New Panasonic GH2 firmware is out! Download it now!


The new Panasonic GH2 firmware 1.1 has been released. You can download it here: (The Installation How-to is available here: The real HIghlight is the new 1080p25 24Mbp recording feature.

These are alle the new features and improvements:

  1. Added a video mode [HIGH BIT RATE] which is suitable for editing video recorded at high bit rate(24Mbps).
  2. Added a function [POWER ZOOM LENS] when using power zoom lens.
  3. Full area enlargement of AF area setting.
  4. Improved in the speed of consecutive shooting when shot with auto bracket.
  5. Increased number of recordable images in consecutive shooting.
  6. [EX.TELE CONV. (Extra Tele Conversion)] can be set ON/OFF separately in photo or video recording.
  7. More accurate light adjustment of built-in flash.
  8. Improved in the AF performance in video recording.
  9. Synchronization of alarm volume for low battery with [BEEP VOLUME].
  10. Added a function [HALF PRESS RELEASE].
  11. Improved NR (Noise Reduction) in high sensitivity shooting.
  12. Added a function [TOUCH SCREEN] which is ON/OFF control of touch-screen.


The Panasonic GH2 got some discounts in USA and Europe. So if you don’t want to wait for the GH3 here are the direct search links to check the current price and deals: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • edwood

    waiting someone to test it ;-)
    it seems it disables the hack so I’d like to know if there is any real improvement in “high bit rate” video, improved AF and faster bracketing.
    thank you guys

    • V4Vendetta

      I have the first hack, ¿how make the downgrade?

  • Brod1er

    Waiting for the GH3……….

  • tex

    Anyone any idea what “Full area enlargement of AF area setting” means?

    • It’s because originally you can only touch focus on part of the screen.
      At least I guess that’s what they’re talking about.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Thanks but no, thanks.
    As much as I’d love 5fps HDR, I’m valuing too much 66mbps, 2fps and unlimited recording time for now…
    Time to check the roar at :)

  • Nelson

    yeah gonna update ASAP, Vitaliy said it will take him few days to port over to new firmware

  • Camaman

    Wow, a company that actually adds features in their firmwares…

    • Wow, a company which releases a firmware update so long into the product life time.

      I’m no particular fan of Panny, but yes, that’s a strong +10 credit on my book.

      • SteveO

        They recently introduced a comprehensive firmware upgrade to the LX-5 as well. This definitely weighs into my purchasing decisions, keeping their cameras current for perhaps two generations.

  • konjow

    there is no 25fps anyway….

    • Kali

      Yes there is under creative movie mode, what the heck are you talking about?

      there is now 25psf and 30psf

      • konjow

        cool…just best feature is not listed above.

  • Joe

    yea, I almost jumped the gun on the update, but I will wait until Vitaly had a chance to mess around with it and we start to get some 1.1 hacks out. Looking forward to the increased AF area, faster burst rate, and the NR improvement!

    • konjow

      wrong please.sorry

  • shooter

    no 25p. sad times. i would have bought one today

    • James

      The firmware includes on PAL cameras 25p and on NTSC cameras 30p. These are encoded in an interlaced container but it is progressive and they look as great as the 24p mode.

  • spam

    Touch screen off seems great

  • uiui

    Europeean firm update has 25p. maybe you can check it on panasonic global.

  • Mr. Reeee

    It would have been nice if Panasonic had added some of the interface tweaks of the GF2/3 and G3. Picture in picture focus assist and customizable Q-Menu come to mind.

    Say what you will about the touch-scree interface, but it is quite handy.

    • Frederic Hew

      Unfortunately picture in picture does not work as well as it could. The magnified inner picture is interpolated and never appears sharp, even when it is in perfect focus.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Oh well. It sounds like a good idea.
        I’ve played around with G3s a few times but couldn’t manage to figure out how to activate it.

        I hope Panasonic introduces some form of focus peaking like the NEX series have. That is slick!

    • spam

      True, the touch-screen interface is quite handy, but sometimes it’s better to disable it completely.

  • Just bought a GH2 yesterday for 699 to upgrade my GH1, PERFECT timing. – looking forward to fast hdr & disable touch screen just for starters.. I figured me buying this camera would gaurntee a GH3 announcement in the next month, ill consider it taking one for the team..

