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New OM Digital interview: OM-1 sales were strong, E-M1X successor “under consideration”


Imaging Resource interviewed Mr. Yoshiyuki Nada, marketing communication for the Global Marketing department of OM Digital Solutions.

  1. the sales of OM-1 are going well as planned, which is the main factor in our strong performance.
  2. Nada-san confirmed that the mid- to high-end product lineup will consist of just two models, the OM-1 and OM-5 (so no E-M1III successor)
  3. Regarding the design of the PEN series, we believe that there is a demand, but the demand for “entry-level” models has dropped significantly in the overall market trend. In this sense, we believe that this is something to consider in the context of the entire product lineup, not just the PEN series, as you have indicated.
  4. we are continuing to study the possibility ot make an EM-1X successor
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