleted your order? Preorder the Panasonic GH2 at Adorama (Click here). They are reading our website and they gently told us that the GH2 will be start shipping early December.

  • Too bad all they have are the black body-only and black 14-140mm kit that both cost about $100 more than they would in the US, and the least expensive (and only) postal option for US shipping is $13. Henry’s is a great retailer though, I’ve purchased from them before.

    • danny

      so im confused,,, is it in stock and shipping? or just pre orders? site says pre order now? can anyone confirm they are shipping?

      • admin


  • Chris

    Sounds good but for us UK waiters lol…..not good.

    There still the warrenty issue- even though there is a 1 in a million chance that is will brake down. – had it ready for stock in november, then got moved to 3rd of December and now its been moved too 20th December. Panasoinc its like a doctor says to a patient “your going to pass away”. Then “o… sorry ya not”. Then say….sorry you are really going o pass away. Finally “o i’m not sure to be honest I let ya know”.

    Make up ya small minds Panasoinc!

  • danny

    ok.. just called them… they are SOLD OUT of 14 – 140 kit lens package.. They had 3 body only available for 999.00 at 3pm eastern standard time…. good luck guy… man that went fast!

  • yosemite

    To those with Amazon, BHphoto, or Adorama orders: can you check your status and see if something shipped? It seems unlikely that only one Canadian seller would get the camera. Seems more likely that Panasonic would send a large shipment to the entire continent to be distributed among multiple sellers.

    • My Adorama and Unique Photo orders are still both marked pending. It is strange that the first place to get GH2 would be… Canada. Such a huge market that you can call the first store in North America and Europe to get a shipment and buy one without a pre-order ;)

  • now i just need them to start lower their prices for everything else like everybody else.

  • Chris

    Panasoinc told me today that they have some large shipment being imported into the UK, but as most of you will find is that you wont get the panasoinc GH2 until next year at least. have the best deals with free stuff included. Like 5 years warrenty, my advice is to wait and dont risk importing it unless your want to pay import duty.

    One thing that comes across my mind is the VAT increase next year, which may put the price up. It can only get better carn’t it?

  • yosemite

    Are there any concerns with ordering from the US?

  • yosemite

    Has anybody actually confirmed that they are shipping from Henry’s? Or could availability just be a glitch in their system…

  • Yeah. Danny (in these comments) spoke to someone at the store and Ovidiu Ispas over at the DP Review forums made a post that he bought one and has the battery sitting in the charger right now.

    My mind is still boggled that Panasonic, a company that made its name selling TVs and home audio equipment, decides to debut a high-end stills camera known for video in Canada instead of the US. It’s a conundrum wrapped in an enigma!

    • Tom

      The missing peice of the puzzle for those wondering why Canada first is that Panasonic Canada Inc is a different Company than Panasonic USA Inc. PCI’s orders, ordering and fulfilment are ccompletely different stream than PUI

    • fta

      Hey! Whats wrong with Canada getting something first? :) And they also released the LX5 a week earlier in Canada as well :)

    • Astrostream

      I am not if you have a mind to be boggled!!

  • yosemite

    OK, thanks for the information. For what it’s worth I placed an order with Henry’s at 3:50 eastern for body-only (when suspiciously they still had the 3 available that they had available 50 minutes earlier according to the above poster) and have been waiting for the paypal verification email since then (over two hours now). The lady specialized on Panasonic sales said there is nobody in their warehouses today to complete the transaction, so probably nothing will happen before Monday. Just thought I’d share this information here in case others have placed an order with Henry’s as well.

  • JessyP

    Canadian stores were the first to get LX5s, about a week and half ahead of US stores. That should mean US stock of GH2s are about a week or two away. Although I really want a GH2, just like the LX5, the initial asking price is way too high. Don’t believe the early adopter frenzy talk on the boards. People were pointing to the mass LX3 shortages as proof you have to buy in early. The competitive landscape is totally different now and the LX5 dropped $100 in barely a month and a half.

    Now people are saying no GH2 till 2011 if you don’t import from Japan or Canada? Hogwash. $1500-1000 is a lot of money in this economy. Even the hot selling D7000 is starting to catch up to initial demand and there are a lot more folks who want a Nikon than a Panny.

  • mpgxsvcd

    I forsee a lot of shipment notifications on Monday. I think all of the shops will get them in next week even the US ones.

  • pdc

    Vistek also has it.
    Check for who has got what in Canada and price comparisons.
    I have a 100-300mm Panasonic lens coming from and
    have bought quite a lot of gear from them as well as Vistek.

  • occam

    FYI from amazon: my GH2 amazon order (which did NOT get cancelled yesterday as I was afraid it might) now says “Delivery Estimate: December 17, 2010” (so at least the delivery date has been updated).

    The product page still says “Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.” which implies Amazon has not received notice of shipping from Panasonic.

    So the GH2 + 14-140 seems about 3 weeks away from Amazon US, at least until further notice.

    • mpgxsvcd

      Is this an amazon UK order? My US Amazon order for the GH2 + 14-42mm placed on November 1st still says that it will ship between November 29th and December 28th. I think that the US orders will ship before the UK orders because they are adding 25p to the PAL GH2s. They don’t want to release new firmware after the launch because they know we will hack it. Therefore, they have to get 25p in there before the UK launch. Too many people have complained about 25p for them to ignore it.

      • occam

        US Amazon. Seems like your order has not been updated with new delivery date… or Amazon believes they’ll still deliver yours before the end of the year (December 28).

      • HMR

        My order, for 14-42 kit, did not get canceled on Nov. 26 (60 days)and status on Amazon U.S. says “The following item will arrive after December 25, 2010”

  • Max

    I love Panasonic’s Technology and Engineering. But their business management and market is garbage. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t want to make Amazon and their customer base happy with a first batch. Look at how much speculation still exists about the frame rate of the Live HDMI.

  • Redkite

    My Amazon UK account has been updated to Dispatch 16th December, Delivery 17th December.

    • pierreb42

      hello all. Good news
      This is the message I received from henry’s last friday about my GH2 c/w 14-140 mm order .It was pre-ordered since the Oct 20 ..

      It is coming !! School of Imaging Contact Us Your Account Store Locations
      Shipping Confirmation

      Dear Pxxxxxx

      Your order xxxxxxxx has shipped!

      Your tracking number is

      Thanks again for shopping at Henry’s Canada!

      If you have any problems, please contact us:

      Phone: (416)868-0872 or toll free 1-800-461-7960
      Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm E.S.T. ,

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