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New images of the 17mm 1.8 lens (and RAW files!)


The french website OpenPN posted some new images of the 17mm f/1.8 lens that has been displayed in Paris. The image on top shows the lens on the Olympus E-M5. Olympus, we really need a Black version of the lens…but not limited and expensive like the 12mm edition! just updated his post and included the original RAW files samples of the lens. He also wrote a short impression about the image quality of the lens: “To be honest, I’m not brought to my knees. Many of the images in the center of the frame look very decent, but also I cannot express my great enthusiasm when comparing these to the images taken with the Olympus 75 mm or 12 mm. The edges of the frame the sharpness drops significantly.


  • Samuel Gerhart H. Sihombing

    Pretty impressive!

  • gs68100

    fabuleux objectif! comme tous les olympus!

  • MJr

    Completely agree with that impression. The quality is just not at all what it should have been. Have you seen the F5.6 shots of the leafs ? The hell ? The only sharpness is in the center … At F5.6 !

    I really wanted to like this lens, and would pay 550 for it if it was up to the standard. But I think the 20/1.7 does better even at F1.7 …

    Hope he just happens to have a bad sample, because this is no good Olympus !

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t see any pictures of leaves at 5.6. There were 2 pictures at 5.6 of some biomass — mainly wood chips, etc, and perhaps a single leaf. I *assume* “shots of leafs” is meant to be a picture of several leaves (i.e plural of leaf) — which I didn’t see (except from those at 1.8).

      Anyway, I doubt it is possible to assess the quality of the lens from these pictures. The pictures may have other qualities — I think some of them are ok. But not for saying much about the lens quality. NOTE: I am *not* saying it is a good lens — I am saying that we can’t tell.

      • MJr

        Sure woodchips. Didn’t have it in front of me. But we definitely can tell that these do not impress, and do not appear to have any user error. The point of a prime like this is that EVERY image impresses, otherwise one might as well use a zoom.

        • TRON5

          Every image impresses? LOL, one could shoot every photo in large format and it would still suck as art unless the user did something WORTH SEEING TO BEGIN WITH.

          • MJr

            What’s art got to do with it ? You can literally make art with shit.

            This is a €550 tool, and it should perform like one. It doesn’t.

          • MJr

            What’s art got to do with it ? You can literally make art with sh*t.

            This is a €550 tool, and it should perform like one. It doesn’t.

            • TRON5

              You have “performance” issues eh?

              • MJr

                Sorry i didn’t realize i was speaking to a 12yo.

    • The is not leaves in corner is in focus anyway, maybe this lens have better IQ so 12mm F2 also!

  • I think that it is only a bad pre-serie unit.

  • Andrew

    When I ordered my 45mm, I thought it might look kinda cool: silver lens, black body. The idea looks better in pictures. It’s kind of fugs on my GH2. If I would have known I wouldn’t like the look as much as I do, I would still buy the lens. It doesn’t keep it from being desirable and usable for me. But it is annoying. Dunno why they keep going on with this with the 17mm. perhaps the silver finish looks cleaner as dust and scratches are more noticeable on a black lens.

    Hm, I’d like the non-U.S. to know this one: fugs is short for fugly.

    • Anonytrackball

      Fine, but what’s fugly?

  • Mar

    El crapolo lens
    How pointless are those distance markers, especially since it was meant for ff, m43 markings should be 2 apertures bigger…

  • DJS

    Wow, I don’t think you could make it look worse if you tried.

    Hope it takes good images!

  • If its true that the edges are less than optimal, and that the lens is heavily corrected, they might be due indeed to a pre-production firmware. That happened to the first samples of the 12/2.

    At any rate I don’t think that many understand that the difference between 500 $ and 500 Euros is almost 30%. Therefore we are entitled in Europe to be more critical. In the UK the fare even worse with the exchange rate.

    Except in the US and perhaps HK Oly prices are no joke at all. In a way the betray the original project of m4/3 as a popular system. I wish they didn’t do the same mistake they did with 4/3, because then they might be easily dumped by Canon or Samsung.

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t quote your idea of politics here from where everything has to be the biggest & the best & the rich get richer while the poor get poorer & the ignorance & arrogance towards all other countries & cultures are pathetic. No wonder there is some extremists that carry their hate against you to the extent they do.

