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New SLRmagic 50mm anamorphic video by Seb Farges.


I like Seb Farges creative way of testing m43 stuff. The video on top shows the SLR magic 50mm f/0.95 lens used with the Berthiot Tiny Cinemascope 2X lens. Great work!
I take the chance to ask you to send me your best work from time to time. Tomorrow I am going to post an article with a list of links to readers work. If you have something special to show to our 43rumors readers drop me a message at! Thanks!

The Berthiot 2x lens can be found on eBay (Click here) Same thing for the SLR magic lens on eBay (Click here)

  • GH1 Owner


  • PS

    Nice stuff!!

  • Will someone please take this bloke aside and explain to him what a tripod is for. Then get him one for his birthday.
    You might have a chat about his taste in music, too.

    • hank lepstein

      nothin wrong with some classic regina spektor, or some shakiness.

    • Fan

      Nah, he just needs the new E-M5 with better stabilization.

    • MP


      Why always criticize? If you think you can do better why not post it post it?

      Anyways, Handheld shots with a bit of shake actually look more natural on casual daily life people shots. Tripod shot would look too superficial in such situation. For a 100mm equivalent lens with an added anamorphic on it and without I.S. these shots are not that shaky at all.

  • Steve

    I find this video crappy. What about using a tripod? And too much vignetting. Too dark at all.

    There are lot of useless videos like this on vimeo. All of them are the same. Its about:

    – shallow depth of field or
    – anamorphic
    – or both
    – it-makes-me-wanna-suicide-music
    – pseudo romantic style

    No. This is nothing special. Just another peace of “if-it-wouldnt-be-there-noone-would-miss-it.

    Just my2C

    • Leu

      You realize this is a test of anamorphic right? so it wouldn’t make sense to not have it be anamorphic. Some of the shots are really nice, btw, so why not just appreciate it instead of bash on it? It is way better than the idiotically serious make believe sport in the new 5DmkIII video, and this is a lense test, on top.

      • Digifan

        Everybody is entitled to his/her opinion. Steve, in a way, is right, there are too many meaningless video’s on vimeo with NO story to tell.

        I personally think it’s a nice test of anamorphic video and show off of the lens. But that’s it.

        Seb Farges HAS many video’s with the opposite that I like.

        Not everybody CAN show his/her work, because of restrictions of contracts and/or privacy laws. I, for one, can’t. And my family doesn’t want to be exposed on the net either.
        So the limited stuff I publish is also of meaningless things with no people in them.

    • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang

      got up on the wrong foot today? want a hug?

      • Cteve

        But it’s true that Seb Farge stuff is a bit of the same thing over and over again. Ok, I give it to the guy, if its for lens lesting purpose only, fine. But as short movies I never watch them completely as I’m bored to death.

    • MP

      @Steve see my comment above.

  • appreciate

    nice work.

  • BLI

    Canon 5Diii — supports radiocontrolled flash!! I’ve suggested it before — Olympus: please consider radio control of flashes — it is more flexible than remote control based on light.

  • moomin

    I myself has got bored of doing these test videos and got off my arse and made a attempt to make a narrative film.

    • Cteve

      nice stuff Moomin!

      • moomin

        thanks Cteve :-)

    • Robert from Oz

      That was a really good video. I wanted to watch it right to the end, which of course I did lol. Should submit for local short film festival. Australia’s tropfest would love it

      • moomin

        thanks! I have submitted to the vimeo short film competition and will be submitting to some local events and see how we go.
        I wish more people would give narrative a go but if one wants high hits they do hack test or lens videos.

  • Marco

    skewed video

  • ruy

    I think he is doing good, good color, good artists and great music, but the lens really deformed the clip.

    • nick

      I think the skewed/deformation is because the lens was not suppose to be used for a large 43 sensor. It was designed for a smaller image coverage. However, great video! Love Sebs videos.

  • fgl42

    I wonder why Panasonic has not made a LA7200 for micro four thirds. Have you seen the price of those things? They’ve gone through the roof in recent years. There are a lot of folks who are crazy about the anamorphic look but can’t afford the thousands of dollars it costs to shoot that way. If Panasonic were to release an updated LA7200 for $300 it would be a big seller- much bigger than that 3D lens.

  • Usually don’t like these types of videos, but this one was great. Really interesting texture and touching shots. Love that illusive creature running around!

  • Dude

    That is the wrong 50mm SLR Magic Lens.

    That lens is protype that won’t come out till september and costs like $3999 not $1000 the old 50mm sucks.

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