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New Panasonic GF3 and Olympus E-PM1 (p)reviews. E-PM1 in Stock.


Engadget (Click here) posted an Olympus E-PM1 hands-on (The video is here on top): “Overall, our impressions of the PEN Mini: affordable, adorable and it took some pretty darn good photos. We really enjoyed this cam
Also Digitalcamerareview (Click here) posted an Olympus E-PM1 preview: “Since size (or lack thereof) is the E-PM1’s biggest difference from other Pen cameras, know that those with big hands looking for a solid grip will not like holding the E-PM1. It’s designed for portability and mobility, and though I didn’t have any trouble getting accustomed to it for an afternoon of shooting, other shooters may find it hard to grip.”. The black E-PM1 is in Stock for the very first time at BHphoto (Click here). You can check the E-PM1 availability also at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Digitalcamerainfo (Click here) posted a full 21 page long (!) Panasonic GF3 review: “In total, the GF3 is a very appealing compact camera that, through sheer association with the Micro Four Thirds lens family, offers incredible upside for anybody—enthusiast or novice—willing to pick it up and give it a try.” Panasonic GF3 price check at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Something else: There is a new Panasonic GH2 page (Click here) with pictures from Bence Maté.

  • Henrik

    Interesting overview over three reviews. From the summaries in this post we learn that all cameras performed exorbitantly. Somehow i knew that already.

    All is wonderful in M43landia!

  • Steve

    I tried the Engadget video but didn’t get past the ridiculous ad at the beginning that said, “to show her what she’s been missing, we built a computer store in her home.” What the hell are advertising execs snorting these days ? Would any of you be pleased if you came home to find it had been turned into a computer store ? Utterly ridiculous so I neither watched the ad or will bother with Engadget videos again. And the “review” was worthless too.

    But the E-PM1 looks like an interesting and far more reasonably priced option. Just have to wait for a real review.

    • Jim

      What the hell are advertising execs snorting these days ?

      Dunno, but I bet NASA could launch rockets with it!!!

      • GreyOwl

        Agreed :-) They should bottle it, it would sell out in 24 hours ;-)

      • zorg

        oops … replied to wrong post

    • zorg

      You got lucky (that you missed the rest). Most of the video is bizarrely out of focus. The Olympus rep sounded professional but the ineptness of the camera operator was a big detraction.

  • Canonista

    Engadget Bimbo: “The E-PM1… uses the same sensor as the top of the line DSLR cameras….”

    Edgadget needs to hire people who know what they’re talking about. I quit watching the video after she made this statement.

    • The Other Chris

      We’ve got a troll down in aisle 6. Quick, somebody call the waaaaambulance.

  • I notice that in the Engadget video the E-PM1 is shown with the camera set to take cropped 16:9 stills. That’s the only way to use 100% of the 16:9 screen area. When shooting at full 12MP resolution, the 4:3 preview will only fill 75% of the rear screen. So the big, lovely preview in the video is a bit misleading as most will probably shoot at the full resolution.

    • So… what is your proposal for a multi-aspect-ratio screen?

      Seriously though…

      I actually prefer 4:3 screens with bars at the top and bottom for 16:9 images.

      Either way, you’ll have to crop somewhere.

      • Jim

        No – Just get that GH2 multi aspect ratio sensor form panasonic :)

        And then without a doubt the EP3 would be the best m43 cam…. and if it also did 60p and had the tilt screen, would be the best EVIL ever made!

    • bilgy_no1

      Sony also has 16:9 screen, with 3:2 native ratio. Not as much cropping as from 4:3, but still. The extra room could be used for settngs display. I’d prefer that to overlaid info, actually.

  • Warwick Kent

    In this video , the presenter mentions that the sensor is the same size as DSLR. APS ….. I don’t think so . Most APS DSLR sensors are much bigger than a 4/3 sensor

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how it look E-PM1 + new X lense from panny combine. It will be so slimy ,.. Just slip into my jacket,.. And then show off the camera to my DSLR friends ,.. Is time to save more money

    • Robert

      I don’t think she says this. First she is an Olympus rep and not from Engadget, as Canonista says above, and she says, “same sensor as OUR top of the line DSLR cameras”. So she is only referring to Olympus.
      Sorry, seem to have put my comment in the wrong place.

  • Nelson

    Anyone see that PZ 14-42 is $349 on BH video?

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