      • I am not even going to answer this poor s@d profanities. The argument is laughable. The European Union is a market of 450 million and it buys more mirrorless than the US.

        From the customer POV there must be a proportion between the price paid and the quality of the item. That is what reviews are for. Olympus used to have SG and HG lenses. 500 is OK for a HG lens. But is it really such? Time will tell, because early production samples might not yet be optimized.

        OTH the argument “I don’t care, I will buy it anyway because I am richer than you” is perhaps the worst because it’s only a slap in the face with no relation with the thing being bought. It defines well who utters it as an illiterate troll at best.

        It’s clear indeed to me that a lens cannot be bought for the cosmetics alone, i.e. the nice case. It’s interesting to notice that here the 12/2 started at 800 EU and went down to 600 after only 3 months. That tells a lot.

        • Sigh – what a sad egocentric misfit you are.
          Please go to a mall and start shooting…
          I mean with a gun, as you laughable Americans usually do.
          And end it off by shooting yourself.
          Then let us continue shooting w/ our cameras, will you?

          • Matt

            If you actually knew anything about Europe your remarks might carry more weight. Sigh. Do you even know which European countries have left wing governments or monarchies? Of course not. You´d probably struggle to find Europe on a map. you´d probably struggle to find your own country on a map too.

          • DingieM

            Remember the many high school shootings in your country?

            In all of west fascism rules, weather it be Obummer, Hillary Clinton or the Euro-cleptocrats like the insanely dangerous Van Rompuy.
            Both continents are in the stranglehold of Rothshilds and Free Masonry.

            So bury the war-axes, we have a common enemy.

        • “I am not even going to answer this poor s@d profanities.” and yet you do.

          Admin, this whole thread is an off-topic mess. Its about time you put some moderating delete in there!

        • bart

          Prices are what people are willing to pay, and have no direct relation to quality or similar properties of a product. That is not an opinion, that is a proven fact, regardless of if you like it or not or believe it should be different.

          So if people are willing to pay 800 euro for the 12/2, that is what it will cost. If people aren’t willing to pay that (anymore), the price will drop to a level that they are prepared to pay.

          Unsurprisingly, certain people think they must have the latest and greatest and are totally willing to pay the ‘new item’ premium, and hence introduction prices are inflated. Its usually the size of this group of ‘must have the latest and greatest’ people is that determines how long it takes for the prices to drop.

          So if you don’t feel like paying those inflated introduction prices, then you’ll have to wait. Considering a typical consumer electronics product is expected to last 3-5 years, and loses about 50% of its value in 1/3 of its expected lifetime, it is worth waiting about a year before buying electronics. This has been the case for decades already, and is no different for camera related products.

          • Your economics make me laugh. You are down to Robber Baron’s arguments with no idea whatsoever of the value of an item, which is proportional to the work and knowledge put in it.

            Besides I was trained as an economist while you are clearly not. But even then…

            Sorry state for a certain country if it cannot even afford to teach the most basic notions in its schools.
            I will ignore you from now on, since you are pestering me like a troll.

            Admin, please put in an Ignore feature and a Complain one, if you want to keep this place tidy. We are saddled with all sorts of uncivil people taking advantage of these features not being implemented.

            Thank you!

            • Anonymous

              “Admin, please put in an Ignore feature and a Complain one, if you want to keep this place tidy. We are saddled with all sorts of uncivil people taking advantage of these features not being implemented.”

              People like you who insist on posting strawman arguments, deliberate misrepresentation of what others are saying so you can argue against it, and generally post things just to piss people off?

              Yes, it would be highly welcome, I’m not sure however you have an idea of how it would impact you.

              • I would be very happy to be ignored by people with nothing between the temples.

                A modicum of brainpower is already too much for those who post anonymous or with Schwein nicks :)

                Ignore me at any rate, I wish you had the willpower instead of clowning around with no dignity :)

                • Anonymous

                  How typical, insulting when the strawman arguments no longer work.

      • E-1

        Don’t feed the troll.

    • Anonymous

      First of all, the biggest market in the world is the European Union. Its a free market where goods can move from country to country with no less difficulty than they do from state to state in the USA.

      Secondly, our government doesn’t “rob us” through taxes. We get extremely cheap health care (I can see a doctor for $2 and get an X-Ray for $5), excellent public transport, paid leave from 28-35 days per year depending on country, four times longer paid maternity leave than USA, and we can go to university for free (or almost free).

