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New Panasonic GH3 reviews (and RAW suppport via Adobe).


Paris, Salon de la Photo 2012 : Test GH3 + Lumix G X 12 35 mm f/2.8 from Fabrys on Vimeo.

Whatdigitalcamera posted the full GH3 review: “So getting back to our initial question of whether the GH3 is ready to take on DSLR competition, our answer to this is yes. Both photography and video is a pleasing experience with the GH3 and with a 92% overall score it comes away with a WDC Gold Award.

Amateur Photographer posted a short GH3 hands-on article. The german website also tested the GH3 and they found the image quality superior to the E-M5.

Adobe now supports the new GH3 and PEN raw files. Check out: Adobe Camera Raw 7.3 RC and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.3 RC.

GH3 preorders at Amazon , Adorama, BhphotoPanasonic US and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK and Technikdirekt. Shipment start in mid December!


  • Heat Legend

    image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.image quality superior to the E-M5.

    • Elf

      @heat Legend……. It is a nasty stutter you have

    • WSG123

      Awesome! I have an EM-5, and don’t plan on switching, but constant improvement in the m4/3 category benefits us all. It will give Olympus a new high mark to shoot for in the EM-6!

      • mooboy

        Well said! And if better and using same sensor in gx2, I’ll be mighty tempted by it!

    • sneye

      Congratulations. You have just given the term ‘fanboyism’ a new, unsurpassable definition. And congratulations to Panasonic on an excellent product.

    • Pete

      and better than Nikon D4 and better than Nikon D4 and better than Nikon D4 and better than Nikon D4 and better than Nikon D4 and better than Nikon D4 and better than Nikon D4

      how ridiculous, as you!

  • KI

    “Superior” …… slightly better, or MUCH BETTER!!! …? Superior sounds drastic.

    and btw; First?

    • GreyOwl

      Second, I’m afraid.

    • rombo

      They say IQ of GH3 is 89,6% while IQ of the EM5 is 80,6%.
      Whatever that means.

    • WSG123

      It shows the GH3 as having a IQ of 90, which is a higher IQ than the Nikon D4, 5 points higher than the Sony Alpha 99, and a point behind the D600.

      I find that a little hard to believe, frankly.

      • 655GGU

        Perhaps like DPreview the ratings are against similar models in this case the E-M5 and APS ,unless you are one of the lunatics claiming the E-M5 is as good as the D800

      • Tron

        Oh come on, everyone knows that Germans never lie… especially on the Internet!!

    • Smelly Cat

      Maybe you would have been first if you’d skipped the last sentence ;-)

  • superior now, lol

    with pre-production firmware, lol

  • Rinaldo

    “In isolation the detail that’s resolved by the 16MP sensor is very respectable indeed and it’s not until you compare the results side-by-side with a camera that uses an APS-C sized sensor that you realise there’s fractionally less detail in the GH3’s files at 100%”
    It seems the guys from whatdigitlcamera are a bit confused.. ;)

    • bousozoku

      “fractionally less detail” seems a left-handed compliment. Of course, other sites have compared the E-M5’s image quality saying that you have to put it against a 135 format image to see a distinct difference in image quality.

      The same sort of result but it would seem the author chose a negative approach to the description of the GH3 output.

  • Bronica

    100% = best camera on the market.

    When a new camera appears which is better, than this camera gets the 100%-rating. And the former top-camera is rated – for example – 98%.

  • Anonymous

    I’m excited. I’m still going to wait for production-model reviews (hopefully soon) before I order one, but there’s really no other camera I would want to get, so it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point. I am very interested in stills and hope the GH3 is better than the already impressive EM5, but it’s the video capability of the GH3 that is most attractive. I already have a stills camera in the system that is quite good. Not great, but good enough that I’m not impatient.

    • I too will more likely purchase the gH3—for it’s video. I hope Panasonic makes this cam available with 13-35mm f2.8–as a kit!

  • OK admin, enough distracting us with this GH-3 puff piece… we want more FT5! :D


    jks.. keep up the good work!

  • AP seem to suggest the GH3 has the multi aspect sensor. I quote:

    ‘The sensor, as has been the case in previous models, is oversized beyond the image circle. This allows other formats, such as 3:2 and 16:9, to have a higher pixel count.’

  • Why why why Panasonic, why didnt you put the same sensor in G5 :| smaller body, no wweather sealing and lower price,but similar IQ. Maybe GX2…or Oly EP5…ehh

  • Whatashock!

    Frankly, what is surprising about this?

    The damn camera is just about as big as a smaller, regular APS-C camera, and so what is the big deal?

    Is there some inherent advantage in having a significantly smaller sensor, in an almost APS-C size camera, that I am missing (besides smaller lenses?)

