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(UPDATED) Olympus launches the official E-M1 teaser. Covers what we have already seen :)


Olympus just launched that teaser site (Click here). On this site you can share your email to get notified when the camera will be unveiled (likely on September 10). Obviously there is nothing to hide right now. We saw the E-M1 from every possible angle. But there is still at least one small surprise to come. Stay tuned on 43rumors. I am double checking these little” secret” and waiting for a FT5 confirmation!

UPDATE: There is also a Olympus Europe teaser (Click here).

Meantime another source confirmed that the body only price will be close to $1,500. If that is over your budget check out the new E-M5 deals at Sunset Electronics:

Body only can be bought for $799 (Click here) and with 14-42mm kit lens for $899 (Click here). An E-M5 successor is expected to come in late 2014 only.

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