      Thirdly, in “socialist” Europe you actually have more chance to go from poor to rich than in “capitalist” USA.

    • BLI

      …cool user name — Tiny Pig Prick (Schweinchen Dick). You are right in that Europeans list prices *with* VAT (20-25%, typically) while in USA the price is listed without VAT. To not include this fact in price comparisons, is of course totally unfair/dishonest towards Olympus (in this case, or any manufacturer in general).

      The rest of your political rant is befitting of your user name, and I assume it is a joke :-).

      • But we like amalric realy. He is the reason some come here. Unlike yourself who is the epitome of why Americans are thought to be (and often are) loud mouthed visitors wherever they go. That’s such a pity because they are mostly very nice at home.

        • Yes, I have to agree with you. You are quite right you are a complete idiot.

    • Anonytrackball

      There are more consumers in Europe than the US by a considerable number. If you can’t get basic facts correct then its time for you to give up. Hey, just give up anyway.

      • bart

        Not a single country but it IS a single market and that market is much larger then the one in the usa.

        It is a single market especially for consumers and that isn’t theoretical. Ordering things from anothet EU country is as easy as ordering something ‘out of state’ in the usa, so in fact the 2 compare extremely well.

  • With the utmost of respect, a plea to all those posting here:

    If you are not contributing to the discussion with a well thought opinion, observation or speculation on a rumor, at least try and stay on-topic.

    Please refrain from using aggressive language when talking about a subject that you do not, and often cannot, fully understand

    It seems 99% of people posting on this site have no idea what they are talking about, especially in regards to bokeh, centre sharpness and the characteristics of focal lengths and how to employ them.

    I also think that it’s not possible to judge the quality of the lens based on these photos we have so far.

    I have enjoyed reading this site since I bought my GF-1 in 2009. It delivers relevant information with the excitement of rumors and speculation. Thanks Ale.

    I do not want this site to become like the dpreview forum.

    Also, don’t feed the trolls. If someone is trolling, ignore them.

    • TRON5

      Dude rumour websites (especially this one) are like the TMZ of the photography world. 99% of the people here couldn’t identify a ground-breaking photo if it bit them in the ass let alone make one. Don’t waste your breath. This site’s only value is finding deals and instigating wars with these obviously novice photographers.

      • MAFAv8r

        So your prime roll here is to instigate wars.
        @admin time to get some moderating here, or you will lose people like dpreview

    • “With the utmost of respect, a plea to all those posting here:”

      “Please refrain from using aggressive language”

      “It seems 99% of people posting on this site have no idea what they are talking about”

      “Also, don’t feed the trolls. If someone is trolling, ignore them.”

      Oh the irony! You are patronizing 99% of the people here with aggressive language, and you are trolling.

      • Haha yeah… I was suffering from Romnesia when I wrote that. Seems pretty dicky in hind sight. Sorry 99%, I don’t blame you for not knowing one thing or another, just don’t comment on it with so much conviction!

        • ” I don’t blame you for not knowing one thing or another, just don’t comment on it with so much conviction!”

          What don’t I know? On what am I commenting with so much conviction? Please explain.

  • This lens looks better than 20/1.7 and it’s also much more expensive.
    Hence it should be optically better as well. Period.

    Any other questions? :D

    • jb

      It certainly doesn’t look better, at least from what I’ve seen so far. It’s twice as expensive though :)

  • Ulli

    I can imagine this lens would get only an average score on Dpreview, but for me this says nothing, as most test are based on 1:1 mode, which is logical from an
    analystic point of view. Thats why the old 17mm got a bad reputation, even when you can make great photos with it, as the lens has enough rendering character.

  • Elf

    Admin…. I appreciate your work on behalf of m4/3. However your continued focus on glorifying all things Olympus is growing tiresome. It is becoming abundantly clear this is nothing more than an overpriced consumer lens offering very little which is not already available….. Most certainly it is a pretender at best to the sharpness and clarity of truly significant lenses from Leica Zeiss etc. I had high hopes for this lens…. let down again. Not significantly better than the Panny 20 or even the lowly Oly 17.

    • LOL, all new lens is over priced, only wait two to third month and we can maybe buy this lens for 400$.

