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Olympus and Panasonic NO news


We havn’t found any important news today. So we gave some special attention to Pentax. Maybe because Marwin has been a Pentax K10D user since two years ;)

We promise you we will come back sooner as you think with important Panasonic and Olympus news. UPDATE: Much sooner than you can think ;) UPDATE 2: I have my first bigger Panasonic rumors!

By the way, we made a half miracle today because the redesign of our website is almost finished. We will try the new design this Sunday. We really hope you will enjoy it!

Which camera do I (Alejandro) own?

Minolta CLE

Linhof Tecnica 6×9

Nikon D700

Olympus E-3

Panasoic Lx-3

and then i have fuji, mamiya, canon and holga cameras ;)

What I am lookin for?

Olympus micro four thirds camera, Panasonic GH1, Leica Mp, and a 4×10 fotoman!

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