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(UPDATED) Olympus releases the E-M5 firmware update!


Today Olympus announces the release of new firmware for the OM-D E-M5 which offers the following improvements:
1) Improved sleep recovery operation
2) AF target indication when using C-AF+TR while shooting sequential images using Sequential L setting
3) Added function to automatically move focus to the following zoom positions when underwater macro mode or underwater wide mode is selected. (Only when M. ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-50 mm F3.5-6.3 EZ is attached)
-Underwater wide mode: Wide setting
-Underwater macro mode: Telephoto setting

Additionally, there is an Olympus Viewer 2 application update for both Windows and Mac that delivers the following:
1) Added the function to edit movies taken by the camera (mov, mp4)
2) Added the function to upload images to “My Photos” on (ib on the net). ib on the net is available in Japan and the U.S.A —

Here are the updates:
>> Firmware Version 1.2 for the OM-D E-M5
>> Firmware Version 1.4 for Olympus Viewer 2 Software

There are two options for updating the firmware:
1) Simply launch the included Olympus camera software and connect the camera via USB cable to an internet connected computer. Choose the Update function from the Camera menu in the software to apply available updates for camera bodies, lenses and accessories.
2) Download the software updater from the following link: and follow the installer instructions.

With each method, users can choose to display information related to what the update will apply, prior to performing the update.
The ability to update the firmware of Olympus digital camera components, bodies, lenses, accessories, and take advantage of some of the latest technologies is one of the key advantages of Olympus’ 100% digital design.

UPDATE: Official apology to Ming Thein for the image I used without to write an appropriate text under it (although the image contained the link to his blog). Please understand that I am doing my best and mistakes can happen. In hurry I copied and pasted the image from an old blog post (not from Ming) and the text link wasn’t included. As you know I usually link to all blogs, so I am pretty upset for myself if a mistakes happens.  P.S. Would have fixed everything the much faster but had no Internet to see it. Hope it will be fine now!


E-M5 preorder links:
Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

There is the official CS-36FBC Olympus case. A leather half case from Hong Kong. A full leather case with strap from Cina. Than we have half cases from two well known producers, Zelenpol, Kaza and Gariz.

Batteries, and other things:
The Olympus GS-4 strap and the DSTE E-M5 batteries you have to use with an extra charger. There is an E-M5 car charger a new E-M5 LCD screen and a Front Cover+ Top Panel.

  • first

    first! haha

  • Alan

    -sigh- still doesn’t work on 32 bit macs…

    • Lars Beduhn

      Seriously ?

      Info Panel and Activity Monitor both claim it is a 32bit application.

  • Fred

    Still no IBIS for MF lense! Darn.

    • Will

      this is what I came here for. I was readily disappointed

      • There is IBIS with manual lenses but only in photo mode, not for filming……

  • Hamed

    the update looks very poor, i wished there were updates for Raw image quality with a high ISO sitting & long exposure performance.

    think again olympus -1000

  • Not really worth updating…..
    Rattle snake still there? No 25 fps

  • simba

    I’m not updating until more people have done so. New firmware doesn’t necessarily mean better performance.

  • This is dissapointing.
    Oly firmware updates should focus more on the usability side. Several quirks of the UI should be smoothed out.

    What I would have hoped from a firmware update

    – All available functions available for all function buttons – the current system lets you set Functions A, B, C to button 1, C and E to button 2 etc. Makes no sense at all.

    Better integration of the Mysets – being able to choose them with an assigned button would be great. Having to HOLD a button to use one is just awkward. They also need to be given names – I just don’t always remember what exactly has been assigned to Myset3 or Myset2. The naming feature works great with the settings for copyright information.

    A possibilty to customize the on screen menus (remove unnecessary items) would be great, too. I don’t need to set up video when I scroll through my settings in photography mode, it only takes time – so I want to remove/hide this. The number of settings is overwhelming and distracting sometimes – I want to be able to simplify this.

    Bracketing – One EV maximum is just too little for HDR shooting. Yes, I could use more than three steps. But to avoid movement between shots, I need the bracketing sequence to be as fast as possible. Five or seven steps also just use too much storage, and I always have to manually delete the unnecessary in-between images.
    Even the tiny XZ-! can be set to steps of 1.7 EV – why not the OM-D?

    Let’s hope to get another, REAL firmware update from Olympus soon. After all, the usabilty of this little gem of a camera is one of the main points that puts it ahead of competition.

    A camera should not get into the way of the photographer, and the OM-D already is a great tool in that sense. Now, if the developers would fix these obvious quirks …

    • Alberta

      I agree, it’s very dissapointing. Come on Olympus, you can do better than that. Also, while you’re at it, please add the focus peaking feature. If you’re too lazy to do it, at least let the source code easier to be ‘modified’ by Vitaliy Kiselev. It will increase your sales at the end anyway….

