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Panasonic doesn’t think Olympus owners will move to Panasonic MFT products


A trusted source had a chat with Panasonic managers and told me this:

They were brutally honest in analyzing the MFT market. They do not see a lot of potential in “movers” from Olympus to Lumix MFT. Their assumption is that Olympus owner keep their equipment in hope of light (like Pentax users), move to another system (Fuji?) or go full frame. But they see a market in V-Logging, Instragram/Influencer, Youtuber etc. So they are thinking about a tightly integrated, mobile system which allows to easily create video with a lot of effects and the option to easily cut & share via mobile phone / tablet. Enthusiastic photographers & filmers should move to L-Mount

Let’s see what 43rumors think about the possibility to switch over to Panasonic MFT cameras:

Question to Olympus gear owners: Would you consider buying Panasonic MFT cameras if JIp fails to deliver new OMD-PEN gear?

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