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New major 3.0 firmware update for the Yi M1



The firmware is only for the international version of YI-M1 mirrorless camera. It is strongly recommended that all users upgrade the YI Mirrorless App to v3.0.0 to implement new features.

Download at

Firmware version update logs:

1. Added exposure control in the mode P/A/S/M for video capture
2. Added AF/MF control for video capture
3. Added RAW+JPG format for still capture
4. Added still image option in Time Lapse
5. Added the option to shoot 1-3 images when using the self-timer function with an initial 2 second or 10 second timer setting
6. Added a histogram in live view mode for both still and video capture
7. Added new focus viewing modes with improved image quality including: 6x, 8x and 10x magnification in MF mode
8. Added 2 ways to show the Metering mode in the UI
9. Added the user guide (Restoring factory settings to view)
10. Added multiple selection of images for deletion.
11. Added 2 new options for the display grid
12. AE algorithm optimization
13. Master Guide template display logic optimized
14. Improved AF speed

Fixed some known bugs, and improved the overall stability of the system.

Change the thumbnails in each screen from 9 to 12 images.

Thanks Albert!

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