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OM Digital seems to have canceled some of your Olympus 150-400mm preorders…


A 43rumors readers reported me this:

I recently contacted to get a status report on the new 150-400 Pro lens that I had pre-ordered on 17 Nov 2020.
This is the response I got from the OM Digital Solutions Support Centre in Czechia !

Thank you for your recent pre-order of our new M.Zukio 150-400mm lens.

Unfortunately, we’ve changed payment processors since it was placed. As such, it cannot be fulfilled and you have not been charged.
You will receive an email from OM Digital Solutions when we are able to accept the new order for the 150-400mm lens.
Please note, initial allocations of this lens are limited. As the lens becomes available, you will be contacted in the order of when your item was initially ordered.
You have not lost your place in line.
The order in which you placed your initial lens order will be honored – as will any discount/reward codes used. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Not sure if this is just a one time accident or a bigger issue…At Dpreview Forum the story seems to be different at least for the UK. Peter reports:

I’ve just heard from Park Cameras that their first batch of 150-400 lenses is ready to ship and that they are waiting on paperwork to get the units through mainland Europe to the UK.
They are hoping to see some units come through in the first 2 weeks of February.

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