  • at

    Looking for the hack of the new firmware@

  • CobyD

    Waiting for it, you mean.

  • Peter

    Next time, please enable Auto ISO in manual mode! It’s on at least Oly, Canon and Nikon dslr. I even have it on the LX5!

    Peter F.

    • Anonymous


      I want this feature!

  • SteveO

    Admin, any substantive rumors to share on the GH3? If not now, when do you think you will have some detail to share?

    • admin

      I got bits but from non trusted sources. I am trying to get some confirmations. But I think I will be busy with another camera soon -> not the GH3 ;)

      • LX7? No, it’s not m43. O&P all had recently updates. GH2 is the oldest of all m43 cameras……

        Admin, suspension is killing me! Even if prototype, post it under FT0!

      • LOT

        OMG. I hope you were talking about the long overdue m43 version of LC1/L1 successor, Admin.

        • Nelson

          Is that the new oly stuff, I think omuser have some buzz about it recently

  • Anyone else curious about a coming LX6? M43 sensor and about equal zoom as the LX5 and priced accordingly – cheaper then the cheapest interchangeble m43 camera of course.

  • abucci

    really wish they’d release some new firmware for the GF1 to address some the issues listed above.

  • compositor20

    im waiting news for the olympus HG zoom lets hope its like 12-54- 2.5-3.5

  • Duarte Bruno

    It’s great that Panasonic decided to bring such an upgrade to their top of the line 1 year old model, but you guys think this came out of the blue?

    Let’s see…

    a) It’s nearly Xmas.
    b) The GH2 is very competitive when compared even to the latest APS-C models.
    c) They don’t have a new model in the shelves right now.
    d) They are crashing the street price in major online stores.

    What do you think it’s going to happen?

    I predict a lot of shelves being emptied and a lot of happy customers buying into the system. I say this because I’m just one of those. I bought a nearly new one about 2 months ago with the kit 14-42mm for 600€. I’m really happy with it. The previous hacks had already raised a lot of it’s value for my use. I don’t care if it goes for 500$, I would have paid 1000$!!! Excess that I happily invested in the wonderful M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8.

    Now I know that in a few weeks (the time for the hacks to port to 1.1) my HDRs will also be upgraded. I tell you people, if the camera was now Peaking I’d be dancing in my table for at least another 4 years.

    This also has a another great consequence: it raises the bar even more for the GH3!!!

  • mclarenf3

    I think this is another sign that we’re going to be seeing the GH2 kit with the “X” lenses coming very soon. They seem to be clearing out stock a lot more aggressive than you would expect for the holiday season, but yet are still committed to the camera with firmware updates. They’d probably forgo the firmware update if they had the GH3 just around the corner.

    • Duarte Bruno

      I suspect you are right!
      Not having the GH3 ready is a very good reason to pump even more video steroids into the GH2, since it is the de facto camera to have for those who want the best video available without breaking two banks.

  • Joey

    Well as an ntsc user im disappointed. Id rather they increase official bitrate for 24p, than give us 30p. who uses 30p nowadays

    • James

      That’s what the hack is for. Whatever bitrate increase Panasonic gives it would be nothing compared to the 166Mbps Intra frame encoded video that the hack was able to produce. We’ll just have to wait for a new PTools to support the new firmware.

    • @Joey:

      30p & 60p are used extensively for video intended for NTSC TV broadcast and other purposes.

      And I agree with James: Whether we like it or not, it’s more probable we’ll see major recording bitrate increases in the GH2 & “GH3” via hacks than from Panasonic. Panasonic already sells higher-priced camcorders featuring higher-quality recording capability. That’s the solution they’re most likely to continue to offer going forward, too.

  • Brian Siano

    I’m very close to dropping the cash to buy a GH2 now, but I’d like to get a solid confirmation: does the new firmware offer full hi-def (true 1920 x 1080p) at 30 fps?

    • Duarte Bruno

      Cheers Brian.
      I don’t really know. I know for a fact that it does 1080i50/60 allegedly from 25/30p capture (but I have my doubts since the interlaced output does seem to be capturing interlaced).
      No doubt the new HBR mode does 1080p25 on a 1080i50 wrapper. I just don’t know if it will go 1080p30(i60) in NTSC. You’ll need an answer from someone who has installed it, which is not going to be my case until 1.1 hack is ported.

