Olympus E-M5II to be announced on February 5th (Says Olympus Hong Kong).



Olympus Hong Kong sent out that invitiation for a new Olympus OMD product announcement on Thursday February 5! I guess this emans the camera will be announced officially at around 5-6-7 am London time!

Stay tuned on 43rumors to follow the live blogging!

Specs known so far:
Same E-M5 16MP sensor
Same E-M1 electronic viewfinder.
Update processor (improves slightly the IQ)
New sensor shift shooting that allows to combine 8 pictures in one to create a 40 Megapixel image
Improved 5 axis stabilization
It does have clean hdmi-out
all common frame rates and video optimized af-algorithm.
50Mb/s all 1080p (no 4K recording)

oly_e-m5ii_silver_b001 oly_e-m5ii_silver_f001 oly_e-m5ii_silver_t001 Olympus-E-M5II-camera-with-FL-LM3-flash-550x372 Olympus-E-M5II-camera-HLD-8G+HLD-6P-550x389 Olympus-E-M5II-camera1-550x383

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  • Jimbo

    Exciting stuff! If this camera can record GH3 quality video then I will proudly buy my first Olympus camera. Always wanted to own one for stills, but I need my cameras to do video too.

  • Tito

    This will make some videographers very happy I think.

  • Doug

    I’m more interested as to when it will be made available. I got a week off in mid March and I’d like to take this with me.

    • tony

      How long does it usualy take for availability? Two months?

      • Oliver

        At least.

  • Kotlos Kotlos

    I don’t mind for not including a 4K option, but downsampling instead of line skipping with little rolling shutter is a necessity.

  • Tom

    I really hope the E-M1 gets a video firmware update after the EM5II is released.

    • furbman

      that sounds good to me. ;)

    • Robert Davidson

      Yes it should get the Video enhancements with 25/50p….I hope.

      • Juurikas

        If E-M1 gets the upgrade to 50Mbits bitrate and a 25p fps option (and 50fps and 60fps too!) then E-M1 will continue to be a great camera.

        If E-M1 gets the shift feature as well, then it will continue to be Pro model and can be without upgrade next 12-18 months very easily.

        The E-M1 is truly a something to consider to leave to store if it doesn’t get upgrades as the 4/3 support is nothing for new customers, those who have 4/3 mount lenses have already bought E-M1 and the grip is, while offering best handling of any camera, not enough to be reason to buy instead E-M5 II.

        The only reason to avoid E-M5 II now is the fully articulated screen. If you want to tilt screen at all, you need to open it to side completely and it will show to everyone that you are taking pictures.
        A screen at side is no good for macro photography or even street photography because camera movements isn’t correlated from behind of the screen but side of it. So it is just for videographers who want a videocamera style handling by keeping camera at side and screen at front of their eyes without hand being center of the body but a side.

        If Olympus would have copied Sony SLT-77 style fully articulated screen, it would have been perfect to everyone, except those who want video camera with LCD opening to side of the camera.

        We see. We see.

        • Ross

          “A screen at side is no good for macro photography or even street photography”

          Are you kidding?!!! I don’t think you’ve done much macro stuff then, especially at ground level etc.

  • Tom

    How much was the E-M5 when it came out? Would the EM5II be the same price?

  • rumoid

    seems like this improved video maybe almost as good as the old GX7 or £300 sony A5100 but still no improvement with the focus. Samsung and Sony now seem to have very good CAF so I think this is where M43 needs to improve if it wants to compete; people only manual focus because auto focus is not good enough!

    • Turbofrog

      Unless all you do is shoot sports or birds or running children, the S-AF on M4/3 cameras is among the fastest on any system, DSLR or mirrorless…

      If that is the main thing you shoot, don’t get a mirrorless camera unless it’s a Nikon 1. Simple.

      • Juurikas

        C-AF is far better than many believe it is in E-M1. You can very well do sports photography or even birds in fly. The system isn’t holding back your success rate, it is your skills that is holding back.

        It is amazing how skilled photographers manages to hit 90% success rate with E-M1 on fast indoor and outdoor sports, from motorsport to horse or dog races. Or how they manage to get small birds flying toward them at 40-60km/h speeds in 10-5m range.

        What most people believe is that the DSLR C-AF gives some kind perfect focusing without missing a single shot ever.

        If those people want something such that, then go and shoot video 60fps and extract 8bit 8Mpix frames from a 4k footage and believe you are great!

        I have been shooting lots of horse and rally races from close range where speeds goes up to 45-160km/h depending target. And E-M1 manages very easily track subjects and offer keeper rate over 80-90%.

    • T N Args

      Shouldn’t you make these claims after seeing the announcement?

  • Abraham Latchin

    Pumped!! All this talk of CAF you would think all people do is keep their finger on the prefocus and wave their cameras around.

