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Nokton 42,5mm f/0.95 to ship this summer.


Small update about the new Nokton lens. Unlike the Panasonic 42,5mm f/1.2 lens (that is likely to hit the market in early 2014 only) Voigtlander-Cosina will ship the lens from this summer. Price is yet unknown although we can easily guess it will be priced at around $1200 like the current 17mm lens. Save this search on Slidoo to be notified when the lens will be available for preorder on eBay.

Reminder: These are for now the only image samples I found on the web. Please let me know if you can find more of them. Thanks!

For the record. These are the five f/o.95 lenses:
Nokton 25mm f/0.95 (here one Bay).
Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 (here one Bay).
Nokton 42.5mm f/0.95 (not in Stock yet, save this search for notification).
SLRmagic 50mm f/0.95 (here one Bay).
SLRmagic 25mm f/0.95 (not in Stock yet, save this search for notification).

  • U-dash

    This lens is not for me, but I’m sure it will be a very good one as the others also.

  • Kenneth

    I´ll wait for Panasonics 42.5 1.2 and get the autofocus too. Manual lenses are not what I prefer.

  • ninam

    I use the 25 0.95 and have been very satisfied with not only IQ but the build quality. This is how lenses should be made.

    • I love the build quality of 45/1.8.

      Not because it would be an exceptional one, rather for its really low price. If it was up to me the 42/5/1,2 would have the cheapest (but still decent) build quality to help keeping the price down.

      • MJr

        It’s place in the line-up will prevent it being cheap no matter how shitty they built it, it just can’t. So let’s at least get good built for our money please.

      • Ulli

        yes that would not be a bad idea, but i am afraid it will be expensive, especially if the name leica is involved. The 45mm 1.8 is worth every cent of it. Nevertheless, I am thrilled about the new CV.

    • Mr. Reeee


    • admin

      I own it too and I use this lens for 95% of my pics. It’s a killer lens. Totally like it!

      • Dannecus

        I’m another 45/1.8 fan. Both the Nokton and Panny 42.5mm have a massive hill to climb to displace the Oly 45mm from my kit bag. It is tiny, cheap, fast focusing, fabulously sharp and like Admin the lens I use most of all.

        • Michael Gerrard

          Me too! Oly 45mm F1.8 forever!

  • ( . ) ( . )


  • Rinaldo

    Does it have the de-click function?

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Yes, it has.

      • Rinaldo

        That’s cool. It’s nice to see the direction they went. Now let’s wait for the de-clicked 25/.95 mk2 ;)

  • Now if they could do a 9mm f/1.8 that would be great!

    • JF

      I have some doubts that it is possible to have such a big aperture on such an UWA lens…usually UWA are f2.8 max. Why would you need f1.8 on a 9 mm lens ? you can go down to 1/18 s without IS and maybe 1/6 s with IS. A 9 mm f1.8 would be very expensive ! To the contrary, I would like a f2.8 or even f3.5/f4 UWA (8 or 9 mm) that is tack sharp corner to corner and not too expensive (500-700 euros) to take crisp landscapes. The 9-18 mm is not too bad but corners are a bit soft at 9 mm

    • Farrukh

      A 9mm f1.8 – I suspect would cost a fortune but one I’d certainly save up for if it wasn’t a fisheye.

    • Well I mainly just would like a 9mm prime (non-fisheye). I just thought if I were to be paying $1200 like the other Noktons, you would expect at least f/1.8!

    • Also, if Oly can do 12mm f/2 AF, I think it may be possible to do 9mm f/1.8 MF.

      The 7-14mm is pretty good from what I hear.

      Priorities would be:

      – Around 9mm to 10.5 mm
      – Very sharp
      – Very low distortion
      – Vibrant and accurate colours (the best part about Oly 12mm :D)
      – As fast as practicably possible
      – Nice build quality
      – US$1000

      • JF

        the 7-14 unfortunately doesn’t take filters.

        I would add weathersealing.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Filters aren’t very effective on such a wide lens and polarizing filters supposedly work poorly, especially at the 7mm end. That said, I figured out a way to adapt a 7-14mm lens cap for filters, but haven’t done it yet because of what I’ve read about filter use on the lens.

          The 7-14mm is one of my favorite M4/3 lenses and actually pretty versatile. It takes a bit of work to learn to control the 7mm end, but it can produce some fantastic angles and shots. It’s a great lens for interiors.