    • Fish

      “your continued focus on glorifying all things Olympus is growing tiresome”

      What??? I’m hoping that you just work up on the wrong side of the bed and that you are not really criticizing the site owner just because you are disappointed in the quality of one of the lenses he reported on. Admin didn’t build this lens, if it’s lackluster, it’s not his fault. Olympus has not even released this lens yet and the Admin is doing his JOB of bringing us information as he gets it… this is a rumors site.

      The only reason you have been able to draw your personal conclusion that this lens “is nothing more than an overpriced consumer lens offering very little which is not already available”, is because of what you have seen reported here.

      The Admin covers m4/3 news, regardless of brand, in the order that it comes up. If you don’t like the posts, get your updates from CNN instead. Posts like this one are exactly the reason why the rest of us keep coming back here.

  • dglynos

    The quality of bokeh at the RAW files of the ZD 17/1.8 is too nervous at f/1.8
    The sharpness in the center is ok. I believe the Lumix 20/1.7 is far better (both at bokeh quality which is creamy even at f/1.7 and at sharpness)

    • Uberzone

      They match the silver trimmed OM-D.

      • Optical1

        No they don’t. Not unless you consider Olympus identifying the color as ‘silver’. The color hues are very different.

    • JF

      I don’t know for the 17 mm but the panny 20 mm bokeh is not that creamy, it’s a bit harsh in many situations…

    • Ulli

      keep in mind that “bokeh” is a subjective matter. while many think that smooth bokeh is the best and prefer it, it entirely depends how the photographer uses it as part of the picture. I dont know if you are familiar with the Helios 40-2, it has a quite busy and funky bokeh and is often named “king of bokeh”, ofcourse named so by the people who actually like busy bokeh, if used properly with a background that supplements it characteristics. IMO sometimes smooth bokeh is perfect for a shot,sometimes its busy bokeh.

      • bart

        But then, you seem actually interested in the resulting pictures instead of spec sheets and dogmas…

  • adaptor-or-die

    The RAW images give a sliver of what this lens can do. Despite all the negatives chatter, the bokeh of this lens in the RAW images looks rather nice. Seeing that a lot of the samples are being shot wide open, I fail to see the surprise of soft edges? Of course this would be the result. Open up just about any bright prime and you get softer edges?

    The shooter mentions that the JPEGs are corrected by the extensively by the camera? This is a pre-released lens, so these corrections would be for what? the f/2.8 17mm? I can’t see how there is firmware for the lens yet? I much prefer seeing RAW images and not incorrectly corrected JPEGs, so thank you again for the update re: this aspect.

    This lens has manual opportunity, like the 12mm. I suspect that this is where it would shoot the best, in the right hands and given the time and space to use it without a deadline. So the jury coiling the rope before the product has been even been released. Big suprise on the web.

    I think every lens I own, I’ve read some irrate consumer’s wrath over how badly it performed for them. But anyone that can determine the quality of any lens over a half dozen shots, posted on the internet, well that’s something … don’t know what it is, but it’s something.

    Silver only is fugly. Prime lenses should be black [black paint is fine.] Or, bead blast that metal finish, show off the choice of material, give it a nice non-reflective matte surface? Do something so that it won’t be mistaken for chromed plastic retail electronics! What are these silver lenses matched up to, they seem to match nothing directly.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Corners aren’t soft just because of aperture but because of lens having uncorrected geometric distortion. Covering that up in software stretches pixels especially outside center which is destructive to resolution.
      And geometric distortion is lens aberration not affected by aperture so you can forget getting high corner sharpness by stopping lens down.

      From technical perspective there wouldn’t be need for body firmware updates for new lens: Besides identifying itself lens could tell body also necessary parameters for software cover ups of optical deficiencies.

      • michael

        The sample pictures of the 17mm show other, much more significant optical aberrations than the distortion. The distortion is the smallest of the problems there.

        Its true that stretching the image to correct the barrel distortion reduces image quality. BUT, this stretching has a relatively little effect on the image quality in the corners. Otherwise, the 12mm, 20, 14, 12-35 would ALL have bad corners – which they obviously don’t.

  • It should be black, period. And no nonsense limited edition crap. That is an insult.

  • Bob B.

    I cannot see what the lens is about because of ALL of these AWFUL test photos. Is this a joke?

