New MicroFourThirds Tilt-shift Arsat lens from Ukraine?


As you know Lensbaby is already selling the new TIlt-shift lens via Amazon US (Click here). What I didn’t know is that Arsat made a Tilt-shift lens with MicroFourThrids mount! One of those lenses is currently available on eBay (Click here). I tried to found some image samples but I didn’t found anything. Did some of you test the lens?

  • addieleman

    20mm is a bit long for a shift lens, 14mm would be more useable. Still it’s very nice that someone bothers to produce shift lenses for µ4/3!

    • Jules

      Looking at the current offerings from Canon, Nikon or Hartblei, I would not qualify 20mm equivalent as long, not by any stretch of the imagination.

      • addieleman

        Considering it’s a µ4/3 lens it’s long in my view. It’s equivalent to 40mm on full-frame. Nikon has a 24mm shift and Canon even a 17mm shift for full-frame. I used to have a 28mm shift for my 35mm cameras (Nikon F3), still miss such a field-of-view with shift capability.

        • Jules

          I know about all that.
          17mm for full frame tilt shift is relatively recent and some of the longest FF TS lens offered on the market goes as long as 85mm.

          40mm equivalent can very well be long for you, but generally speaking its not.

  • word of caution from this company … I bought a T&S lens from them back in 2006 or so and it took about 9 weeks to complete the order and deliver the lens. If anyone wants to get one of these get into an email dialogue with them and get some facts (does this lens exist, do you have stock ready, when will you send it, with this be transported by mule via some devious route, will you ever reply to my emails!?)

  • Ren

    It is a bit long when it is equivalent 40mm.
    I have been very interest in tilt and shift for a while. This lens has been around for a couple of months. I think I will go for assorted with legacy glass. So far I’ve really on seen tilt or shift. There is supposed to be a tilt and shift in the works but it was delayed, maybe vaporized?

  • Medved

    Hi dCap,

    Delivery time apart, you did receive the lens right?
    If so, please could you tell us more about the image quality, or the build quality?

    Best regards

  • Archer

    The Arsats are reasonably well thought of in the MF film world, although it remains to be seen how well the IQ will hold up on m4/3’s. I’ll let someone else try it first!

  • Mattias

    Thanks for the news, I hope that they make one for regular 4/3 as well! Btw, it is Ukraine, not Ukraina ;)

    • Jules

      You are correct, altho Украина in Russian or Україна in Ukrainian, those pronounces “ukraina” ;)

  • Brandon

    Jules is correct. Canikon goes as long as 90mm. Beyond that you have options extending to 150mm, that I know of. That’s before custom set-ups involving, say, Novoflex’s T/S Pro bellows attachment and lens of choice. From the Super-Rotator to the equivalent options on older Hblads and exotic large-format conversions, still-longer ranges are available. Regarding the mainstream TS lenses, this is actually very slightly on the lower half from the centerpoint of current offerings.

    • Ren

      Realised my earlier post made no sense, since I left out one very important word “adapter”… Don’t try to post from an iPhone, just not worth it.
      I would think that the scope of application is fairly limited with that focal length. Having said that, I looked at the Canon 45mm for ages because you could mount a TC on it and get 90mm – yes, you sacrifice quality but you get flexibility as a trade off. I was thinking adapters were the way to go, but no body makes tilt AND shift, only tilt OR shift. There was a japanese one rumored – Hino. But that hasn’t eventuated.

  • Bo

    This must be a 20mm Nikon mount lens.

    Notice the two rows of f.stop numbers, and the little hard edge under the aperture ring? this is the typical way it was done on the old Nikon mount lenses so the f.stop could be optically shown in the viewfinder.

    Using a old full-frame lens as TS on a m43 camera makes perfectly sense as there are lots of extra space available for the mechanism. I would be very interested in knowing if the lens could be removed and replaced with say a SamYang 8mm FullFrame fisheye or a Sigma 14mm full-frame.

    I would purchase the lens for the base if I thought I could put another nikon lens on the base.


  • Sandy

    There no need to buy a tilt shift lens. You can buy the Lensbaby Tilt Transformer for micro 4/3. It allows you to put a Nikon lens on a micro4/3 with tilt. Much more flexible idea. I’d say that they may release the Lensbaby Tilt Transformer for other mounts in the future, such as Pentax.

    • Sandy

      Oops missed that as well!!!! Sorry!!

      • Ren

        Tilt only though. There are several tilt only adapters for about half the price in a range of mounts. Another difference with the lensbaby, the other adapters and this lens are that they generally support twice the range of tilt as well.

  • Brandon

    Ren, it’s not cheap, but the Novoflex T/S Pro Bellows does both tilt and shift, and acts as an adaptor to most lenses (though you’ll loose infinity focus with many lenses). Their website is almost desperately misleading however in its function.

    • Ren

      Hehe – you could use a plunger if you’re willing to lose infinity focus. I guess that is is why most aren’t tilt AND shift, because they can’t get both mechanisms between the lens and the body and still maintain infinity focus.

  • Gwendal

    I have bought and received one – what it actually is, is a Zenitar fish-eye lens soldiered on a tilt-shift adapter. I have not had the time to fully test it yet. After a little research, this lens is NOT made by Arsax/Photex, contrary to what the seller (opticparadise) claims.

    • Zerk

      Yes, it looks like the Zenitar-K/M MC 20/2.8.

      Although the most famous Zenitar lens is a fisheye (the 16/2.8), as far as I know, the 20/2.8 is not (and using a tilt-shift fiheye would give weird results).

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