          • JF

            Yeah, I know filters on UWA produce some heavy vignetting but I still want to have the possibility to use GND and ND filters for seascapes and long exposure even with vignetting. I never tried 7 mm, I only have the 9-18 mm and filters are ok at 9 mm despite some visible vignetting.

            • mx

              I think modifying of MMF-1 (or chinese clone) to put filter inside of it is interesting way to use filters on 7-14 (but 4/3 not m4/3) without any vignetting.

    • Dunsun

      I really don’t understand why they double or triple 45, 40… We miss UWA very much. Something around 8 or 9 mm and f3.5 or f4.0 would be nice and I hope not that expensive. Oly 9-19 is quite expensive and sadly fairly soft in the corners.
      We also need something around 1.8f-2f around basic 17-20mm. Yes I know Oly 17mm but it’s NOT the winner in performance/price game it’s rather a looser.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Zuiko17mm f1.8 is a good lens. Nicely built, as Zuiko12mm, great IQ, blazing fast in AF, and it renders good images. The downside is maybe the price: 400€ would be a better price, and I would have preferred a hood included, but right now I’m really satisfied of my purchase. Here is a recent upload, enlarge for details. The poto was taken at around 11pm, masks were enlightned by a nearby window shop.

        I also own Voigtländer 17.5mm, I don’t consider it a “double” purchase, since the feeling is completely different.

        • trutri

          Sure those lenses are just amazing those pro review sites such as lenstip { normally beloved by the small sensor lovers lol} are all lying b^%$£rds and you as a non biased fanboy who paid the cash for them are right ,see the problem !!

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            Differently from many others, I try and use lenses and cameras before speaking or judging. I’m not a “put the brand” fanboy. I love portability so m43 fits my need. I’m tempted by new Fuji x100s and I’m forcing myself not buy a Sony RX1. As I wrote many times, I use or try lenses and cameras before speaking. And I’m a polite photography fanboy. I can’t say the same about many people here.

          • From the ‘oh so authoritative’ dpreview


            “However, our first impression of the Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 is that it more than justifies its existence. Spend any length of time with the 17mm F1.8 and it’s hard not to conclude that it adds a useful extra option and does a lot to justify its additional cost over the existing models (its list price is $70 more than the excellent Panasonic 20mm, though it’s new enough that it currently commands more of a premium than this in most shops).”

        • sdfsafd

          Was your plan hideous background blur or is that a “feature” of the lens

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            I focused on the main mask. Aperture mode f1.8 ISO 1600. Not the best light situation, considering the reflections on the masks around.

  • Mr. Reeee

    Great news!
    Hopefully, and one would suspect, this will be yet another lens on the same level as the Voigtländer Nokton 25mm and 17.5mm.

  • Farrukh

    Nice lense, but now that I know one with autofocus is on it’s way, I’ll wait for it :)

  • Yun

    It looks like manufacturers all targeting the 45mm focal length , seeing the success of the great 45mm F1.8 .
    I’ll definitely get the 42.5 F1.2 , hopefully this will be another very sharp lens for portraits .

  • GeorgeH

    Current samples images are poor. The 17.5 is way better wide open. Hopefully they work out IQ issues before then. It would be hard to give up the 45/1.8 though.

  • newzild

    When is summer?

    I live in Malaysia, and it’s always summer here.

    In other places, summer varies depending on hemisphere.

    • ninam


      I come from the antipodes and where summer is over the christmas period, given that we live in a northern centric world, you can surmise that they mean summer in the northern hemisphere.

      • newzild

        Yes. It would be nice if the articles were not Eurocentric and could be read by anyone without having to make assumptions and figure out what seasons might apply in other parts of the world.

  • tomas

    why this lens has 2 names …Nokton or Voitghlander-Cossina ?

    • ninam


      Cosina is the company, Voigtlander is the brand (I believe it is licensed).

    • ninam

      Oh and sorry, missed part of your question…

      Nokton refers to “Nocturnal”, referring to the wide aparture which is suited to night time photography

      • tomas

        ah ok..understand now….couse I heard about so called superfast NoktoR lenses…which are basicaly some cheap CCTV lenses sold as superquality-fast

        so was confused with Nokton …but now clear to me

        • ninam

          I think its common for the german brands to use the “noc” prefix…i.e. Noctilux from Leica

  • yretyu5

    Great a $1200 manual focus lens that does the same Job as a $450 full AF Nikon 85mm F1.8G , do you guys ever get the feeling we are being ripped off.Before the fanboys kick in the Nikon is by all accounts an awesome performer. If you are so keen on shallow DOF why not buy a larger sensor camera in the first place?