    • spam

      The main problem with the UI is that Olympus don’t think it needs fixing. They always design poor UIs, but at least it’s easy to find the card format function.

      • Bob B.

        Martin..I agree with ALL of your suggestions. The camera itself is great… The UI is a mess! I use a GX1 as much as I use my OM…Switching back-&-forth btwn cameras reall makes it painfully apparent which user interface is not intuitive, not well organized, and not customizable enough.
        I am always whincing about the OM .
        Unfortunately…I do not expect to see much change there.I think spam hit the nail on the head!

  • miles

    These 2 features alone makes the update worth it,

    1) Improved sleep recovery
    2) AF target indication when using C-AF+TR while shooting sequential images using Sequential L setting

    … but i wish the C-AF+TR improvement also works for movie mode.

  • Ryan

    nothin for the 20mm I see.

  • popo

    will update more decaffeinated………… only for submariners

    no IBIS in video mode with legacy lens?
    not better bitrate in video?


  • Underwater firmware :s
    Yes nothing for the 20mm and the banding issue, it was the most important thing to correct !

  • Frakatchoo

    This update sucks ! We need IBIS for MF and high bitrate video !!!
    Olympus are you there ?! Listen to the users please…

  • Danas

    Aww shoot, no 24 and 25 fps :(
    Dear Olympus, you are nearly perfect camera makers. Your production usually is top notch but how come you don;t see that video production regardless of whether the camera is designed to be used for movie production or it just simply support video recording 24 fps and 25 fps is a must have. These are the two most widely used fps in most of the video related projects.

    Oh please please, address this and do another firmware update as quick as possible to allow 24 and 25 FPS in video recording!

    OM-D is almost perfect cam if not the lacking of the standard FPS options. What is more your selected video encoding allow these FPS options. Or you could invite Vitaly to hack it, if you fear that it might hurt your sales, well, it would be quite contrary, look at the Lumix GH2, once it was hacked it sales increased because it became a perfect video shooting camera. OM-D with IBIS and good videography options would also become one of those perfect cameras for video.

    Kind regards,

  • adriaantie

    Booooohooooohooooooo we want this and that, let Vitaly do it………

    You all should have bought a different camera if you wanted these options.

  • Thomas

    43rumors grabbed the title image of this article from Ming Thein without asking – copyrightsuckers as usual.

    • BLI

      I’m sure you know positively that admin has not asked Ming Thein for permission to use the photo? If not, accusing him (whether true or not) is not much better than being a “copyrightsucker”.

      In any way, the image clearly gives credit to Ming Thein and provides the relevant IP address. Still, as a general principle you are right in that it is honorable to ask for permission. I don’t know the law, so I don’t know when photos can be used without asking for permission, and when they can not. (E.g., if I give an informal presentation of the 43 system at my workplace/a closed group, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to ask for permission.)

      • Carsten W

        They have not asked for permission, drop by his website to see his comment. I don’t know what the law is, but just grabbing an image without asking is just ignorant.

      • Of course you must ask for permission! Theft is always wrong, even when it is easy!
        We need more decency in the internet!

  • Mar

    Lol, you don’t need higher nbitrate. It won’t improve quality of video.
    20mbps is more than enough.

    I’d love to see is in manual lenses for video though.

  • anteportas


    shame on you if it is true that you copied the title foto from Ming Thein without permission. As a regular reader of this site i expect an explanation , an excuse to ming thein and the removal of the title image!

    • Until you do some post processing………..
      The higher the bitrate the better.

    • figjam

      Get of your high horse, its Ming’s copyright and I am sure that Admin and Ming will resolve this on their own. There is no need for you to poke your snotty nose in the middle of it.

  • Chad

    BLACK LENS we need. Such a abomination, the title photo.

  • a!

    Ah, I really wish I would not need a Windows or Mac system to do the updates (I use mostly a Kubuntu-Linux for some reasons…).
    For some other electronic devices I have, I just have to drop the firmware file in a certain place on the memory, and with the next start of the device the update is installed… Much easier and totally system independent. Is there any reason to handle it not that way?

  • Lars Beduhn

    Um… how big is the update anyway… in terms of MB? Anyone know?

    Because my Updater is running like foreeeeever.

    • Lil Jerk Kid

      If you are running Linux – have you tried Wine to run Windows programs?

      • a!

        Yes, should try out if it works in Wine. when i google for Wine & Olympus, people seem to get mixed results. Will try it out, let’s see… Until now I just tried out Wine really shortly for a different programm.

