Panasonic GH1 banding issue?


There is a long and incredibly interesting thread in the forum where people analyze the video quality of the Panasonic GH1. It seems the camera has a blue channel banding issue. I hope Panasonic can fix it soon.

UPDATE: It seems the same effect is present in the red channel.
UPDATE2: You can download a video sample from the GH1 from here:
You can read the forum post at

UPDATE3: More videos for dowload avaiable here:


A little bit of all…

Share have released a high-ISO comparison between the Canon EOS Rebel T1i vs. Nikon D5000 vs. Olympus E-620 . It’s unlikely that there  an Olympus E-series camera will feature video soon but just for fun you can take a look at this video showing the Zacuto.

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May 2: “Zurich downtown”



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Title Zurich downtown
Author Mihai
Camera Minolta Dimage G500
Text Sunny day, bad mood,
Resolution around 1M and a bit of Photoshop
Homepage no

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