    • Another Fantard

      > do you guys ever get the feeling we are being ripped off.

      No. But then, I’m capable of making rational decisions about value for money rather than feeling compelled to buy whatever new gimmicky lens hits the market.

      This is why I purchased the Olympus 45/1.8. It does everything I need it to do at a fraction of the price of this lens which doesn’t (I like AF).

      Engineering tolerances will probably make it a lot harder to make a f/0.95 for MFT than a f1.8 for FF. Plus, the market for manual MFT lenses is probably quite a bit smaller than for fully auto FF lenses, so there won’t be the same ecomonies of scale either. Finally, it’s expensive because they can get away with it.
      I agree that DoF obsessives might do better than MFT for their needs, but there will be some users who choose MFT for other reasons (size, weight, the video of the GH3) and are willing/forced to pay the premium to get ultra-fast lenses. This clearly isn’t intended as a mass-market lens, and niche products tend to command premium prices.

      There’s no need to throw a tantrum because this lens is expensive – there’s plenty of cheaper alternatives that do an excellent job. It’s unreasonable to expect every product to be within a price range one considers acceptable. I don’t whine on Pagani forums that the Zonda is out of my price range!

      • Benney fisg

        @another fantard the irony of your ID is that you are the biggest fantard on the forum as is obvious by reading many of your abusive posts. You are the one throwing a tantrum all because someone expressed a perfectly reasonable opinion. While the small market will indeed influence the price it is plain silly to suggest that a lens designed for a sensor a quarter the size of FF will be more difficult, there are P&S cameras such as the LX7 that have an f1.4 24mm lens , F1.4 is F1.4 right lol

        • ninam

          @Benney Fisg

          The only abusive comment I have read in this thread is yours

          • PeterBcdmire

            Some people would be inclined to interpret the opening statement as an insult ,

            “No. But then, I’m capable of making rational decisions”

            I think seeing a $1200 manual focus lens which gives no advanatge over slower lenses for other systems as over priced as a reasonable position to hold,and as with Benny I have seen several posts from you which are indeed very insulting, usually because someone has rattled your fanboy cage.

            • “I think seeing a $1200 manual focus lens which gives no advanatge over slower lenses for other systems as over priced as a reasonable position to hold,and as with Benny I have seen several posts from you which are indeed very insulting, usually because someone has rattled your fanboy cage.”

              It gives the advantages that it actually works very well on the cameras I happen to own, has a totally superior build quality and is much more usable for video applications.

              Failure to understand what something is good for does not make a negative conclusion a ‘reasonable position’. It makes asking questions a reasonable position.

              Suggesting people just go switch systems if they want what this lens does but cheaper is also not a reasonable position because it totally ignores why people have chosen the system they use.

              Which doesn’t change that $1200 (guess) is expensive for getting a manual focus lens that gives the same field of view and dof control as a much cheaper 85/1.8. Sometimes that is the price of a choice that you made for other reasons however, and sometimes there is more to this thing called photography then a few numbers on a lens.

              • Danny Mac

                “Which doesn’t change that $1200 (guess) is expensive for getting a manual focus lens that gives the same field of view and dof control as a much cheaper 85/1.8. Sometimes that is the price of a choice that you made for other reasons however, and sometimes there is more to this thing called photography then a few numbers on a lens”

                It is not just the AOV and DOF , I will be surprised if there is any significant gain in actual image quality the 85mm is a real bargain performer though the price of $1200 is not far off the Nikon 85mm F1.4G.I guess everyone looks at things differently ,As FF user with mFT as a lightweight travel and video set up perhaps I have a different view than folk devoted to the mFT system.
                People here are always going on about the price of FF lenses etc but it is nonsense when you compare like for like { AOV DOF }, even lenses from the independents for FF are getting better I just recently got a hold of the Sigma 35mm F1.4 which is a great performer and cheaper better and faster than the 17mm f1.8 { I am in Ireland}.

                • Aybe prices here are very good (usually not) but the 85/1.8G costs less then $600 here.

