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New Panasonic 25mm lens review (ePhotozine).


There is a new Pana-Leica 25mm f/1.4 lens review at ePhotozine (Click here): “Saying that, £540 still seems a little steep for a standard prime, whether it be Leica branded or not. The excellent optical performance probably deserves slight premium price though, so the value of this lens may be relative to the user.
The lens gets “Recommended” by the reviewer.

The lens is in Stock in asian stores but it’s still very diffcult to find it in other countries:
In USA you can find it in Stock at Amazon (Click here) or eBay (Click here). But you have to pay a lot for it!
In European countries you can get it in Stock for the normal price at Amazon UK (Click here) and Amazon France (Click here).

  • a

    hmm.. not bad, but it’s a bit expensive for me.

  • mpgxsvcd

    Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I place the H and B order Samy’s gets them in as well.
    Here are at least two stores that have the Panasonic 25mm F1.4 in stock in the US. just changed the status to in stock at about 1:00 PM EST today)

    H and B digital in New York(I ordered one from them today but they have had them in since last Friday)

    There were 6 in stock at H and B when I ordered mine this morning. There is only one left now.

    I called and canceled my order with Adorama because they said that they didn’t expect the 25mm and 45mm lenses to ship until October. They probably will get them before then. However, I didn’t want to wait.

    • MikeH

      Hey mpgxsvcd, did you have something strange happen to your browser when you completed your order at handb? I ordered the lens, it switched to Amazon payments, and then went to a ‘we are sorry, this page is not found’ page. I then went directly to Amazon and the order had been paid for and was in their system.

      I haven’t ordered from handb before, but their reseller ratings looked a lot better than samy’s.

  • Bob B.

    Great review! …hey and the hood is included ..not $100 extra…(hear that Olympus?). :-)

    • Joseph_Stalling

      Yes, and it is included in the purchase price, too. I’d rather have the option to buy this lens at a $100 discount and not have a hood than pay full price with the hood.

    • digifan

      well, with all other lenses the hoods were included. Seems Olympus is on the Canon/Nikon path with these new releases.
      A pitty, now ppl will buy rubber and plastic ones from ebay.

  • Chris

    Screw Panasonic. They’ve shown no effort in fixing their supply problems, so I’ll fix it on my end by not consuming their products.

  • Al L.

    MikeH…nothing to worry about with H & B digital…I ordered my 25mm earlier today and they use Amazon checkout. A lot of smaller online stores use Amazon’s system instead of their own for cost reasons…My checkout went through without any issues and I just received my shipment confirmation from H & B.

  • MP Burke

    Every review of this lens has shown excellent performance, so this one is no surprise. It’s funny how they say “..£540 still seems a little steep for a standard prime..” yet they quote a price of £489 at the top of the article. It will be interesting to see if they start bundling the 25mm f1.4 with any of the cameras and see how much it costs then.
    Incidentally, for UK buyers the dealer UK Digital is worth checking out. They are listing the Samyang fisheye for pre-order for the price of £239.

  • Keith

    Especially when you can buy it for £435 – just google shopping it!

  • Neonart

    Considering that the Leica M 50 f1.4 is $3700, the 24 f1.4 is $6500, the 24 f2.8 is $4000, and even the 50 f2.5 is $1250, this does not seem overpriced.

    It may not be a true German made all metal Leica, but, it’s not the $100 Canikon 50 f1.8 throw-away lens either. Good glass costs money regardless of focal length.

    • Bob B.

      Yes…when you compare it to what else is available and at what price..this lens is a great offering in the format and priced very well ($599 US) for what it is. And remember…that is the introductory price for the surely will drop over time. I plan on getting one of these on my GF7!!!!! :-) (Hopefully that camera body will be everything that this lens is!!!).

  • svem

    Does the Leica 25mm 1.4 m43 support continuous autofocus on GH2? How does the continuous auto focus compare to that of the 14-140mm panasonic lens?

    • MikeH

      According to Photoreview Australia’s review of the lens it does. “…It also supports the G3’s contrast AF system and Continuous AF mode, while the 20mm lens doesn’t. Face Recognition AF is also fully supported.”

  • Kenneth

    In Norway we have had the lens for several weeks now. Still waiting for oly45 then.

  • Terry

    I have no idea of how you pick your quotes but isn’t this a whole lot more appropriate

    Micro Four Thirds camera owners after the classic field of view offered by a standard lens will not be disappointed by the optical performance of this lens. It is a very sharp, contrasty optic, worthy of the Leica branding applied.

    On the flip side – the comment below on the 45 f1.8 was way over the top as compared to the actual content of the DPREview article.

    Dpreview confirms what other reviewers said before. This is simply an amazing lens for the price you have to pay for it. Well done Oly!

    Note: I have both lenses on order.

    • oluv2002

      i would have preferred f/1.4 even if it was a bit softer wide open!

  • Nipponbasse

    Bought mine here in Japan 2 weeks ago. Haven’t really gotten around to use it too much yet, but the little I have have left me with a good impression. I paid 52 000 yen for it, which is not cheap, but as others said not THAT expensive either.

    I also have the Leica Branded 45mm lens from Panasonic, which also is a good lens, but I felt sometimes it became a bit too narrow to use as a proper portrait lens ( had to move too far away from the persons I was taking picture of a bit too often), so I’m sure in that aspect this lens will be much more “user-friendly”. And the bokeh seems very nice too, although I havent really used it too much for people photography yet.

    But I currently use a G2, which is a decent camera, but not the best, and I’m anxiously awaiting news of a pro GF model, or maybe invest in a GH3 when that comes ( I had the GH1 before, but it broke due to water damage), as I don’t think the current camera I got matches the quality of some of the lenses I got ( Not only the 2 Leica ones, but also a 35mm 1,4 Voigtlander ++).

  • James

    I have a GH2 with 20/1.7, 25/1.4, and 14-140. I take a mix of photos and video. I now tend to use the 25/1.4 most of the time, occasionally the 20/1.7, and rarely the 14-140. The video DOF on the 25/1.4 when wide open is great (although needs a ND filter as shutter speed is 1/50 for 1080/24p).

    • svem

      Hey James,

      How does the continuous autofocus on the leica 25mm 1.4 compare to that on the 14-140mm?

      • James

        I never use continuous focus when shooting video with the 25/1.4; I use a full tripod with fluid head (or sometimes a Gorillapod Focus) and pre-focus manually. Plus with all camera settings manual (1080p/24, 1/50, low ISO, 1 stop or 3 stop ND filter to allow open aperture). Results in a nice cinematic look with no zooming, no focus hunting, stable image, shallow DOF when appropriate, etc. That’s why I like the GH2 with 25/1.4.

        If you want to emulate ad hoc videocamera usage with autofocus etc then, in my opinion, the 14-140mm is the best option.

  • Daemonius

    Maybe its a bit pricey, but unlike other lens it will loose price much slower. Just take a look how much is Leica D 14-50mm f2.8 – 3.5 from L1 kit worth today..

    What I like is, that it has bit of that Leica-ish rendering.

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