  • Arek

    I’ve struggling between X100 and this lens. Now the choice is clear – get used X100 in the price of oly lens.

    • GreyOwl

      Enjoy the X100. I have one, it’s a great camera IMHO, as is the E-M5 that I also own.

    • CC

      I’ve been thinking about the same: this lens vs x100 and would have been a great back up, but still don’t know.

      Let’s see the final version results

  • Adriaantie

    Tiny sensor with bad lens is big fail. M43 is getting worse and worse.

    • “Tiny sensor with bad lens is big fail. M43 is getting worse and worse.”

      Yup, you’re correct. That’s why the OM-D is the best m43 camera to date, and the Olympus 75mm which just came out is one of the best pieces of glass EVER produced from ANY camera manufacturer. Not to mention the stellar 45mm, or Panasonic’s excellent 12-35mm 2.8.
      But you’re right, Adriaantie. m43 is just getting worse and worse.

      • Adriaantie

        Omd is indeed à good camera in comparison to other m43 camera’s. And for the other staments: keep on dreaming fanboy.

        • TRON5

          Real photographers look at both your statements and realize that you both are more interested in gear than art. ;) If you were interested in photos then you would’t give two shits what he or anyone else thinks about any product. People can and will use what they like.

          • MJr

            You realize that you’re here too right ?

            • TRON5

              I am not interested in you sexually. Sorry bro. Better luck next time.

      • E-1

        Don’t feed the troll .

    • Fish

      Don’t worry about it. This Adriaantie guy doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. Even the biggest Cannikon fanboy would recognize that m4/3 is constantly improving in its bodies and lenses, not getting “worse and worse”.

      But we should expect that level of ignorance from a guy who said the other day that the smaller m4/3 sensor gives “tiny DOF”. Clueless.

    • c0ldc0ne

      Incessantly commenting on a system you don’t like is big fail. It’s not M43 that’s getting worse and worse, but your credibility.

      I honestly can’t fathom what motivates these muppets. They’re much like cock roaches: a nuisance yet inessential, teeming yet quite satisfying to squash.

  • wow, massive distortion…

  • Eye Shutter

    This will DEFINITELY replace my panny 20 & 25.

    • tmrgrs

      . . . I’m staying with my 20/1.7.

      • Michael

        I’m torn. I love the 20mm, but it’s slow as molasses. If this focuses as fast as the oly 45, I may have to switch. (Wouldn’t mind the extra width anyway.)

  • LucioF

    if this lens perform like those img i hope that it’ll never see the market, i will be more then happy to wait other 6 month and have a new 17 1.4 (or 1.2) heavier more expensive sharp all around the frame at f4 (IT’S a 17mm! it’s meant to be equally sharp on the entire frame it’s not a portrait lens) and btw.. bokeh?!?! in 35 equivalent?? :O it would be the last thing to consider if you know this focal lenght)
    I will rent this lens.. test it and then decide.. but im the feeling that my next money will go either to CV 17.5 or sony rx1… (6 times more expensive true… but you know i love 35 focal lenght in not huge beast body)

  • Pasmia

    I really hope this lens turns out to be as bad as everyone is making it out to be to tell the truth. I could give a rats assets about the build quality or sharp corners, I’m just interested in the f1.8 with fast AF at the 35mm EFL. If it’s mediocre at best, hopefully we’ll see a $300-$400 second hand price tag in just a couple of months.

  • Fish

    What did the French guys think about the silver colour of the lens?

    They have gone through some trouble to stealth their E-M5 by covering the “OM-D” and “Olympus” text.

    • @Fish: It was actually my own E-M5 on the picture, so that’s why the markings were covered.
      From a personal standpoint, I regret it does not come in black. The look of the silver lens on a black body just doesn’t feel right, but what’s inside the lens matters most. I cannot wait to test it!
      What I can say is that the build quality is excellent, it feels much more like the 12mm than the 45mm: all metal, distance-scale… It’s a highly enjoyable lens I think.

  • michael

    Produce the same low-quality 17mm optics *twice* – but for 3x the price this time (they cant be serious)? Three different shades of silver lenses for black cameras? No sealing on the best and most expensive prime lenses, while the cheap zoom has it? Lens hoods at the price of gold bars? COME ON, OLY! WAKE UP! This product policy pisses off your customers.