                  • yikes milky

                    @bart I think the guy meant that the voightlander at $1200 is close to the $1400 NIkon F1.4G which is a fully pro grade lens with excellent build quality

                    • Possibly he meant the 85/1.4G, but that was not the lens being discussed, not to mention that that lens gives significantly more DOF control on a 135 format camera then the 42.5/0.95 on a m4/3 camera.

                      No reason for involving this lens in this discussion as well unless its to point out that a lens with very high build quality is more expensive in the Nikon line-up as well.

            • Another Fantard

              Apologies if my opening statement caused any offence – it was not my intention to do so.

              The point I was trying to make (quite poorly it seems) was that “ripped off” is an inappropriate term to use under the cirumstances. It would be fair to feel “ripped off” if an item isn’t as described, or you are compelled to purchase it (for example, a printer manufacturer suddenly increasing the price of cartridges after you’ve bought the printer).

              But that isn’t the case here – this admittedly expensive lens is merely offering more choice in an already crowded market. No-one is compelled to purchase it, unless they have an uncontrollable urge to buy things just because they’re new regardless of value for money or usefulness (hence my opening statement).

              In an earlier post further down the page, I’ve made an argument for why there may still be a market for such a lens, even if it is poor value for money compared to it’s equivalent in other systems.

              But value for money is not the only consideration people make when buying a camera system – I sold my Nikon APS-C system to move entirely to MFT despite it being more expensive. I won’t bore you with all my reasons for doing so, but I can assure you that losing some DoF control (and some cash) was a price I was prepared to pay for the benefits that MFT gives me. And I find the 45/1.8 gives more than enough DoF control for my needs, so I would have no interest in this absurdly over-priced lens. But just because I don’t have any need or desire for it doesn’t make it rubbish, or make me angry that it exists. It just makes it irrelevant for me.

              I will never understand why people get so angry/upset/antagonistic about the existence of products they have no interest in. Why not just get what works for you and let other people enjoy their own choices?

              • Bollox

                Mate, ripped off is ripped off. Why should anyone be offended? It’s the simple truth: an M43 system is easily as dear as a 135, which is in a different league for usability, quality etc.
                M43 only scores for portability, which does not nail it for me. Myself, I am happy with a compact for treks. I looked into M43 and was baffled at how poor the products were for the price. M43 marketing is also the “most honest” on earth :)

                • Oh, hi Bollox, looks like you are posting bollocks about being ripped off…


                  “rip off Slang
                  1. To steal from: thieves who ripped off the unsuspecting tourist.
                  2. To steal: ripped off a leather jacket while ostensibly trying on clothes.
                  3. To exploit, swindle, cheat, or defraud: a false advertising campaign that ripped off consumers.”

                  Tell us, where is something stolen from people, where are they cheated or defrauded?

                  Its their own decision to spend $1200 on a lens (or to not do so).

        • Another Fantard

          I’m not sure what you read in my post to consider it a tantrum – I made the effort to try to explain my reasoning in a clear but concise way.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        And I recognize Zonda is a beautiful car even if I own an Alfa MiTo..

    • ninam

      “If you are so keen on shallow DOF why not buy a larger sensor camera in the first place?”

      Well I appreciate wide aperture with a deep DOF, MFT suits me fine thanks.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I won’t buy a full-frame camera maybe because I refuse to lug one around. Although, I DO adapt select full-frame lenses to use with my GH2.

      I shoot with a Voigtländer 25mm because of it’s low-light capabilities, I don’t really care about DoF so much, though it’s shallow DoF @ f0.95 is one aspect I can play around with. It’s close-up capabilities, image & build quality and the special look of it’s images are what attract me to it.

    • Es

      Welcome to m4/3, here we pay a hefty premium for size, and we’re happy about it.

  • Benney fisg

    Lets see $1200 for a MF lens that does the same job as a $450mm Nikon 85mm F1.8 ,this is crazy all to chase shallow DOF , maybe you guys have bought into the wrong system , though it would be smaller a kit using the fastest primes in the system would not be any cheaper than an equivalent DOF FF selection

    • Another Fantard

      There’s more to life than just shallow DoF. Did it occur to you that maybe some people like wide apertures for low-light photography?

