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New Olympus E-PM1/E-P3 and 12mm lens reviews (+ plenty refurbished E-PL1/2 on Olympusmarket)


Image on top: The iPhone E-P3 skin (Don’t know where you can buy that)

Amy Medina (Click here) reviewed the Olympus E-PM1: “I’m excited about where the m4/3 format is going to go, and mirrorless designs in general, as I truly believe it’s the future of photography. I can imagine that not too long in the distant future the industry will go mirrorless completely, and DSLRs will become a thing of the past. Currently, in my opinion, the m4/3 format — and specifically Olympus for me — has struck the best balance between portability, functionality and image-quality, if you want the smallest kit possible.“.

Photofocus (Click here) tested the Olympus Zuiko 12mm f/2.0 Lens: “I hope that the trend of high-quality, fast primes for micro 4/3 cameras continues. I used to think this was a gimmicky format – not any more. Now that the glass has arrived in conjunction with well-designed and executed camera bodies like the EP3 I am a believer.“.

TheDigitalPhotography (Click here) tested the Olympus E-P3: “In terms of noise and artefacts the camera is useable all the way to ISO 3200, with ISO 6400 just falling over the edge. By ISO 12,800 … sayonara!

And today all(!) these new refurbished PEN auctions are ending at Olympusmarket. There are so many cameras that you can easily find a good price. Click on the camera name to see the ongoing auction:
Olympus E-PL1 double kit lens Olympus E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens Olympus E-PL1 double kit lens Olympus E-P2 with kit lens Olympus E-PL2 double kit lens Olympus E-PL2 double kit lens Olympus E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens Olympus E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens Olympus E-PL1 double kit lens Olympus E-PL1 double kit lens Olympus E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens Olympus E-PL1 double kit lens Olympus E-PL2 double kit lens Olympus E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens Olympus E-PL1 with 14-150mm lens Olympus E-PL1 double kit lens

  • Amy Medina wrote: “Currently, in my opinion, the m4/3 format — and specifically Olympus for me — has struck the best balance between portability, functionality and image-quality, if you want the smallest kit possible.“

    Hm, but the image quality sucks. Cant believe that people try to compare m43 with dslr-quality.. Well, maybe in the olympus-jpeg-output, there I have no complaints.. But in raw files.. The scariest thing is that I have compared raw-files from Olympus and Panasonic m43 cameras in Adobe Camera Raw, and my small Panasonic LX3 beats them in colour reproduction and and the images looks much more dslr-like than the 12mp m43 cameras.. Are people blind?

    Though, the panasonic G3 beats the LX3.

    Just so you know, I DONT CARE ABOUT HIGH ISO! So thats NOT what Im comparing.

    • Digifan

      You must be doing something wrong. No way the LX3 beating E-series camera’s, LOL.

    • Strange that you are the only person on the face of the planet to come to this conclusion. You must be the messiah. Or a muppet.

      • Hey TheVoiceoverman,Danonino might be wrong but I’m sure I speak for a lot of people who read this blog when I say save your smart arse mockery for your own blog. We all have a right to disagree, just back it up with something. Unfortunately, I do agree with you.

        Compare the images on this link:

        It’s pretty obvious that the GF1 is superior to the LX3 and m43 have come a fair way since the GF1 (the God Father of m43, come on, you know it lured at least half of us in).

        As for DSLR quality, did you read the review? Scroll down and have a look at those samples.

  • sporty_883 has a custom skin creator for almost every digital device. Upload an front image of your favorite camera and you’re done.

    I’m not affiliated, I just like what they do.

  • mahler

    Olympus PENs well designed? From the look, perhaps, although I find it strange that product designers have nothing else in their portfolio than copying the past and call that retro.

    Personally, I find the control layout of the PENS, mostly due to this flimsy wheel-4way-control thing, awkward and badly designed. Camera designs, such as GH2 or X100 are by far more ergonomic and user friendly.

    It seems that more and more of these “pseudo-reviews” are written by uncritical brand fans, and someone may wonder, if such reviews aren’t paid by the industry.

    In one thing Amy is right: yes, the size of many m4/3 bodies is ridiculous – in the negative sense. Cameras like GF3 and EPM-1 show that miniaturization goes to far. These camera have lost important controls or have slippery, gripless bodies. All in all a very negative trend.

    • Brod1er

      I agree that many of these reviews are highly suspect – quantity does not mean quality.
      I disagree about the criticism of small MFT bodies. They are certainly a compromise – I much prefer the handling of my GH1 to my GH3. But the GF3 is pocketable with the 14mm and 20mm pancakes and this s useful to me on occasion. The touch screen is much better than I expected too. MFT is great because it can play at being big and small cameras, both offering good image quality. Best of all, I only need one lens system.

      • Brod1er

        Correction: I mean GF3, not GH3! Wish I could get my hands on a GH3 though………..

        • mahler

          I thought that you may be a GH3 beta tester ;-)

          In general, I agree with you, different purposes different bodies, same lens system, that’s the key about m4/3, not miniaturization in itself.

          However, there are differences how you execute miniaturization, and here I think some directions are wrong. Loss of thumb wheel, no grips on bodies are just some examples, and the tendency to even flimsier controls. A GF3 with the thumb wheel, would probably close to perfect for such a camera, without it is a big loss for me.

          And its the things, which are praised in these so called “reviews”. The smaller the better. Everything needs to fit in pockets. If it is not retro designed or resembles a DSLR, its bad. A camera in the size of a GH2 does not fit in m4/3 philosophy and so on. Metal bodies will become a “good build quality” testate, whereas cameras such as a GH2 become the attribute platicky looking design, but are in reality probably even more robust that this camera with their thin, tiny metal finish.

  • sensor-iq

    i agree, the 12mp pana sensors are ok for jpg output from 100-320 iso,

    other than that, iq sucks and so do the raw files and is clearly inferior even to an old aps-c like canon 30D or nikon d50/60, strange to see such poor perfomance in 2011

    • Brod1er


  • sensor-iq

    call me a troll, but maybe you should put a an old D60 raw file at ISO 1600 through your raw converter and compare it to your latest and greatest m43 at 1600 to see what i’m talking about…. take an more recent model and the differences are even more astounding

    • Jim

      EP1 seems very competative when put next to the D60 @ ISO 1600, not more than a nats cock in it.

  • Thankyou sensor-iq. Most m43 people are living in an illusion. I´ve dreamt about flushing my big Nikon gear down the toilett and getting an m43 equipment.. but the image quality really is NO WHERE near that from aps-c sensors.

    Its so sad, because it really COULD be very close to aps-c in terms of image quality.. And then it would really threaten the Canikon world order.

    I considered getting the GF3 when I started to hear about it, because I took for granted that it would use the same 16mp sensor as the G3, which has an acceptable image-quality.. but no no..

    • mahler

      Yes, that is another misconception Panasonic has: the smaller (cheaper) models are equipped with older, not so good sensors.

      The manufacturers should realize, that people often want this smaller bodies as companions for a larger m4/3 body with the SAME image quality.

      Unfortunately they don’t get it.

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