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Olympus shows a new 3D Stacked 16MP Global Shutter Sensor with 2Mpixel 10000fps Mode!


VLSI symposium published the PDF program of their June event in Kyoto. The program discloses a new Olympus sensor that will be presented on that event:


A 3D Stacked CMOS Image Sensor with 16Mpixel Global-Shutter Mode and 2Mpixel 10000fps Mode Using 4 Million Interconnections
T. Kondo, Y. Takemoto, K. Kobayashi, M. Tsukimura, N. Takazawa, H. Kato, S. Suzuki, J. Aoki, H. Saito, Y. Gomi, S. Matsuda and Y. Tadaki, Olympus, Japan

A 16Mpixel 3D stacked CMOS image sensor with pixel level interconnections using 4,008,960 micro bumps at a 7.6μm pitch, which set no layout restriction and causes no harm to sensor characteristics, was developed to achieve both a 16Mpixel global-shutter mode with a -180dB PLS and 2Mpixel 10000fps high speed image capturing mode.


There is no other detail unveiled about the new sensor. But it certainly sounds like a hell of a sensor! Wish this one could find his way in the new E-M1II !!!

Found via Image Sensor World.

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