      • Benney fisg

        Well according to literally thousands of posts in the various forums shallow DOF is a cliched gimmick,an 85mm { equiv AOV } manual focus $1200 lens has a very narrow field of usefulness.As for whiskybravo i have owned mFT since it first became available and now have quite an extensive system built round a GH3 and an E-M5. Its cool if you guys think $1200 is a good price for a manual focus lens that gives us no more DOF advantage than the mentioned 85mm F1.8g { an excellent lens by the by} that is cool.I am very happy with mFT but if I was chasing shallow DOF or constantly working in low light then I would be using another system, this type of think is what made Olympus make super fast super heavy super expensive FT lenses. The fanboys here are ridiculous as no criticism is accepted .

        • Another Fantard

          I totally agree with you – if you regularly shoot ultra-thin DoF or in very dark conditions (or both!), then MFT is a poor choice.

          BUT the vast majority of photographers shoot in a wide variety of situations and have a wide range of considerations. To list just a few;
          Low-light performance
          Compatibility with other systems

          If you have chosen MFT as the best compromise for your overall needs, but find there are situations when you need shallow DoF or low-light performance, it makes a lot more sense to buy a $1200 MFT lens than invest in a whole other system just for those occassions. I can’t imagine anyone carrying around a FF + 85/1.8 JUST for the odd portrait shot. Besides being impractical for size/weight it would also cost more.

        • Freddy

          May I give you some advices? Firstly remember, you don’t have to buy the lens. It’s a special piece of glass and metal, maybe someday you will understand. Sell all your mFT stuff, this expensive system… you are gonna make some good money. And then go to nikon blogs and foruns to talk to your buddies about the benefits of having this wonderful and modern system, letting us alone. Every system has its benefits if you idiot still don’t understand…

          • PeterBcdmire

            @ Freddy Wow, another abusive mFT fanboy just what the forum needs .I honestly do not see anything untoward posted by Benny.Or did your fanboy sensitivities get hurt when he suggested that fanboys here allow nothing but “yay team” posts are, which ironically your post demonstrates perfectly. As an mFT user he has every right to express his viewpoint.It is this kind of behavior that has made mFT forums like the one on DPreview a laughing stock.

            • true homer

              Well yes but why are nikon users even following this Page? And even going to the trouble of posting? Whis the real fanboy here? The mft user posting on a mft rumor site or the nikon man screaming and starting to set a fire on a mft rumor site?
              And then saying the super soft d5100 is better than the best mft has to offer…and THEN posting a meaningless dxomark link…

              Its like budist sitting through Catholic mass every sunday just to say how wrong they are.

              • uioyuopu

                @ true homer
                The D5100 has the exact same Sony 16mp sensor as that in the D7000, Pentax K5 etc all of them give excellent results , and just ,how exactly do you get a soft sensor ?. The sharpness is pretty much a function of the lens. And while the D5100 has its failings as with every other camera image quality is certainly not one of them.The D5100 with the Nikon 85mm F1.8g will in truth give image quality at least as good as the best mFT sensor with the 75mm F1.8 on board with the same DOF as an F1.2 lens on mFT.

                The GH3 and E-M5 are passable at 1600,and very poor above that,in low light murky conditions that demand the use of higher ISO situations maybe you could post a NR mush sample to demonstrate how wonderful they are.Or better still a shot taken in bright sunshine at 1/4000th to show how good high ISO is , its like the shots to show the “awesome , shallow DOF available from mFT” which are typically a near macro shot taken a few inches from the subject. No one here was raving about Nikon the guy simply mentioned one lens which has the same AOV and DOF as the lens being discussed as a demonstration of pricing. The 85mm is an excellent lens the 75mm is probably a better lens till it comes time to mount it on a camera, the D5100 sensor is still a little better than the E-M5 sensor with a DOF advantage of 3/4 of a stop. These are all simple to confirm.

                You guys sure are doing your bit to confirm PeterBcdmire point , by the way Peter just because a few guys here are rampant fanboys doesn’t mean we all are. I an most of the guys here perfectly understand the pros and cons of mFT for me it delivers all the image quality I need in a smaller lighter package that means I am far more likely to carry it and use it, I am too damn lazy to carry FF for a couple of stops difference.

