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New Meike 50mm and 35mm MFT lenses reviewed


ePhotozine tested two of the four new Meike MFT lenses:

50mm f/2.0 (review here):

From a purist point of view, the Meike 50mm f/2 gives total freedom from automation. This may well appeal to some photographers who will enjoy the process of using it and live with the soft edges, even using its shortcomings to create distinctive images.
For most, there are inexpensive marque lenses that are sharper and much easier to use, for not very much more money.

35mm f/1.7 (review here):

The Meike 35mm f/1.7 lens is a well made, attractive optic in a very traditional way. It is totally manual in every respect and as such needs some care in use to get the best out of it. Purists may love this lens and will be rewarded with excellent central sharpness, but really quite soft edges to the images. This may suit portraiture, and on MFT format the 75mm 35mm-equivalent is fine for this. On APS-C the equivalent is more like a 50mm standard lens, so a bit on the short side for pictures of people.
At the price asked, it could well be worth giving this lens a shot and seeing how it might be used creatively to produce distinctive images.

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