      P.S. Now, now, don’t tell me you couldn’t get that info from the crowd of ? Have you tried pointing them a gun? A big one?

    • pdc

      For NTSC will give you 1080/30p.

      • Brian Siano

        I’d ask over there, but I’ve found it to be a tad hostile: suggesting an FAQ to list what the hack actually does earned me a lot of complaints.

        I’m afraid I’m a bit fuzzled with the description that the new modes– 25p for PAL, 30p for NTSC– is “wrapped” in an interlaced format. Basically, I want to know is whether the 30fps video file is interlaced, or converted to progressive when I bring it into Premiere Pro. (I’ll have to educate myself on the whole pulldown thing some more, I guess.)

        The GH2’s lack of a 30fps, full-HD mode was the one reason why I hadn’t purchased a GH@. If this is now part of the camera’s capabilities, then I’m sold.

        • pdc

          Go to (Andrew Reid).
          He’s the expert, and I really can recommend his GH2 Shooters Guide.

          • Does Andrew’s guide go over the hacks?

        • Nelson

          When you import the new video mode in to premiere it automatically recognized it as 1080P, unlike other software which still recognize it as 1080i

          • Brian Siano

            Good news, Nelson. Thanks!

        • James

          I have the NTSC model and yes it is progressive 30fps in a 60i container. It is basically progressive video with every second frame being a junk frame. Fortunately Premiere as other users have reported removes the junk frames. There are also plenty of inverse telecine programs out which can delete the junk frames leaving you with a pure 30p video. JES Deinterlacer is a free one for Mac.

          • McSmooth

            There aren’t any junk frames in 30/60i, that would only apply with 720p30/60p. In this case, it needs all fields to store the data and some programs catch the flag to play it back as intended. Can re-encode as true 30p though as said. They stay away from that since its not a standard recognized by all players.

        • Duarte Bruno

          I was asking because I saw your cold reception there. About 2/3 of my posts either get blocked or deleted. Vitaly runs the spot on a very short leech and the crowd isn’t even close to being the friendliest I’ve ever seen.
          Like you said when you suggested the FAQ, there’s good info there but it’s too spread around posts that only they (the community) knows because they’ve been there for quite a long time.


    • Brian Siano

      Nelson: Exactly what I wanted to hear. I may be burning the plastic soon.

    • john

      but jes re encode the footage and that takes time.
      Is there any solution just to make the footage to appear as progressive in NLEs ?

  • Ivo

    Can i change from pal to ntfs?

  • CobyD

    @ivo: no with official firmware, yes with hacked firmware.

  • yomismo

    The new mode “hbr” in sony vegas 10 pro detected this: HD 1080-50i (1920×1080; 25,000 fps)

  • Brian Siano

    Well, just when I’ve decided to buy one of these, the big sales at Amazon, Adorama and B&H all _end_.

    Happily, there’s an Amazon reseller who had it at slightly above that price, and I took the plunge. I guess I’m part of the GH2 family now.

  • cltxm

    Just installed the new firmware. I can confirm that the speed of shooting consecutive images in autobracket is greatly improved. Definitely will help in the capture/production of HDR images with this camera…

  • I got this update mainly for the Auto-bracket speed. It was a bit faster, but still stalled with 7 shot raw. THEN I upgraded my card from 20mb/s to 95 mb / s. MUCH better!! And love the disable touch screen, wish I had this for my GF2!

  • Dave C

    Can anybody tell me if the GH2 hack gives you 12800 in creative movie mode? I just bought my GH2 and like the new 1.1 firmware update, including 12800 iso but that doesn’t seem possible in creative movie mode, only up to 3200. Thanks!

  • franko

    im kinda new to all this dslr video lark. being a boring old stills man i wish i had got intrested in motion years ago
    i bought a lumix gh2 which is fantastic for beginners like me. The amount of gear you need to attatch to it to comfortably use it, raises the price of the outlay initally
    The firmware is a kinda late coming, making me suspect panasonic(who have a virtualy non existant help line) aren’t in any hurry to release gh3. look at the fuss its created on the dslr scene. people even comparing it to 15 gran cameras look how much milage canon got with the 5d mk2 and 7d and they are so arkward to use. I think canon will knock panasonic back in 2012 with a super dslrvideo cam

  • nworker

    Looks like the link to the downloads are broken. Anybody got the download somewhere so I can give it a try?

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