                • true homer

                  you are very wrong there. there is such thing as a soft sensor. that point was proven last week with the a99, a sensor that WITH THE SAME LENS, delivered 350 lines less of resolution than the old a900

                  • jimhtko

                    the A99 uses a different sensor than the one on the A900 whereas the D5100 has the exact same sensor as in the Nikon D7000 with identical results. I didn’t believe what he was saying but you know to be honest looking at the sensor results and the performance of the 85mm F1.8g he could well be right. obviously the E-M5 has all sorts of funky features like its amazing 5 axis and its build quality etc .But from a purely image quality point of view the D5100 and 85mm F1.8G would compete very well with the E-M5 with the 75mm both of which I own but imam not too bothered I will take the E-M5 with all its features any day.

                • The reasons why berrey and peter to some extent were ‘blasted’ was explained above already. Berrey made a statement that is based on a rather narrow and unreasonable point of view, and does so in a rather aggressive way. That is no way to offer useful critisism or start useful discussion. Add to this that the comments play on people instead of arguments only.

                  Admin should autoban anyone who uses the word fanboy more then once a week, maybe it will force such people to make their points in a normal way instead.

                  • jimhtko

                    “Admin should autoban anyone who uses the word fanboy more then once a week, maybe it will force such people to make their points in a normal way instead.”

                    Careful now Bart its only THursday and you have used the “word” once already lol

                    • lol, good point.

            • Freddy

              @ PeterBcdmire
              All Benny posts are non-sense!!!! Completely non-sense. Complaining about a lens price WILL NOT make it cheaper. The CV lenses are state of the art glasses that compete with the Leicas. No, not saying they’re better but IQ is close. A lot, I mean A LOT of Leica users have CV lenses. You (obviously) are going to say “meemee meemee cause they are cheaper”… Yes cheaper (and it envolves construction, brand strength, etc) but it has very close performance. Again, VERY CLOSE performance, or the Leica crowd would not buy them, would they?? And then come Benny, comparing it to one of the cheapest Nikon lenses, suggesting “buabuah… why you guys don’t buy a FF body and a shitty 85/1.8 lens… you will get the same dof…. meemeeeee buahbuah… and also get 3 kilograms more, lose money, get a huge backpack…. and a mirror!! Wow, 70’s technology… yes, I can’t shoot without a mirror, almost forgot”. Photography (and video, where this lens shines) is not all about thin dof. He completely forgot light gathering, manual feeling (that a lot like)… and the fact that it is a crop lens, almost achieving FF results. Oh, another advice for you and Benny: just wait for another lens maker to launch a cheap f0.95 lens then you smart guys can buy it.

    • and the counter-argument to that is:

      But a FF camera will have a 2 stop advantage in low light noise performance!

      Nobody will ever win this war. I’d say most people waging it don’t even own/use the cameras they stoically defend.

  • I’d love to buy the 17mm Nokton. If only it weren’t so darned expensive.
    I guess I’ll just have to wait until the Oly 17mm comes down in price a little. Seems like the only real alternative at the moment…

  • Freddy

    @Benney fisg, I meant..

  • Ulli

    It is time to prepare another bankrobbery again!

  • Camaman

    I will add my share of oil to the fire…

    No m43 is not for the ultimate low DOF chasers but 0.95 does a nice compensation vs. FF

    But m43 is better for low light chasers cause of the f0.95 bright aperture that negates the FF Higher iso advantage and gives you a smaller system advantage.
    There you go! :-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      Ahhhh… a voice of reason! Add my vote!

      FYI: CameraQuest has the Nokton 42.5mm listed on the home page… no shipping or pricing info. He’s taking $100 deposits to hold one. He got mine.

  • Beautemps

    A 0.95 42,5mm lens is a 0.95 42,5mm lens. In every System. But for a 43-Sensor it will be much cheaper than the bigger lens for a wider image circle.

    We care for cheap fast lenses on a high quality sensor. That is why we are with m43 System.

    Nobody cares for a sharp top of eye-lashes in the night.

    • sdfsafd

      @ Beautemps

      A 0.95 42,5mm lens is a 0.95 42,5mm lens. In every System. But for a 43-Sensor it will be much cheaper than the bigger lens for a wider image circle.

      Then I must assume you also think that an F1.4 lens on a P$S is the same as an F1.4 lens on mFT , in which case you are being seriously overcharged lol. No, a lens is unique to the system it is designed for and the smaller the sensor the easier and cheaper it should be hence why you get P$S lenses with very fast aperture. You mFT fanboys really take the term embarrassing to amazing new heights

      We care for cheap fast lenses on a high quality sensor. That is why we are with m43 System.

