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Olympus Camera shutter sound collection by Robin Wong


Robin Wong writes in his latest blog post:

I set all the cameras to self timer for consistency sake, so you don’t see my hands/fingers in the frame, and the video emphasized the camera as the center of attention. The shutter speed was fixed at 1/80 sec. I tried various shutter speeds and I figured 1/80 was the sweetspot – not too fast that you don’t hear the first and second curtain, and not too slow that you feel there was something wrong with the camera. I have to admit some cameras like the faster newer models E-M1 Mark II and E-M5 Mark III sound much better at 1/60 sec, or a bit slower, because the shutter unit was so much speedier in response. But I want to keep it consistent for all cameras, so at the end I decided to go 1/80.
The whole process was so fun and enjoyable to do, the filming took a little over an hour, time well spent I must say.

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