Olympus E-M5 grips roundup and LX7-XZ2 smart caps.


M43.eu posted the images of three different E-M5 grips: Grip one, grip two and grip three. Two of them can be found in store:  JB Camera design on Amazon. UNX-9120 on Amazon.

And it’s pretty amazing that the $199 Olympus XZ-1 is still the most popular camera at Amazon (click here to see ranking). Talking about these kind of premium compact cameras the new smart caps are now available on eBay for the LX7 (Click here) and for the XZ-2 (Click here). Further don’t forget that you can also have the new premium LX7 Gariz case.


  • Don Pope

    That JB Camera Design grip looks useful and cheap. I think I might go for it.

    • Ross

      If you get one of these grips, I’d be interested to know how strong they are, because I wouldn’t trust them for heavier lenses as I’d be a little worried the grip may break through the base area surrounding the battery door. A report on it on http://www.mu-43.com/ would be useful.

  • 43Lover

    Brilliant, add grips and extra parts, so it grows to SLR size. Wait… An SLR costs how much? Half? Hmmmmm.

    • bart

      Depends quite on the SLR…

    • Robbie

      Yeah right, which DSLR? Even if you add the grip, it’s adding to the ergonomics, not much to the size.

    • You obviously haven’t held an E-M5. It is much smaller and lighter than any DSLR. A grip like this adds little to the bulk but is very useful. Even DSLRs (7D, D7000, etc.) have optional grips. And what other extra parts do you add? A lens and flash gun?

      Also, how much is a weather sealed DSLR? Does it have (5-axis) IBIS, 9fps burst, tilting touch OLED screen, etc.?

    • Now let’s see you shrink that DSLR to the E-M5’s size by simply taking the grip off again. And I suggest you compare the E-M5 to most any DSLR on Camerasize.com, way smaller.

      Add in the weathersealed alloy body and advanced electronics (IBIS, EVF, touch-OLED) and the price is not unreasonable, though of course I’d love to see it come down a bit. Funny thing, people don’t question paying more for class leading quality and small size in a Porsche 911, but use the same philosophy in a camera and naysayers come out of the woodwork.

      As for the grips, for $40 you gain great flexibility without paying the $300 ante Olympus charges for the grip/battery holder kit. A good deal.

    • adaptor-or-die

      You miss the point, Adding the grip, also means you can remove it as well. This means the overall compact design is retained when required, available when you need it, as well, when you need the extra grip, add it to the mix. It’s called a system approach and it’s a versatile and well thought out concept. To compare it a larger camera format is a baseless arguement, You can’t reduct the larger camera, it’s always bulky, by it’s specific design … you can only make it more bulky

      The original OMD concept was a brilliant rexamination of the original OM System concepts. While the smallest SLR on offer at that time. The System allowed all aspects of usage. There are times, [in a studio for example, larger lenses, re: digitial, cine work ] when you want more grip, more weight, better balance? The fact that you can add and remove this aspect by accessory “is” clever. Throwaway snarking comments, less clever.

  • Ronan

    Never heard of the JB Camera Designs and it’s EXACTLY what i’v been looking for.


    Thanks Admin :)

    • Ronan

      Sold out on their website, Amazon.com/.ca and Ebay.


  • Wilson

    The JB design one is exactly what I want. However Amazon is still showing as PRE-ORDER? Did anyone pre-ordered it there? What’s the ETA?

    • Ronan

      I know! Been looking everywhere, can’t find one :(

  • Adriaantie

    Lego cam.

    • Anonymous

      Say’s the lego brain. Did your playmate forget to pack you away in the box again?

  • Miroslav

    I prefer the shape of the third grip, but dislike how each of them adds to the height of the camera. Yeah, I know they have to…

  • Miroslav

    Does anyone know of a large third party grip for E-P3 / E-PL5?

    • ChristianG


  • adriaantie

    Yesssss lets make it a dslr size cam with tiny sensor…….LOL.

    • Ronan

      My OM-D takes just as good photos as the latest DSLR’s from Nikon and Canon.

      Even with a grip it’s still much more compact/smaller than a DSLR.

      Don’t believe me? Go try it kid.

      • Anonymous

        ha ha… dream on…

    • fl00d

      Really adriaantie, I have to wonder what sort of a dismal life you must lead to be here on cue with practically every post spouting the same bullshit like a parrot. Are you a parrot? Because you sound like one, and are likely sporting about the same sized brain…

    • fl00d

      Honestly Adriaantie, I have to wonder what a pathetic dismal life you must lead to be here reacting to nearly every single post with the same parrot BS – are you a parrot? Wanna cracker? I’ll wager your brain is about the same size too.

  • roberto

    the JB looks good, only thing i dont like is the solid base covering the side (if you want to use those inputs there you can’t), one of the most important uses for me with an L plate is to use the camera on vertical position on a tripod and create panos for higher resolution, that put me off on this purchase, but it does look great tin other departments.

    i wish the guys from j-tec could do a plate for the om-d as they did for the nex 5n, what a great L plate. (i;m a client not other affiliation with them)

    • Ross

      Roberto, what are you talking about? “the JB looks good, only thing i dont like is the solid base covering the side (if you want to use those inputs there you can’t), ”

      There is nothing covering the sides!!!

  • roberto

    @ ross …

    last time i talked to the maker of the JB plate (L configuration) he told me in the phone you didnt had access to the left side door on the camera (unless you remove the plastic piece covering the hdmi port and the one for the cable releases)

    compare this 2 images, that was what i meant (and wasnt making a critic of the product, is just the way it was designed) and believe me i want to be wrong here.



  • roberto

    damn it – i was talking about the milch plate all the time – no the jb one – sorry

    • Ross

      That’s OK. The milch plate design looks good & with that, you can also remove the side plate with an allen key (hex drive) if desired. It’s a bit tough if you want the connections & the plate at the same time. A bit like the PENs having to choose between an EVF or mounted flash.

      Unfortunately, the JB grip system is cheap because it is some sort of plastic, but it would be a lot better if it was made of alloy instead.

  • Anonymous

    Before the launch of the EM-5 I said Olympus should have offered this and an aftermarket product would do well but the way this is made it should be $20. They would sel far more and reduce the MOQ thus making more money. Not so sure the strength is there in the bottom design. If olympus sells the bottom of theirs for $120 they will fly out the door and they will still make a huge profit.

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