    I would have happily paid 500€ for this lens if it was on par with the 45 and 75! (and even more if it came in black and was sealed). Lets just hope that this pre-production lens had window glass in the place of an ED element.

    • Fish

      I am certain that they are not the same optics. Even without knowing the lens formula yet, just looking at the size, the f1.8 speed, and snap-focus mechanism, tells me that this is a brand new design.

      But I 100% agree with your assessment of lens hoods. That is inexcusable on Oly’s part. They have never made a single cent off of me in hood sales (I buy clone-hoods from more principled Chinese companies), but they have lost a lot of good-will and brand loyalty from me due to that policy. I am looking forward to the day when they realize that they have been wrong and apologize for disrespecting their loyal customers (might be a long wait…)

      • michael

        Oh yes, it surely must be a different optical calculation. And I sure like the metal build and manual focus with scale. But in the end I care most about the image quality it produces. And the pictures on that website are really not good at all for a lens costing 550€.

    • simon

      +1 I agree completely.

  • Will

    Not in black then… I mean… Please start making normal black lenses for your black cameras. :(

    • Mr. Reeee

      With the imminent release of this lens, it’s now obvious that Olympus primes will be silver. I suppose it’s an attempt to differentiate their lenses and those from most other companies.

      Face it, the “glory days” of Zuiko lenses are over and Oly proves that they are neither Leica nor Zeiss, so it’s unlikely we’ll ever see the option of silver OR black lenses… and certainly not for the same price. Oh well.

      I’ll skip this and put my money toward a Voigtländer 17.5.

      • Fish

        The 60mm prime is black.

        Are you sure your nostalgia for the “glory days” hasn’t made you blind to the goodness of the current Zuiko lenses? I had the excellent 12-60mm and the lovely 50mm f2 (which may be surpassed by the new 60mm macro), but just being a ZUIKO was never a guarantee that it was a superlative lens (unless you were shopping the HG or SHG lines).

        Olympus never offered choices of sliver or black for the same 4/3 lens either. Nor do any other manufacturers. Just be glad that they didn’t decide that their high quality lenses would be white.

        • Anonymous

          Could it be that weather sealed lenses are black, and non-weather sealed are silver?

      • quiquelbola

        My fried, please tell the truht, as a pana fan boy you will never buy anything made by Olympus the potential IQ don´t matter at all for you. It is clear for all of us that you always prefer pana or exotic manual lenses. Here and….there and eveywhere, everyone knows about your opinion.

  • OM-4ever

    No, you do not need a black lens, you want a black lens.

    Also, since there is already a MZ 17mm 2.8, the price of the MZ 17mm 1.8 can be weighed directly against it, in terms of added performance and features.

    Personally, my biggest/only gripe might be a lack of WS.
    I own the E-M5 and what use is its WS if even a recently produced premium lens, primarily targeted at owners of the E-M5, has a fundamental incompatibility.

    The MZ zoom offered with WS is not a type of lens I am interested in using, as its lack
    of portability and inferior performance compared to the MZ primes I normally use, so that
    is no help.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t need a black lens? Want a black lens? So, Olympus decides what we need now, huh? Sheeeeit! Olympus doesn’t decide shit for me. Eventually, the Olympus shareholders are going to catch wind, of how many sales are lost, due to all the silver lenses and then, the brain dead moron that approved this kind of crap, will be begging for rice in downtown Tokyo and I will be laughing my ass off.

      • bart

        Begging for rice together with whomever thought up Canon L lenses should be white?

        Maybe, just maybe it is people like you who think they can decide that everyone NEEDS black lenses and that other ‘colors’ won’t sell well. Guess what? you can’t and you are talking rubbish.

        Yes it IS silly to only make those lenses in silver, simply because Olympus released a ‘design’ product with the E-M5 and should make damn sure it also has matching accessories. That however has everything to do with ‘fashion’ and nothing whatsoever with photography.

        Oh, and there are some minor technical arguments against silver lenses (reflections in windows) as well as black lenses (getting hot due to sunlight), so don’t come with the bullshit that black is universely better.

        • You can spot a black lens more easily after dropping it into the snow.

  • Adriaantie

    And damn i forgot hoe ugly that Hump was. But this picture and with its ugly combo body lens reminds me ones again that the pictures shot by m43 are not the only ugly things.

