(FT 3) Olympus to change the E-series nomenclature?


It seems there is a small possibility that the next Four Thirds camera will be named under new E-system naming conventions.
Something Canon did with it’s 1000D and Nikon with it’s new D5000.
Please remember that we are a rumor site. We are not affiliated to Olympus or Panasonic. We get a lot of rumors which are sometimes contradictory. And we have learned in the past years that the big companies usually make last minute changes. That’s why we’re waiting before publishing rumors we have  so as not to confuse you!

UPDATE: A source claimed to know that the next classic four thirds camera will have an “OM” instead of a “E” signature.


(FT 3) Zone 10 MicroFourThirds prediction


zone-10.com came out with some predictions which we are reporting here.
“So for now till the end of 2009, our predictions at Zone-10 are as follows:”

1. Two Micro Four-Thirds models plus no less than six lenses including accessories
2. At least one additional new (or evolutionary) Four-Thirds DSLR model
3. Two if not three new Zuiko Digital lenses and one of them is a very impressive macro prime
4. Announcements concerning complimentary technologies


43rumors.com opinion

1) Yes to the two models, and no confirmation over the release of six lenses

2) We confirm it

3) We partially confirm this rumor

4) ??? What does it mean?

P.S.: Thanks “DV” for sharing the news!


A little bit of everything…


I receive a lot of “rumors” these daysand most of them are garbage. I am still lagging behind with Panasonic news but I bet we can catch something big this summer. I am really interested to see how Panasonic will answer Olympus m4/3 camera.

I have received some emails with questions. Here are the short answers: No, I do not work for Olympus…Yes we have more rumors planned for the next days…No, I won’t reveal my entire name….Yes we really believe our rumors could be real….No! We are not freaking out!

So back to a little bit of everything, as you probably know the Fujifilm FinePix F200 has been reviewed by dpreview and NO! it doesn’t beat the Panasonic LX3. Quite surprising after the big Fuji announcements. It seems the first generation of their tecnology is not as revolutionary as expected.

For guys like me who go crazy for film there is the new Voigtlander Bessa III avaiable at cameraquest. Nice to see that film never dies. And please don’t start the discussion which is the better medium (digital or film). They are different media for different purposes and different philosophies. And remember the camera doesn’t make you a better photographer! Also, why am I getting so excited for the Olympus MicroFourThirds camera? Because I want a simple and fast digital medium which I can carry easily with me. I have a work trip in Australia planned for late July but my trusted sources already told me that probably I won’t be able to get the digital Pen camera :(

Thanks to all people who support us. We could not go forward without your help! Thank you all!



43 days to the micro four thirds announcements


As far as we know the  date of Olympus announcements is June 16th. As you should know we are not from Olympus Marketing but just a rumor website. So things could change, but we are 90% sure that we are 43 days away from the big event.


New NOVOFLEX adapters for MicroFourThirds cameras


g1-r5Side by side: Leica R and Pansonic G1

The german company Novoflex already produce a really long adapter list and now they are ready to release following NEW adapters:

From end of April 2009:
MFT/OM for Olympus OM

From end of May 2009:
With stop-down function at the adapter!!!!!!!

MFT/MIN-AF for Sony/Minolta-AF
MFT/NIK for Nikon
MFT/PENT for Pentax