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Olympus announces a small superzoom compact (no m43 news today)


When the sources sent me the info that there would be a small announcement I didn’t think it would be that small :) Event the 60mm macro hasn’t been officially released (even if Amazon displayed the 60mm lens on their server).
Olympus announced the new Olympus SP-820UZ superzoom compact camera. More info at ePhotozine.

UPDATE: Just want to make it clear that sources only told me about a “small announcement coming”. When I got the Amazon 60mm brochure it was my guess that it may be related to the 60mm macro. I was wrong :(

As I told you before the bog Mirrorless stuff is going to be announced in mid September! Same for Panasonic!

  • who

    I like the design oft the camera. That would be a nice mft Body.

    • Jens


    • ulli


  • ED

    So no leaked specs or rumors before that??

  • tyler made

    Ugly camera. Hope it shoots better than it looks (doubtful).

    • dau

      Ironically it resembles the g5 more than anything…

  • Maybe it was planned to release the 60mm macro lens today but they read 43rumors and realised that their brochures have to be reprinted (the unfortunate grasshopper shot)

  • Sunny

    Oh. That´s embarassing for the sources of a (m)ft platform! ;-)

    • admin

      My fault. The sources only said it’s a minor announcement. And than I found that link on Amazon. Thought this would be the stuff.

  • caver3d

    Oops, admin, what happened?

  • spam

    Another dumbed down superzoom from Olympus, no wonder they don’t do well in this category. Olympus used to make some of the best superzooms, but they started removing features after the SP-570UZ. SP-800UZ lost the viewfinder and later models have been much the same.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Yep, we can trust consumerism to spoil every product it touches.
      Digital camera market was at its peak around 2003-2004 with widest product variety.
      Since that there’s been only downhill with more and more of “Me too!” products of only few basic types.

  • Pfffffffft WTF Olympus ? Where is the 60mm Macro !?

  • Well thats so boring that Im gonna drench my camera-sorrows in liquor tonight… I want something new and exciting!

    • Like a 14-54, 12-60, 50-200, 100-300 for mFT ;-)

  • Willy

    Is this the first Olympus with automated panorama function?

    Would be great if EM-5 and others could have upgraded firmware to do this!

    • st3v4nt

      I doubt Olympus will release the updated firmware that add feature. I think they prefer updating the camera with minor feature. Updating firmware not generating revenue while updating camera did. So there will be EM-6, EM-7, EM-8, EM-9 and so on.

      • Bart

        Most actual features are not implemented in firmware, rather, the firmware only controls those features by setting parameters and activating them. Without this, cameras would need much more powerful processors (resulting in more battery drain, heat production and cost).

        Hence, changing the behavior of a feature is usually possible as long as the parameters involved can be changed, but actually adding substantial features is usually not possible.

    • Darryl

      My XZ-1 has automated panoramas.

  • Narretz

    Didn’t I say that admin is often a little too optimistic? ;)

  • nik

    no swivel lcd? wth

  • Oliver

    On I saw a picture of the new Sony NEX6 > probably smaller and cheaper than the NEX7. I hope Olympus is going to release an under-1000-euro-PEN with evf. THAT´S something they need to compete with the rivals in the camera market. Not a me-too-cam.

  • Dan Smith

    I would be great if a manufacturer released a camera that created panorama images just by moving the camera in a circle, then up an increment vertically, a nd the same, much like the current app available for Apple IOs system called 360.

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