    • Ulli

      if admin ever decides to organize a meeting with fellow forum members, i would love to see who the human being is beind the name “Adriaantje”.

      • Will

        Almost certainly under 24, substituting additional years with lack of formal education.

    • “And damn i forgot hoe ugly that Hump was.”

      Next time, don’t go on a blind date.” :-P

      • Mike

        That shot was taken a bit too close accentuating the apparent size of the ‘hump’
        Honestly I wouldn’t mind the actual hump being smaller as in the olympus OM1 or 2 but it definitely doesn’t look that awkward.

    • Anonymous

      Adriaantie, you probably have an ungly hump between your shoulders. Never mind. You don’t need to look at it (in a mirror), but the rest of us has to put up with it! Thankfully we don’t see it here.

      • We can see the hump on his soul! :-P

  • Mike

    We can’t make solid judgments based on this kind of preliminary hands-on review.
    Once the production item is available and tested I anticipate this lens will prove to be excellent.
    in resolution and contrast from wide open ’til diffraction limits.

  • Because of technical issues it is easier for m4/3 to make small, uncorrected tele lenses than wides. Especially if you want them with wide apertures.

    The problem is well illustrated by the 12 and 15mm CV, small manual and slow lense, that have colour shifts and loss of resolution at the edges on APS mirrorless.

    It has to do with the angle of incident light, and the shallowness of the wells that are not completely filled at the edges.

    I share with Esa the persuasion that FW correction is not a free lunch. It must be tricky too, thus early production samples might be less than optimised.

    To me the site which is more aware of the problem is Polish Lenstip, They also have very accurate resolution mesurements, so I’ll relax until they have an opinion about this lens.

  • WSG123

    Bunch of crazy comments in here. It’s seems bizarre that there are a whole bunch of people who are anti-m4/3 and have nothing better to do than trash the format on discussion forums on the internet.

    That aside, I hope this lens turns out to be better than the sample pics, although it’s going to be a tough sell with the 20 f/1.7 being one of my favorite lenses.

  • Robbie

    everytime there is new stuff crazy people come here, I am already used to this. people also trashed the 12mm before it wad released, I am not worried about the 17mm.

    • JP

      The thing I love about the 12 mm, is that it produces beautiful colors, sharp images and has excellent IQ. These 17 mm samples have the same beautiful colors, and I think the IQ and sharpness will show up more as more samples become available, and once the final firmware is released.

      If they do it right, it should be a better lens than the 20 mm — which has great IQ, sharpness and a great price, but it also has terrible manual focusing, terrible autofocusing for video, it is loud, it is plastic and the colors are not as good as what Olympus lenses can produce.

      • Absolute, the i look from lens in focus is realy good IQ for me, and i think this lens by fast AF also MF ring like 12mm F2 is important for street shoot.

    • Agree, lose 10cent on one$ ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Lets be clear, this lens is NOT SILVER. The color is GREY. Calling it silver is just a marketing ploy.

    What’s worse, Olympus issues several of these GREY lenses and each one is a different shade of GREY. And guess what, the GREY Olympus OM-D E-M5 is NOT THE SAME GREY as this lens.

    The package as a whole looks absolutely ridiculous.

    • AoooouH,… a grey yawn :-P

    • Anonymous

      Yaaawn, too. Of course it is not silver! Were it silver, it would cost much more. Most people understand that “silver” means somewhat like silver in color. Of course, that is not a correct description. But “grey” is *way off* as a color description. You gotta be color-blind to describe it as “grey”.

      As far as I can see, the metal lenses (12/2, 17/1.8 and 75/1.8) are more or less identical in color, while the plastic built lens (45/1.8) certainly has a different shade. Repeating that the lenses all have different shades of grey (or silver, or whatever) doesn’t make it true.

      • Oky silver grey maybe, but for me i like the “silver” lens on my white pen camera anyway. ;-)

  • Anyway the is more new image on, so take by 17mm f1.8 now. IQ is nice also in corner.

  • Have you looked at the distortion example without software correction? And then the other examples? No good corner sharpness, even in the center it leaves something to be desired…..

    It seems Olympus is making fun out of photographers, developing such a bad lens for so much money. It’s worse in ANY respect than the 20/1.7 yet it’s bigger and costs almost twice as much? C’mon Olympus, you really should do better than this…..

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