      Just checking that in whatever deluded world you live in that $1200 for a lens with the same DOF AOV as an 85mm F1.8{9 }at a fraction of the price, you consider $1200 cheaper lol

      • true homer

        How much did that full frame cost you? Lenses will last me forever, bodies will go out in 2 years if youre lucky, and the “cheap” full frames just came out. Are you now gonna talk to the about the dx alternative? Then its not 85 f1.8 it has to be something like 55 f1.2. Right? Cause if we’re gonna talk silly equivalencies the it also aoplies to aps c right? So does nikon make a 55mm f1.2 lens? Does nikon even make a modern f1.2 lens? When im at iso 3200 are you really comfortable at iso 12800 with tyat full frame? Cause I hear a lot of talk but very few samples aroujd the entire internet. Im very very comfortable with bith the em5 and the gh3 at iso 6400, are you comfortable with your d800 at iso 25600?

        • Chez Wimpy

          My 5D2 is 4.5 years old, and no signs of slowing down. Never had a digital camera before (or since) that has weathered the progress of technology so well. The only issue is the Canon sensor (and some things never change) but it will be no worse a decade from now – and I honestly expect to still be using it at that point precisely for DOF-control purposes. Much better investment than a slew of “acceptable wide open” MF-only 0.95 primes. With the addition of liveview and focus micro-adjustment, the camera future-proofed itself for the majority of my use situations. The original 5D, not so much. The Nikon D800E, D600, Canon 6D, and 5D3 give me a similar “long-term” impression.

          • MAFAv8r

            Glad you have had no problems with the 5DmArk II. One 10 day photography trip, two photographers had theirs in for repairs

          • true homer

            how much did it cost you when you got it? I intend to use my GH2 for years to come too. why not get a medium format if you need so much dof control? or a 8×10 film camera?

            • true homer

              and much more importantly, why are you here if your 5dmk2 is so great? also when Im out there handholding the camera at ISO 3200 what are you gonna do with your “equivalent” 85 f1.8 lens? break out the tripod and set it up while I shoot? but hey! you can then sell the photo to your chiropractor! cause as far as i know your awesome camera tops out at ISO 6400.
              two stops faster is two stops faster, and I can sell a noisy photo and even clean it up, can you fix and sell your motion blurred one?

      • Yes, in both cases F1.4 means exactly the same thing: focal length/ aperture diameter = 1.4
        Nothing more and nothing less.

        • jimhtko

          that is nonsense Bart for F1.4 to be the same as F1.4 in another system it has to deliver identical photos, same DOF,same AOV and same total light. Otherwise to call them the same because the camera meter says so is completely wrong. If this really was the case then the Panasonic zoom ( can’t remember it’s name ) with the f2.8 zoom that goes all the way out to 600mm would be a work of genius and long telephoto users would be jumping over each other to buy it.

  • Andrew

    I’m really hoping this thing isn’t $1200. The Panasonic will have OIS plus AF. Most likely, very good AF. I’d anticipate THAT lens being 100-1200. But this CV lens? I love my 25mm too, but equal in price to AF+OIS for, half a stop? I don’t know the exact value of added light between f/1.2 and f/0.95, but seeing it on my 25mm, yes I’d miss that little extra boost in light, but would trade it for AF+OIS in a heartbeat. I know, I know, we all have our different needs and priorities as shooters but I just think the Panasonic will be a more costly lens at around $1100-1200. Sadly, maybe it’s true the CV will be the same price, what’s on their side as lens makers is they are releasing their lenses a year apart. Gives them a better opportunity to not compete.

    • Andrew

      obviously i meant 1100-1200

    • Ulli

      If I must choose, I would go for the CV, since I bet its bokeh rendering will appeal more to my taste, and as I shoot mostly wideopen with fast lenses during model sessions, every extra stop(thats about the gain, almost…) helps me getting a decent isolation effect especially for full figure shots. And please dont advise me to go “FF” because if bulky cameraa would be no problem, i would prefer to go medium format instead of the “allmighty FF solution”
      Personally, I think if people choose f/0.95 instead of f/1.2 because it helps them in lowlight I wonder it would be easier just to choose one stop higher ISO, especially now high iso has improved 1 to 2 stops also compared with older generation cameras.

      • Ulli

        unless lowlight shooters are just as shallow dof’er as i am .

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