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Olympus interview at Dpreview: “We will increase pixel count in the future”.



Dpreview interviewed Mr.Haruo Ogawa from Olympus. And those are some of the most interesting info:

1) 40MP High Res mode:We did receive requests from studio photographers who needed higher resolution. Because of the size of the sensor, we didn’t go in the direction of higher pixel count, so to meet the demands of those photographers we developed 40MP high-res shot mode using pixel shift.

2) About the new High Megapixel war: “We will gradually increase pixel count in the future, while maintaining picture quality.”

3) About a new “handheld” High Resolution mode:Yes this is technically possible in the future.

4) About the future lens roadmap:Our priority first of all is the pro and premium series of lenses for enthusiast and professional photographers. We also want to add some more reasonably-priced lenses for entry-level users, similar to the 45mm F1.8 – we’re looking into this now.

5) About the number of PRO’s using Olympus gear: “I don’t have exact numbers but after launching the OM-D the number has increased, especially in the documentary field. Documentary photographers tend to use their cameras in tough environments.

6) About the MFT Air camera:we’ll see how Japanese customers react, and that will help us decide whether or not to expand sales into other markets.

7) About 4K Olympus cameras:4K movie places a large burden on the image processor, so there are tradeoffs. This time we prioritized image stabilization, but in the future, when processor performance increases we can provide both.

Your thoughts on those answers?

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