        In the end I can always find somewhere an other pc with Win or Mac, nevertheless, a system independet solution with just dropping the firmware in the memory would be in my eyes more convenient…

  • Considering the quite strict policy that is applied to 43rumors’ own content(*) i would have expected more professional behaviour. OTOH of course humans sometimes make mistakes. I’m waiting for a statement from admin.

    * “If you want to use any image from this website you have to ask for permission. You cannot copy more than 20 words from any of our posts. And you have to define the source with “Source:” (working link).”

    edit: see admin’s statemement below – sounds like an honest mistake to me.

  • BLI

    OK — so now we know — no permission had been given. Although there is full credits to Ming Thein in the used photo including the web-page, I’m sure admin is sorry for this and will make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    • admin


      Sorry huys. I used this image long time ago with the approapirate credit. Now while searching for an image within my database this came out and I reporsted it. Forgot to add the link. Sorry. I alreay contacted the image owner.

      • figjam


        Please dont take to heart the moronic criticisms over a simple mistake. These things happen and we know that you act honestly.

        • spam

          If it was my site I’d much rather have some readers point out a mistake than having the image owner sue me. Pointing it out in a decent way would be preferable, but this is an Internet forum.

  • Don’t understand the fuss. The photographer’s name and website is integrated in the photo, what more does he want. Or wasn’t it there before?
    Plus, it’s a rather plain photo of an EM-5, nothing really unique… it’s not like a once-in-a-life war photograph that he did while risking his life or something… Jesus. Anyway, now he got his 5 minutes of internet attention, congrats dude.

    • Bob B.

      WHAT PHOTO???? LOL!

      • It has been removed……

        • Bob B.

          Thanks…that was not apparent

  • tamrong

    I want selectable digital teleconverter

    1.2x 1.3x 1.5x 2x 3x


  • Don Pope

    All I want is a focus point lock. It is too easy to move the focus point by accident and I almost always use the central point (focus and recompose).

  • Bob B.

    OK…I updated my camera…On a MAC…could not get the online updater software to recognize my camera. Be sure that you set your camera to “Storage” (choice on LCD on the camera once it is connected to your computer) and hit OK. Then the updater works fine. This is not in the instruction pop-up window of the updater software. The tech had to tell me this.

    This is FUNNY: The updater instructions warn you: “Cannot update firmware when more than two lenses are attached to the camera.” ??????????????????? LOL!
    (although…I can attach another viewfinder…which is weird in itself!).

    • JimD

      Probably a miss print. M43 and 43 rules only allow a lens and one other device to be attached to the mount at one time. Panasonic has in the past adhered to this but Oly has allowed more than one at a time. Device, means 2x and x1.4 converters and 43/m43 converters as there is not much else that can fit between a lens and the body at present. Maybe the capacitance on the connection pins changes and signals a fault condition or firmware goes walkabout.

  • Tim van Vliet

    Is it me or did the fan turn louder?

  • Brian

    Still no 25p, what the hell Olympus?

  • 2345357342

    They need to add 24fps video, and have a higher bitrate option. Such a simple thing would keep people from being forced to buy a GH2 instead.

  • st3v4nt

    I thought this is about the news of EM-5 updated firmware now most of the comments is about the image uses….beside the AF confirmation on C-AF+TR there’s nothing else interesting about this firmware update. I hope Olympus will keep adding new feature on future update…but I’m afraid all they did is just releasing those feature with new PEN or EM-6 :-(

  • cal

    Not sure what I have set… I set the EVF Style to 1, 2 or 3, it still display EVF style 3…

    I test it on my friend omd, it does have this problem… Donno what other setting affect this evf style setting not functioning.

    Not sure this firmware will address it or not.

  • MichaelKJ

    Correct me if I am mistaken, but it appears to me that you did not apologize for failing to ask Ming’s permission to post his photo. Rather, you only apologized for failing to give credit for his photo. Is it your policy to ask permission prior to posting or not?

  • Steve Jones

    I’m very happy with my OM-D. I’d love to have better battery life and focus peaking but I’m not complaining about not having it. It’s a great camera in so many ways. And I love the silver lenses on a black body! Classy!

  • jerryg

    Like to add my request for 25fps! (If Olympus look at what the users say…)

    Also – I agree – the menu is a bit of a mess with too much junk you never use and things in strange places. Ability to customise more might be an answer.

    I know this is about firmware – but I’d like to see a better power switch – one that doesn’t feel like it’s going to break every time you use it – and in a more natural position. And the L, R Up down buttons are too easy to bump when taking shots – I had to disable mine to stop the damn thing wanting to change focus target all time.

    And finally a decent manual wouldn’t be too much to ask for? Such a beautiful camera deserves better…

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