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Olympus interview at Phototrend: More MFT cameras will be announced in 2019!


The French website Phototrend interviewed a bunch of Olympus managers. Here a couple of takeaways:

– In 2018 Olympus did not announce new MFT products because of the move of the factory from China to Vietnam
– In 2019 Olympus plans to release more new MFT cameras
We do not want to go to the full format and want to stay focused on what we can do because we want to offer compact and lightweight products
– The MFT system has a unique advantage over the competition which is size and portability.
– E-M1II sales did growth after Olympus announcement that they will stick to MFT only.

There is also a lot of talk about the new E-M1X features. But nothing new to report here :)

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