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Olympus 100-400mm review by Robin Wong


Robin Wong writes:

I loaned the Olympus M.Zuiko 100-400mm F5-6.3 IS lens again from OMD World Imaging (Sole Olympus Distributor in Malaysia) and revisited the lens performance, especially in better lighting conditions. The previous review that I did I tested the lens while the weather was cloudy and the animals were in dim light. I had to push my ISO up to 1600 for many shots, and even 3200 for some shots, and this degraded the image quality, not accurately representing the full potential of the lens. This time, I ensure that I was shooting my subjects (birds in KL Bird Park) with plenty of available sun light and restricted the ISO to low numbers. The improvement of image quality (per pixel sharpness, fine details resolved and overall contrast/tonality) improved drastically. The 100-400mm lens is super sharp and I highly recommend this to any wildlife or bird photographers shooting with Micro Four Thirds system.

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