    I have never used it personally, admittedly I am not a sports photographer (although in a few years as my boys get older I may discover these shortcomings) but I have found the exception SAF plus timing to be almost bulletproof and have shot BIF and some recreational sports with the 40-150 3.5-5.6.

    However this camera will be LOADED. Hopefully they keep the $999 body only.

    • David

      Agreed. Olympus does not make crappy cameras. The technology in this body will be game changing.

      • MrALLCAPS

        Game changing with a much older sensor and a 40mp gimmick???


        Game changing you say??? HAHAA!!

        • mahler

          Much older sensor? Which manufacturer has a newer one?
          The E-M5 II will be the best mid class mirrorless. Best ergonomics, best view finder, modular design. In other words: game changing.

          • Turbofrog

            Well, Samsung appears to have the newest and best sensor around this side of the D810, or 645Z…

          • T N Args

            Did I miss something, modular design? Oh, you mean the grip? Boo. Next thing you will be calling it modular because it takes a flash on a hot shoe. Now look at the video attachment for the GH4. THAT’s modular!

        • David

          40 mpix with current glass is no gimmick. Oly has played none of their cards. And here I am talking with a troll.

      • Game unchanging

        The game seems to be the same old trite game that has been played since 2008: selling inferior junk to the noob for superior $$$ and pushing it with marketing.

    • Bruce

      With the E-M1 dropping in price to around $999, is it realistic to expect people to pay $999. for an inferior model?

      • Abraham Latchin

        I am not sure what inferior is? Products have applications or purposes. One of the clearest applications of ht EM1 is for 43rds lens owners and possibly sports etc.

        Throw in $150 + for an EM5II grip and the EM1 looks very appealing as the first part is built in to the EM1… BUT the EM5 will have a lot of bells and whistles missing from the EM1.

        I suspect it will make a lot of EM5s into second bodies and will end up a second body for a lot of EM1 owners.

      • SharpPhoto

        The EM1 doesn’t appear to be dropping in price from the big camera shops. BH, Adorama, …, etc.

  • furbman

    I wonder if there will be a E-M1mkII in a year from now?

    • yangz

      Same sensor with shift technology to make 40mb pictures :-)

    • Agachart Sukchouy

      new panny sensor ,may more mega pixel and 4k internal record

  • junkyardwillie

    It’ll be cool if it actually has a new sensor and surprises everyone

    • SharpPhoto

      I know. I was thinking the same thing.

  • JK

    The EM5 is Batman!

  • rumoid

    Good CAF is helpful for movies as well as photos; especially with touch to focus which this will i am sure have.

  • M43ending

    1000 euro for the newest yet outdated M43 body. This is great news. Nobody will look at the APSC or FF corner where you can buy superior and almost smaller stuff (except for the sensor) for the same price. M43 marketing is really rocking.

    • Andrzej Lukowiec

      So what are you doing here? Keep your valuable advices somewhere else :

    • Junkyard

      One of the main benefits of micro 4/3 is that it has a smaller sensor which leads to smaller lenses as well making it a much more compact system. If you need big lenses to compensate for something then there are plenty of other systems that can help you out in that department

    • Grandpa Canon

      Exactly! EOS-M is a perfect example.

      Wait. What?

    • Les

      You are like the neighbour who goes into someone house uninvited and shouted – my house is nicer than your house! your house is going down! lol

  • I’m using a micro four thirds camera setup on my Kickstarter Project! :) –>


  • Matt

    It has been 3 years since E-M5 was first released. In this new version, people expect better sensor IQ, and that is very reasonable. The rumoured 40 MP achieved by combining 8 photos is only good for still life photos. Any motion, whether from leaves, waves, traffic, grass or people will means blurry pictures. Great for shooting commercial products, I guess, but not exciting for what most photographers shoot.

    This camera really needs an improved IQ, or at the very least more MPs. Otherwise, it will only not be of interest to all those E-M5 and E-M10 users. Being one of them, I will be most disappointed.

    • Best camera for macro ; full stop;best camera for landscape if it has hdr function from m1

    • YS

      There just isn’t a better sensor at the moment. Sony hasn’t launched anything really different in the past four years. The 24mp APS sensor is probably their latest and bestest, and it’s not too different from the 16mp sensors in the Olympus cameras.

  • rg

    Hope they figured out how to improve the high iso performance a few stops.

    • Turbofrog

      A few stops, eh? So you want something better than a D4S?

  • Unimpressed….

    The legend continues…along the same tired path. Just confirms my completely switching to Panasonic M4/3 as a good decision.

    • Sid

      Let me know when panasonic can produce 40MP landscapes? :-)…. And the E-M1 is still the best all-round MFT stills camera….silly comment

  • YS

    Hmm, why did I hear this Friday(30th Jan) then? Better check up on my trail…

  • Sebastian

    Hello m43-Admin,

    thanks for the the daily dosage of rumors.!

    Does your Sources tell you anything about the TG-4 Release. Maybe also on the 5th or at CP+

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