    If I want an APS-C camera, perhaps I should just buy one. If I want an m4/3 camera, the size of the original intent of m4/3, I’ll but an e-m5, and if Olympus has any sense when they upgrade to the next generation, and keep it small, the e-m6.

    • Esrhan

      The big deal here are the video capabilities that are currently unmatched by any other compact system camera, camcorder or DSLR, unless you go many times over the price of the GH3. If Olympus could fit all that technology and more (IBIS for example) into an E-M5 sized body, then that would be more than welcome.

      • Tom

        And yet Panasonic have been quoted as saying that the GH2 was 60:40 video/stills whilst the GH3 is 50:50 as they concentrated on improving stills performance so… through mindless extrapolation you could argue that the GH2 (with hack) is superior; older sensor is quicker and GH2 video didn’t suffer from aliasing or moire. But that is analysis from testing cameras with pre-production firmware so, pinch of salt.

    • bart

      Did the GH3 all of a sudden make the GX1 or E-PMx or such HUGE?


      Then why is it so bad for Panasonic to offer choices for a broader group of people by also introducing a larger body? More choices makes the system attractive to more people, which is good for every m4/3 user.

      A camera system isn’t about the body but about the lenses, and in case of m4/3 also about the extreme ease with which one can adapt almost every existing lens.

      There is a group of people who really wants a bigger camera body so it has enough real-estate for a larger number of relatively large buttons and dials, yet they do want to take advantage of the system advantages of m4/3. Those system advantages aren’t just compactness.

      Rather, it is POSSIBLE to make more compact cameras using the m4/3 system, but nothing whatsoever requires every m4/3 camera body to be small. As long as a good choice of compact bodies and lenses exists, that advantage can be used, and the fact that a larger body also exists doesn’t change that at all.

      • safaridon

        I think many who are complaining that the GH3 size is too large simply have never handled a G or GH camera in person so are going simply on what others are saying. Recently I had the opportunity to handle a G3 in a store and was shocked to see just how small it was and from the pictures the GH3 appears to be a more appropriate larger size for the larger faster or longer lenses for which it was designed. I do like the smaller size of the EM5 but that involves some compromises when handling larger lenses without adding a grip. I do have and like the GF1 but not for handling larger lenses.

    • For me a benefit would be smaller lenses that also fit on a smaller camera for those occasions when you don’t need all the advantages of the larger body. And just lighter and smaller total kit weight in your bag.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      DSLRs with ergonomical grip and similar full controls and construction body are still clearly heavier.
      And it’s really lenses which fast make most of bulk and weight… if you actually need interchangeable optics camera.

      Precisely because of this tiny unergonomic P&S obsession mirrorless cameras have done nothing to break Canikon’s system camera market duopoly.
      Non-reflex system camera deliveries are clearly below 20% of total system cameras, and that share has been taken mostly from compacts, not from DSLRs of Canikon.
      With that small piece of pie divided between multiple makers I wonder if Olympus even has any higher market share than before killing 4/3 DSLRs.

      If you want mirrorless 4/3 to grow and take real market share accept need for more complete system with also high end products with approriate ergonomics.
      Otherwise stop pretending to be fan of 4/3 because unless that main foothold of Canikon get’s shrinked Canon and Nikon will use that as leverage to eventually make m4/3 minority in mirrorless.
      EOS-M sales numbers are good example of that threat.

      • Anonymous

        You know, you could have made that point without all that over the top negativity… would actually make your point a lot better instead of looking like yet another @$$ who thinks bigger is better by definition.

    • bousozoku

      So, you’re the only type of person targeted for all mirror-less cameras? Who knew?

      Considering that Panasonic are targeting Canon 5DMkIII customers with the GH3 would explain that they want a camera that won’t be dropped easily and that has physical controls close to hand so that they can be used quickly, similar to how Olympus’ E-1 was thought out.

      Why would they create a professional camera in a hobbyist or consumer styled body?

  • PRIV

    So many pana fanboys….

    • Anonymous

      And luckily the asshats are few…

    • joe

      and you looked back to Oly fanboys (^_^)

  • Pete

    Great job, after all….

  • matt jones

    Go to you tube and type in “GH3 moire test”, it’s terrible. It’s not looking like a video camera to me, it’s looking like they put their efforts in to stills at the expense of video with this new sensor. Presumably this is to compete with the OMD, which seems a bit silly neglecting their GH2 video fans.

    • Esrhan

      Do you mean the video by DIGIFOTO Pro? That’s one video I wouldn’t look at for evaluation. There’s an odd frame blending effect going on which is not from the GH3 and they seem to have just botched the footage.

  • Anonymous

    Supperior to EM-5 wow we should wait for DxO Mark to proof it LOL
    Frankly when we’re going to stop worrying about IQ in m4/3 as such thing no longer matter.

  • I’m disapointed there’s no 30 fps mode available on gh3.

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