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OM Digital and Lumix rumor recap: The relaunch of mid level cameras?


Panasonic made it very clear that a new Lumix MFT camera is coming soon. And also OM Digital might announce “something” in June. So let’s recap what to expect

  1. Yosuke Yamane manager CEO hints that the first Lumix MFT camera with phase detection might be announced soon (article here). This might be some sort of G9II camera with phase detection AF as Yamane also hinted at possible new more “affordable” MFT cameras.
  2. There is also a wild rumor about a sort of GH6II. Basically  a GH6 with same sensor resolution but with phase detection pixels on it.
  3. OM Digital might announce a new product in June. Not sure if this is a lens or a camera (article here).
  4. It’s highly likely we might get a new OM-10 camera sometimes in 2023
  5. Still unclear if the PEN line will continue yet…

So far I have not gotten any new rumor about possible lenses. But I guess launching new cameras is the real priority now.

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