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Olympus engineer Hiroshi Suzuki suggests future direction for the new JIP/Olympus company. Focus on Telephoto and Video niche.


In an interview released at Maptimes Olympus engineer Hiroshi Suzuki talks about the future direction of the JIP/Olympus company:

Micro Four Thirds will remain the focus because:

  • “The Micro Four Thirds system is the only mount system that realizes small size, light weight and high image quality at a high level”
  • “I think that the features of the Micro Four Thirds system are the overwhelming system mobility in the telephoto system”

About the future development:

  • “Our ideal is to be able to take the camera with you wherever you go and ensure that you get the exact picture you want in any scene. We believe that we are still in the middle of achieving this goal. We will continue to develop the product in order to provide ” a new experience beyond the imagination of our customers ” while making the best use of our strengths .
  • “We hope that you can expect the functions to further enhance the mobility, which is one of our strengths, and the ” creation of new needs ” that are not yet visible to our customers.”
  • “We sincerely apologize for causing concern and anxiety to many customers since the announcement of the transfer of our video business. However, as the representative of our company sends, we do not withdraw from the video business. We will continue to provide products, services and solutions to our customers, so please feel free to use them.”
  • “OMD / PEN / ZUIKO brand products will continue”

In Summary:
It’s clear their focus will be on the “telephoto” photographers niche and on Video. And so far they plan to keep the PEN line alive. Hope there is room for a new PEN-FII :)

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