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Just to keep you informed. Do not believe that after the Olympus E-PL1 has been announced things will be quiet on 43rumors :)
There is more to come! Panasonic will also launch “something” new and Olympus has still a Joker to play (the E-5).


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Black E-PL1: Amazon US / Adorama / BHphoto (no preorder)
Champagne E-PL1: Amazon US / Adorama / BHphoto (no preorder)
Blue E-PL1: Amazon US / Adorama / BHphoto (no preorder)
Olympus ED 9-18mm Amazon ($699.99)
Olympus ED 14-150mm Amazon

Olympus E-PL1 preorder on Amazon UK

Olympus E-PL1 preorder on Amazon JAPAN

Press releases
New Olympus E-PL1 manual for download

First previews and Hands-on
Very interesting hands-on (dpreview forum)
Lori Grunin (with video) (spanish) (german)

Key differences:
E-P1 forum: The E-PL1’s flaw?
Radiantlite: E-P1 vs E-PL
DPreview: Olympus E-PL1 vs E-P2 vs Panasonic GF1 key differences

Forum and social web reactions:
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What you may don’t know ;)
E-PL1 accessories (japanese) “Olympus has asked that I not post any specific focus times in this preview, but I can tell you that the E-PL1 feels a bit faster than its predecessors. It’s not as fast as the Panasonic G-series models, but it’s better than before. The camera still makes the lens run through the whole focus range every time the AF system runs, and the lack of an AF-assist lamp does not bode well for the PL1’s low light abilities.”
Olympus underwater housing
Buy-n-shot: Olympus PT-EP01 Underwater Case

Image samples

First video from quesabesde!

Olympus 9-18mm and 14-150mm for Micro Four Thirds


Samyang announces 14mm f/2.8 lens availability for Olympus FourThirds Mount


has announced its 14mm f/2.8 lens will be available from March 2010 at a retail price of €329.